Friday, 30 January 2009

A Well Deserved Regime?

A letter from Judith as regards her regime. Ordinarily I would respect a contributors anonymity...but under the circumstances...well, what do you think? Lets get a discussion going (particularly as the original discussion board to which she refers has pretty much met its demise). I'll have to sort out, or create, a suitable illustration later...unless any one out there already has something suitable to contribute. For now though, I off down the pub - I have more writing to do...nearly there now though!

Judith's Regime
I would like to start by explaining that my name is Judith and I wrote the article, a copy of which my Aunt found on this website. As you can see I am subject to some deserved disciplining. Since the time I wrote this I have again failed to meet my Aunt’s required standards of behavior and as part of my punishment she decided I should again be made to display my ill discipline and the consequences of this in public. Unfortunately when she returned to the original site she found some undesirable developments however somehow she also found the link to this site and she has ordered me to write out my humiliation here. I apologise if this is an inappropriate use of your site.
Shortly before Christmas my Aunt discovered I had been to a pub with work colleagues and had a drink – as you can see from my earlier disclosures this was completely forbidden. My Aunt therefore decided that as I could not be trusted to obey her outside that I would hence forth be disciplined by not only being dressed at home as a misbehaved school girl but that I would live this life at all times. I have therefore resigned my job as a Secretary and am subject to the following strict and deserved regime in which I am under constant and close supervision at all times. She has told me that I clearly did not learn the lessons when I was ten or eleven I will be subject to the experience again to provide me with this opportunity.
I wear school uniform at all times. Old style brown school knickers including a large size sanitary pad at all times, grey ribbed knee socks, yellow blouse, brown and yellow stripped tie, brown worsted square yoked pinafore dress reaching well below my knees, brown V-neck woollen waistcoat with yellow trim and brown V-neck woollen cardigan with yellow trim. Of course all items must be buttoned at all times and worn correctly. I have also been required to embroider in yellow thread the words “Reform School for Girls” across the yolk of my pinafore and embroider badges in yellow and white with the same words, “Reform School for Girls” and sew these to my woollen uniform items. I have to say that although minor this detail is a severely humiliating one particularly when having to appear in public. I wear this uniform at all times except at night I wear a grey woollen ankle length gown buttoning high to the neck in addition of course to my knickers and sanitary pad.
I do all of the housework before my breakfast at 7:30 am each morning meaning I get up at 5 am.
From 8am until 6:30 pm every day I am confined to the study room. I have a laborious regime of school work consisting of religious study (reading out loud, writing dictation or having to copy passages of The Bible), writing lines and essays on my misbehavior and punishment and needlework (making of school uniform including knitted woollen items and other plain clothing).
I am allowed porridge for breakfast, liver or mince with mashed potatoes and two boiled vegetables for lunch and two slice of bread and water for tea (except on Sunday when I receive no tea).
The only exception to my confinement is on Sunday when I have to attend Church with my Aunt. In addition to my school uniform I also then wear a brown woollen cardigan jacket with yellow trim, brown woollen beret with yellow trim and brown woollen mitts with yellow trim. To add to my humiliation the mitts are sown to the arms of my cardigan jacket by elastics. Following the Church service I have to help serve tea in the Parish rooms. Following this public humiliation I spend the rest of Sunday providing meals to my Aunt and her many guests, doing two hours of physical exercises in full uniform in the garden and when not doing this standing with my hands on my head facing the wall or corner.
I speak only when spoken to and must always reply as succinctly as possible finishing with “Maam” or “Sir” as appropriate.
I have to ask permission to go to the toilet and am limited to two cold showers per week using carbolic soap to wash my hair and body. My hair is worn in a pony tail and is swept back from my forehead. My Aunt cuts my hair to ensure I have no fringe. I have my mouth washed with carbolic soap and water three times per week before going to bed as a specific punishment for lying when my Aunt asked me if I had been drinking.
I am allowed to change my knickers and socks twice per week, my blouse once per week and my dress and woollens once a fortnight. My Aunt says that as I am a schoolgirl I can endure the body odour consequences. I, of course, am not allowed jewelry, make-up, etc..
I receive corporal punishment regularly as my Aunt says I need to be punished severely for many failings and to receive regular reminders of my new position in life. I receive eight strokes of the cane to my behind every Sunday and two strokes of the tawse to the palm and back of each of my hands on Wednesday.
If I fail to meet the required standards I am immediately and harshly punished. In all cases, without exception, I receive corporal punishment – spanking, slipper,paddle, tawse and cane to the hand or bottom, have privileges withdrawn (meals, toilet access, change of clothing, etc..) and other humiliations imposed (more woolens, corner time, wearing of Dunce’s hat, etc..).
As you can see my status has changed for the worse but I accept I deserve this and I am determined to follow the rules as laid down until I have served my punishment and demonstrated I can be trusted to behave. My Aunt has said that I will remain in this regime until the end of June at which point she will decide what happens next based on my behaviour. She has also made clear that even if my behavior until then is exemplary I can expect to be spending several further months in school uniform including in public. I have already learned a very severe lesson and recognize how stupid I was when I thought things couldn't’t get any worse as I had to go to work in a plain dress and cardigan – I now know what freedoms I still had and how long it will be, if ever, before I have them again. I apologise again for this intervention and of course, as asked by my Aunt to do, request that should you or any of your other readers have additional thoughts on how both my current disciplining or future regime can be shaped or harshened to ensure I behave please let her know. She is always keen to add to my deserved discomfort and humiliation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Judith

