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A Reader's Contribution and a Note for Judith's Aunt

I am now back from my short Sojourn to Clacton and the surrounding areas of Essex - of which more another time. For now though: Hands up all those that remember the correspondence that started with the publication of the reader's contribution entitled; A well Deserved Regime (just click to view) way back in January of this year. Although not directly related to my writing it nevertheless made for some interesting reading and led to several other contributions / comments. Well another anonymous comment has now been posted up attached to "Another Note from Judith's Aunt and a Comment from yours truly" (click to read) and as is my habit I reproduce it here - those of a sensitive disposition where such matters are concerned are reminded that the 'child' being discussed here is a young lady in her late teens and refers to her treatment / regime rather than her chronological age.
"Dear Judith's Aunt I thoroughly approve of your discipline of Judith and I appreciate your open mind in being ready to consider suggestions on how to develop it further. That is why I also venture to add some thoughts and proposals of my own for your consideration. I would greatly appreciate your comments on them, and of course also Judith's comments on her experiences if and when you choose to implement any of them. To begin with I wonder if it is any longer appropriate for the child, as I shall refer to her, to occupy a room of her own with a window and the opportunity to day-dream when gazing out of it instead of concentrating on her duties? Perhaps there is a basement in your house with some space - it need not be large nor have a window, a small cell just large enough to incorporate her wooden bed and a potty next to it is perfectly suitable - where the child an be moved. I would also recommend her bed to be provided with a thin mattress covered with a waterproof rubber sheet. I wonder about the child's hair. Given her very infrequent showers and the filthy condition her hair will be in most of the time, I think that for reasons of hygiene you might want to consider a new haircut for the child, leaving her with only a short buzz or even a bald head, which should then normally be at all times covered with a bonnet she could make for herself from the same gingham material as her school uniform. I also note that you have not said anything about her bra, or even if she wears one. Here you might want to consider providing her with a plastic or rubber bra, which would serve as a continuous humiliating and uncomfortable reminder of her status and discipline. To accompany such a bra you could also make her wear matching waterproof knickers, with her sanitary pad inside them of course. You have very properly imposed a rule of silence for the child, so that she will speak only when spoken to. You could also take steps to ensure that this rule is respected. While some might think that a gag is the obvious answer to such a need I don't agree with this. A gag should only be used as a specific punishment when the child's behaviour has called for it. When this is the case I would recommend something akin to a scold's bridle or branks, as such a head harness will not only silence her but add further to her discomfort. For everyday silence a pacifier is much more useful, but I would limit it's daytime use only to situations where the child's behaviour has called for her to be treated in a more infantile way than usual. But having the child suck on a pacifier during the night is quite alright and can become a source of comfort for her and allow her to sleep better. Another situation where a pacifier can be used for control purposes is during her corner-time, when the child could suck on the pacifier connected with a short chain to the wall. Her hands can then be attached behind her back making it impossible for her to move away from position during the corner-time without the pacifier falling. If you have small basket or pouch attached to corner somewhat below her mouth, the pacifier will fall into at and it will be impossible for her to put it back in her mouth without the use of her hands should she let it drop. My preferred recommendation for keeping the child silent is to have her keep a suitably-sized rubber ball in her mouth at all times, to be taken out only when she has been specifically told to answer, and for her meal times. This will be a constant reminder for her and can be used when taking the child outside in public. No-one will notice but the child will be acutely aware of it and it will be amusing to note her discomfort and anxiety should someone address her. It should make her want to keep as close to her aunt at all times, so that the adult can answer on her behalf. Most people will put the child's awkwardness in such situations down to some disability or retardedness, which will only add to her humiliation. Finally a word about her toilet habits. It is quite right that she has to ask for permission every time she wants to use the toilet, but I feel that the use of an adult toilet should only be allowed for responsible people and not such children as Judith, whose only use for an adult toilet is when she cleans it for her elders and superiors to use and when she empties her own potty which she must use for all her needs. yours Angel"
All of this got me thinking and to put in my penny's worth - I wonder if old fashioned 'combinations' might not find a place in the girl's wardrobe (see drawing on left, above). An undergarment in which the knickers are combined with a bodice - with all the attendant inconvenience that entails - and that which could perhaps be modified to include a latex or polythene lining - Garth.


