Sunday, 15 March 2009

Another Note from Judith's Aunt and a Comment from Yours Truly

I am away from home for the weekend and so unable to get to grips with the last lap in finishing off INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 until Monday afternoon - I still expect to get it in an electronic download form by next weekend though. Meanwhile the correspondence continues stimulated by the "A Well Deserved Regime?" posting - with Judith's aunt recently posting the following commentary (the pic I came upon on the web and thought quite well represented the scene, with young Judith's hair cropped as short as a boy's - as it should be under the circumstances:

"Many thanks for the comments I have received around the options to harshen my niece’s punishment. My purpose is not to make her grateful for the school uniform she has to wear or, behavior permitting, in future the plain and simple clothing she will be wearing in future. Allowing her an opportunity to be out of uniform would not therefore be appropriate despite the physical discomfort of one of the suggested punishments of having her stand and drill without clothing. Rather I want her to become resigned to the fact that she deserves to be dressed in a school uniform or a plain dowdy dress and cardigan because of the misbehavior and ill discipline she has shown. In doing this though I want her to lose none of the feelings of punishment or humiliation which being dressed like this bring (physical discomfort, loss of maturity, enhanced plainness, loss of choice) nor understanding the loss of future opportunities which dressing like this will result in. In particular her absence of friends of both sexes who will not want to be seen with such a plain and immaturely dressed individual – a condition which is likely for the foreseeable future. I have therefore introduced an additional pre bedtime drill on 3 nights per week. Judith has had to dress in summer uniform (this is especially humiliating as she has just made these items) of yellow Gingham dress and her brown V-neck woolen waistcoat with yellow trim and a pair of brown ankle socks. She then has to stand in the garden with her hands on her head as you suggested for 30 minutes. This has ensured she continues to suffer the humiliation and imposition of school uniform but the physical discomfort of some wet and on occasions very cold evenings indeed. After this she receives six strokes of the slipper across her behind. She is then allowed to put on her woolen nightgown before going to bed. As you thought I can assure you Judith does not enjoy a soft comfortable bed, as deserved for someone who has demonstrated such disrespectful and disobedient behavior. Her bed has a solid wood base over which she has a single rough grey woolen blanket and then two further thin but rough woolen blankets on top (she has no pillow).
I have also incorporated some of the other suggestions received into Judith’s disciplining. I told her this was to teach her that if she cannot behave then she will be punished at the whim of others, in this case those of you who kindly offered suggestions. She has her mouth washed with soap and water on every day and receives a tablespoon of Castor oil three times per week. On Sunday she wears her full uniform including hat and mitts all day and I have applied the limitation of one toilet visit only to Sunday. Most humiliatingly I have also introduced the option for her to receive a spanking every Sunday which may be carried out in front of guests if I believe appropriate. On the first Sunday after introduction she was obviously dreading the thought of being spanked in front of my guests and in the event I did not inflict a spanking either publicly or in private so she just endured the discomfort of worrying about what might happen to her. However last Sunday I carried out Judith’s first allocation of public corporal punishment. In front of my friend and her husband Judith had to explain why she was being subject to such severe discipline. I then had her remove her cardigan jacket, mitts and hat and undo her waistcoat and cardigan before making her lie across my lap in a prone position. Even at this stage she was in tears at the shame of her predicament but I continued the punishment lifting her cardigan, waistcoat and pinafore over her back and stripping her knickers (and sanitary pad) to her knees. I then spanked her first with a wooden clothes brush and finally my bare hand until she was crying uncontrollably. The application probably lasted about 10-15 minutes in all during which I reminded Judith of why she found herself in this position and of course that she must obey the rules for application of such corporal punishment. On completion and after she had thanked me for her punishment and my friends for aiding her humiliation, I pinned up her dress and woolens so that her spanked behind remained to be seen and had her stand with her hands on her head and knickers round her ankles in the corner of the room where she could be seen for the next two hours. From the redness of her bottom I would say that the fact she spent for most of this time crying quietly was because of pain as well as the shame of what she had endured. This is obviously an extremely severe punishment but I do intend to use it at least once every 2 or 3 weeks. In order to ensure she becomes even more resigned to her future clothing rules, than she already has over the past couple of months, I am considering whether I should tell her even now my plans for the next stage of her reform assuming she continues to behave in an exemplary way until June. This is that she will continue to be dressed in school uniform at all times (as now pinafore, shirt, tie and cardigan or gingham dress and cardigan) although she will be allowed to appear in public more for at least six further months. This will provide less confinement than her current regime but greater public humiliation which she already finds so unbearable on her Sunday attendances at Church. In addition I will make clear that all of the uniform clothing items she has been making and knitting and will be over the coming months are for her and will be forming a significant part of her wardrobe for many years to come. This should further accentuate the humiliation and discomfort of this work.
I thank you for your suggestions and I hope that the changes I have made although not exactly as you may have suggested you are interested to see they have been considered and used at least in part. As stated I have of course added to Judith’s feeling of punishment and hopelessness by making clear that these additional punishments were added due to your suggestions and not because of specific misbehavior. She is clearly learning to be obedient as she has had no rule transgressions at all requiring application of additional punishment over the last few weeks. She is currently in the study room writing a 16 side essay entitled, “Why I deserved to be stripped and spanked in front of guests, what it has taught me and why I deserve to receive further such punishments and what I will learn from them?” I am sure this will be helping to revisit the humiliation of her experience on Sunday. I was interested by the suggestion that I should use the term “Child” when addressing her and I will consider this currently I usually use the term, “Girl or school girl” but the use of the term child might be more appropriate and demeaning still. I wasn't clear what is or how you use a switch? for discipline so I would welcome some further information on this option/approach? I do not think I would feel a public display of the cane, belts, slipper would be appropriate as the disciplining is for the sole purpose of punishing and reforming the behavior of Judith and not something I would use on anyone else – currently these items however are hung from hooks in the study room so that Judith is ever aware of their availability.
I hope this update is useful and as ever further suggestions which will assist with Judith’s punishment and reform are welcome. I will ensure Judith provides a further update on her future reform conditions in the middle of the year. "