You are certainly very fortunate to have an Aunt who is prepared to take so much trouble with you. I do hope you are suitably grateful.

You state that your Aunt is willing to receive suggestions as to how you regime can be improved or harshened. As it happens I do have one suggestion that I make so bold as to offer.

I honestly feel, Judith, that you seem insufficiently grateful for the good plain clothing that you are permitted to wear. My prposal is designed to heighten your appreciation.

I am assuming that your home has a suitably secluded yard or garden area at the rear, either not over-looked at all or over-looked only by a few trusted neighbours. If so, it seems to me that your bed-time could profitably be put back by 30 minutes each evening - say from 8.00 pm to 8.30. At 8.00 you should divest yourself of all your clothing at go and stand at attention with hands on your head at a designated spot in the middle of the yard. You should maintain this pose, unmoving, for twenty minutes. I am sure that your Aunt can be relied on to observe you, and ensure that you remain in position. This should occur each and every night and be quite unaffectedd by wind, rain, frost or snow.

After the expiration of the set time you should warm yourself up with ten minutes of brisk exercise - running round the yard. or whatever else seems suitable to get your circulation moving again.

You should then be permitted a quick cold shower - with the usual accompaniment of a carbolic mouth washing. The shower - though not the mouth washing - may perhaps be omitted on nights when it is raining out of doors.

Then, a treat you will appreciate, you can rub yourself down with a nice fleecy towel before climbing into bed to dream of the snugness of your warm woolen cardigans and old fashioned knickers.

By the way, although you have not described your sleeping arrangements I am sure that your Aunt is much too sensible to allow you to wallow in an unsuitably soft modern bed with that peculiar modernity the duvet. No. I am sure that you sleep in a hard bed with a single sheet below you, and another sheet plus two thin blankets above. Of course only one small pillow. And your window, though fully curtained, must be opened wide - perhaps permanently jammed open in all weathers.

This standing and exercising in the yard can be continued throughout the winter and into the spring. As summer comes on, it will have to be discontinued as it might become quite pleasant, which, I am afraid, is not really the object. Something must be substituted for it in the summer months. Perhaps some additional piece of corporal punishment.

I do hope that your Aunt and you find this useful.

Anonymous said...