Anonymous said...

I happened upon your note as I was checking to see if the site was accessible. Judith will be completing her 6 month punishment assigned just before Christmas and it is my intention that as the next part of her reform that she again display the regime we will assign to her for the near future as part of her continuing disciplining. At this stage therefore the severity of the many strictures you propose is not appropriate for Judith who has responded appropriately to the discipline enforced upon her. For the last few months as she has endured her punishment, she has at last learned to be compliant and obedient. However let me assure you that, although Judith’s room does have a window (we have no cellar) she has not been allowed to daydream. The position of the desk and chair ensure that she faces away from the window towards a blank wall – the only items on it in fact are the cane and tawse used as necessary for her discipline. She has always been kept busy by laborious school work based on The Bible or her own need for punishment. When doing written work she has to produce 4 A4 sides per hour of dictation, lines or essay so she has had no time to dawdle. Likewise when doing knitting or dressmaking I have defined tight timescales which she has to meet. Although in the first couple of weeks she was careless and lazy the liberal application of the cane and belt, having to do without a chair, limitations to toilet visits, no lunch and extra corner time quickly rectified such behaviour. Although she has had limited hygiene privileges which have left her hair greasy and no doubt uncomfortable, it is not so bad that the shaving you suggest has been necessary. I have of course had her keep her hair in a ponytail, as befits such a school child, and regular cut it to ensure no fringe on her forehead. The permanent need for head wear has not therefore been present although Judith, even now in June, has to wear a woollen beret as part of school uniform for attending Church every Sunday. However I will consider the making,and as appropriate wearing, of a matching bonnet for her Gingham dresses. Judith’s underwear is limited to her full thigh length elasticated school knickers; sufficient for a school child and she has certainly found them to be both demeaning and uncomfortable when worn 24 hours per day, particularly after receipt of her regular corporal punishment as well as occasional spanking.I had not thought of the use of a pacifier or ball to teach the need to maintain silence and had I done so I would have certainly made use of this at the outset of Judith’s punishment.I do intend even now to make use of a pacifier as you suggest to reduce Judith’s sobbing after corporal punishments. She will receive what hopefully will be her final spanking in front of guests on Sunday as one of my old University friends will be visiting.After these spankings I always have Judith stand in the corner of the room with her knickers down and dress raised so that her reddened behind is on display.I have increased the spanking time to ensure the pain she endures is more akin to that a junior schoolgirl might experience from a shorter spanking. She is always left sobbing quietly but I am sure that making her place a dummy in her mouth in front of my guests following her spanking and then standing hands on head in the corner, dummy in and her behind on display will be yet a lesson to her not to offend again as she enters her new regime. I think enforcing potty usage for a twenty year old would have been exceedingly humiliating and in Judith’s case I think that the limitation on number of toilet visits and having to ask permission to use the toilet have been sufficient to teach her a lesson. She has of course had to clean the toilets as part of performing all of the housework.I will get Judith to display her new conditions after we have finalised these and they have been put in place and assuming she does not misbehave over the next ten days. These will be less severe but still leave her with very limited freedom and continuing routine punishment.

Anonymous said...

Combinations might make an interesting choice of undergarment, but it's worth bearing in mind that these were normally made with an open crotch like Victorian drawers, which produces a somewhat different effect. Of course you could have closed combinations made with the lining material of choice, or add some sort of button fastening down below. I think the 1920 style combinations which had buttons down the back meeting a dropseat in an inverted T shape would be better since the dropseat would provide easy access for discipline and the back buttons would be equally inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

what a delicious thought of a nice spanked girl on a Sunday afternoon. Just imagine sitting in your garden enjoying the summer sun when maybe somewhere locally a naughty girl is over the knee being soundly spanked to tears in front of visitors. Just imagine her humiliation

Anonymous said...