...I have already added my penny's worth last posting (or was it the one before?) as regards the introduction of rubber-lined school knickers with Judith's uniform, but another concern I think should be addressed is the young lady's behavior once she is alone in that rather spartan bed of hers. Not to put too fine a point on it - what is being done to dissuade the girl from falling foul of the temptation of indulging in certain unsavory solitary habits in order to assuage her discomfort? ...Garth.


Anonymous said...

I find the level of punishment applied here almost unbelievable. My parents used to make me wear my junior school uniform until I was almost 19 sometimes when I had misbehaved. Even in the 1980s wearing a yellow blouse, tie, green polyester pinafore and green cardigan was not very fashionable. When I was made to wear this I had to wear it both in public, for example, whilst going shopping and at home. In addition I was sent to my room for periods, stand with my hands on my head and in some cases received a spanking normally with my hairbrush. This was very humiliating and severe I always found. I can only therefore have the utmost sympathy with this young lady - particularly given her offence only appears to be to have gone for a drink against the wishes of her guardian.
I have to say when dressed in my uniform any thoughts of my sexual attractiveness were far from my mind so I cannot believe that Judith is likely to be thinking of the type of activity suggested at the end of this comment. Anyway I have no doubt given the tightness of her regime that her aunt is inspecting her sanitary pads and clothing regularly as part of her humiliation as well as to detect any such activities. I hate to think what she might suffer if judged to have tried to gain the type of personal enjoyment you refer to. Based on what is written here she would no doubt find herself caned or strapped, other humiliations and wearing lord knows what woollen knickers she would be made to knit herself and with her hands restrained or mitted at night? I hope for her sake that this is not necessary and that her aunt soon feels able to at least give some relief to the stringency of Judith's harsh punishments.

Anonymous said...

You are completely incorrect - this girl is being severely punished and deservedly so. Her Aunt has quite rightly not adopted any of this proposed leniency to date and should continue the punishment assigned which appears to be working. Indeed since deterence is preferable to having to deal with misbehaviour she should consider imposing some of the strictures you suggest proactively to ensure her niece is not tempted in anyway to behave in this manner. A week spent wearing thick rough woollen knickers, a strapping applied to her inner thighs and behind every night and her hands secured in thick thumbless woolen mitts at nights and in public when convenient as a warning of what she will receive for any undesirable behaviour is what someone like this girl needs and deserves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judith's Aunt

I thoroughly approve of your discipline of Judith and I appreciate your open mind in being ready to consider suggestions on how to develop it futher. That is why I also venture to add some thoughts and proposals of my own for your consideration. I would greatly appreciate your comments on them, and of course also Judith's comments on her exeriences if and when you choose to impelement any of them.

To begin with I wonder if it is any longer appropiate for the child, as I shall refer to her, to occypy a room of her own with a window and the opportunity to day-dream when gazing out of it instead of concentrating on her duties? Perhaps there is a basement in your house with some space - it need not be large nor have a window, a small cell just large enough to incorporate her wooden bed and a potty next to it is perfectly suitable - where the child an be moved. I would also recommend her bed to be provided with a thin matress covered with a waterproof rubber sheet.

I also wonder about the child's hair. Given her very infrequent showers I think that for reasons of hygiene you might want to consider a new haircut for the child, leaving her with only a short buzz or even a bald head, which should then normally be at all times covered with a bonnet she could make for herself rom the same gingham material as her school uniform.

I also note that you have not said anything about her bra, or even if she wears one. Here you might want to consider providing her with a plastic or rubber bra, which would serve as a continuous humiliating and uncomfortable reminder of her status and discipline. To accompany such a bra you could also make her wear matching waterproof knickers, with her sanitary pad inside them of course.

Finally a word about her toilet habits. It is quite right that she has to ask for permission every time she wants to use the toilet, but I feel that the use of an adult toilet should only be allowed for responsible people and not such children as Judith, whose only use for an adult toilet is when she cleans it for her elders and superioirs to use and when she emties her own potty which she must use for al her needs.