I am moved to add the following to the discussion about Judith and her aunt. It is not a direct comment on that situation. But it is a story with certain parallels that will perhaps be of interest to those who have followed the saga of Julia.

There was a time, some decades ago, when discipline was not considered a dirty word. There were even specialist publications in which practitioners could exchange tips and experiences. A lengthy letter once appeared in such a publication from a retired schoolmistress. I will pass over the beginning of the letter which contained interesting but not directly relevant anecdotes from her professional career. The latter part of the epistle went approximately as follows:-

Soon after my retirement a series of family misfortunes compelled me to take charge of my 19-year-old niece Amanda. It never occurred to me to shirk this duty, but I confess that the irruption of a teenager into my well-earned repose – and doubtless she was as surly and temperamental as those I had just escaped from teaching – was not something I welcomed. In fact the situation proved worse than I feared. As well as having all the faults of her generation, a casual check on the laundry basket revealed through a series of nasty brown stains that Amanda was nothing but a Dirty Little Smear-tail.

I took some thought about how I should cope with this situation. Finally I sat down and wrote a letter to Mr. ----, the eminent Scottish strap-maker. Without going into details, I informed him that I was having difficulties with an upper-teens young lady whom I considered was in need of something special. His response came about a week later. I had expected to receive a letter – though possibly just a duplicated price list. What came through my door was a long package containing an actual strap together with an invoice for a very reasonable sum which, I need hardly say, I settled by return. The strap was surely one of the most “extra” of the gentleman’s “extra-heavies”, and a truly beautiful piece of polished leather. I took further thought on where to display it, and finally decided that the appropriate place was the bathroom on a special hook next to the toilet roll. From then on Amanda discovered that “brown pants = red bottom”; an equation we solved together every Saturday morning.

Saturday breakfast in my household is an informal meal consumed in one’s dressing-gown. Amanda’s Saturday breakfast consisted of a single dish – a large bowl of unsweetened prunes. While consuming my more varied repast, I would watch from behind my newspaper as she forced her way through it. Finally, when I had finished the last piece of toast and drained my final cup of café-au-lait, I would wipe my mouth and announce that it was time for us to proceed upstairs.

She would slowly mount the stairs in front of me and lead the way into the bathroom. After divesting her dressing gown and handing it to me to hang behind the door, - she would be naked beneath it - she would perch on the toilet to perform her morning chore.

Continued in another Comment

Anonymous said...

At first she seemed to have some difficulty with this, but I found that walking up and down in front of her running the strap caressingly through my fingers seemed to provide the right encouragement. Eventually she would indicate that the duty was performed, and she would stand up and adopt a posture that I had at first to teach her, but would have been instantly familiar to generations of Scottish schoolgirls. She stood straight, and extended her arms in front of her at a little below shoulder height with hands crossed slightly and palm-up ready for the reception of the strap. I will parenthesise here that it was well that I had chosen a house with a particularly large bathroom for a hand strapping requires much more space than may be immediately apparent. The boy’s or girl’s hands will be held about a foot from the body, and the punisher must stand something like three foot from those extended hands – not from the body. This is the distance required to allow for the swing of her (or his) own arm and for the full length of the strap. All in all it is a task more suited to a classroom than to a necessarium. However, I did equip myself with a spacious bathing facility, and I was able to proceed to give Amanda a thoroughly deserved strapping.

This strapping was the traditional “six on each”. And, as is also traditional at least among disciplinarians who know what they are doing, she took this in lots of two, changing her hands after every other stroke. This technique prevents the slight numbing that can potentially occur if strokes are piled too quickly on top of each other. As I hefted the strap back across my right shoulder I often felt a stir of nostalgia for my teaching days, when I had been somewhat younger. A moment later this often gave way to a flush of satisfaction that I “could still do it” as I placed the stroke exactly where I had aimed it – the tips of the twin tails reaching about the middle of the outstretched palm. I would heft the strap back over my shoulder, and repeat the action, catching almost the identical spot. At the crisp command “change hands”, she would do so and I would often notice already a hint of water in her eye.

And so it would continue. To be fair to Amanda she developed stoicism more quickly than I expected for these “double-sixes”, but only the stoicism I had long expected from my scholars. It did not extend to the remainder of her punishment of which this was only the first instalment. After the twelfth stroke had been laid on with exactly the same force as the first – she would pause a moment with arms hanging as though unsure what quite to do with her hands. I would then remind her “Wipe yourself!”

She would reach for the toilet paper and go into an ungainly half-crouch. Was I wrong to make her perform this undignified personal task not only in my presence but with fingers at full throb? I do not consider so. Had she taken proper care of this operation in the first place there would have been no need for all the trouble I was taking. Let her carelessness be stamped properly on her mind!

She was allowed the use of three double-sheets, which should have been plenty. Thereafter she would place herself across the toilet with her head and feet on the floor and her bottom facing straight upwards. I would carefully place the strap back on its hook, in order to perform The Test. This consisted of giving her a final wipe myself with another double-sheet of paper. I would then inspect this for incriminating brown marks. Woe betide her if any were to be found.

Continued in another Comment

Anonymous said...

Amanda was at this point waiting for her real punishment to begin. I let her wait a little while I disposed of the paper, washed and dried my hands, took off my dressing-gown and hung it neatly above hers.

It was at this point that the number of further strokes she deserved came to me. I put it in that particular way, as it was not the result of conscious consideration. The correct number just seemed to appear in my mind. The number varied quite considerably, but was seldom much below two dozen, and sometimes more than twice that. Whatever the number, I proceeded methodically to inflict that sentence on Amanda’s bottom.

I may say that Amanda’s bottom was particularly large and chubby due to her over-indulgence at table – part of her generally self-indulgent nature. I took full advantage of this large punishment area – but there were some Saturdays when the whole nether region was covered twice over and the final strokes laid on top of this double cover. Amanda’s stoicism never lasted long into her main punishment. Soon strangulated shrieks were emerging from near the floor at the “head” side of the toilet pedestal.

I may also say that, if I did not spare Amanda’s bottom, I did not spare myself either.
I laid on every single stroke with my utmost force utilising every inch of the length of the strap. Quite frequently traces of the marks would still be visible the following Saturday. I was, I would remind you, a lady getting on a little in years. It cost me serious effort to inflict this rigorous punishment. I was able to do so mainly because I divested my dressing-gown and inflicted the punishment while naked myself. Even so I quite frequently had to pause proceedings in order to rub myself down with a towel, or to refresh myself with a drink from the basin tap.

Eventually the full punishment would be completed, and Amanda ordered to rise. This was an operation that she seemed to find quite difficult, but eventually she would somehow gain her feet. Her face was always streaming with tears. She had to flush the toilet and thoroughly wash her hands. Neither of these operations seemed particularly enjoyable with her still throbbing fingers. Then I would follow her wobbling scarlet bottom up the passageway to her bedroom to sit her on the hard chair at her desk and commence her Saturday Essay. Two thousand, five hundred words were required on a topic that I would give her at this point. “Cleanliness” and “Hygiene” were quite frequent ones. (I could set the same topic a number of times, but I always demanded a completely different essay.) Sometimes slightly more informal, even jokey topics were given – “The Uses of Toilet Paper” was one. A poor essay would be a factor in the extent of her punishment the week following. I would pay a number of quiet visits during the morning to see how her work was progressing. The morning I found her sitting on the pillow from her bed instead of bottom bare on the chair was not one that she soon forgot.

I have told this story to a number of acquaintances over the years. Their responses have varied. Many have congratulated me, telling me that my response was exactly right. A few have shocked me by saying I was much too severe. Others again have stated that I showed undue leniency by keeping the matter entirely within the family – the one group of people toward whom no consideration should be shown being Dirty Little Smear-Tails.

I wonder if your readers have any opinions on the matter.