I think that the discipline wich you have imposed on Judith is very appropriate given her poor behavior and there would be fewer problems generally if others followed your example. In the US individuals like this used to be dealt with by thier parents or if not by a stay on the County Farm. Many errnat young girls benefited from being back in a uniform being eductaed in a disciplined environment and made to perform arduous labor with frquent application of the switch to guide them. Although judith's regime is less severe it is certainly of the right nature and I think there are several ways in which the punishment could be increased in severity and imposition of these changes for no paricular reason will I am sure help to further underline to Judith the deservedly isolated and powerless position she has earned herself. I would suggest firstly that given I am assuming the wearing of these woolen items in both humiliating , because they are like a school uniform (color, etc.) and because they are also physically uncomfortable to wear that she should wear her cardigan jacket including mitts at all times in addition to her existing uniform. Next toilet visits shopuld be limited to one per day at a time of your choice. If she wets her knickers then the punishment should be very severe including time using a bucket and no toilet in addition to the other pnishements which you quite rightly impose for even much more minor misdemeanors. Eatinf meat is a privilege and I would limit this to no more than 2 or 3 times per week. For someone who has continued to lie like your niece mouthwashing shpuld be at least daily if not twice daily. You might like to consider the regular dispensing of castor oil to her. I agrre with the corporal punsihments but would suggest you had a spanking every Sunday in fronat of your guests. This should be long and hard given her age so that she feels not only the humiliation but severe pain. To accentuate the pain her two hours of vigorous exercise should follow. I wopuld al;so suggest that now she has completed 2 months of this regime taht you tell her of the severity and longevity of the next stages so as to rmove any hope she may have of much improved conditions. I ssume at least 2 more years in some form of uniform.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Judith’s Aunt

First before everything may I congratulate you on the steps that you have been taking to bring your misguided niece to a proper sense of shame and decorum.

Then may I offer some very modest suggestions as to how her punitive regime may be improved still further. I hesitate to do so, since you are obviously well versed in discipline and may even regard these suggestions as impertinent. However, as you have requested such suggestions, and have already received correspondence from two others, I will proceed.

Corporal Punishment.

Corporal discipline is a fine old tradition that should carry with it a certain dignity and even majesty. The better class of educational supplier should be able to provide you with a display rack of implements. Typically fashioned in a solid dark wood, the rack can be affixed to a wall and will bear perhaps a row of three vertical canes – thick, medium, and thin – with a brace of fine-quality leather tawses hanging to each side. This tasteful object should be placed in a public area - ideally in the hallway of your residence where it is visible to any casual visitor. What better way to proclaim that this is a house of discipline! The two leather straps should be kept highly polished, which is another regular chore for Judith to perform.

It may well be that, in practice, the trusty old cane and strap kept in the schoolroom are the most frequent visitors to Judith’s hands and bottom. Perhaps grown a little worn and shabby from years of faithful service, they still impart their lesson. But something more presentable should be kept on display. And, of course, on more formal occasions, Judith should be sent to obtain a rod from the hallway rack. This might be appropriate for the formal Sunday punishments in front of your guests. However, to be personal, I think that her Sunday spanking should be just that. A proper small-child’s bare-hand-on-bare-bottom over-the-knee spanking while your guests look on. It would differ from a small child’s spanking in that it would last much longer. Twenty minute sessions will be enough to begin on, but this can be increased later if desired.

It is possible that your guests may wish to take some of the burden of such an undertaking from you, by substituting as spanker some Sundays. If, as I assume, the Vicar is one of those who call on you, he would doubtless think it his Christian duty to relieve you of this task sometimes.


This little ceremony should not be stinted or carried out in any perfunctory way. A stiff bristled toothbrush should be used to work the soap well in to both the upper and lower surfaces of the tongue. Too mush rinsing afterward is an uncalled for luxury. A standard sized glass just over half full of water will provide more than sufficient for this purpose.

Castor Oil

Should you decide to proceed with this old-fashioned (and none the worse for it) remedy, I will only make one caution. Do not even consider a teaspoon. A tablespoon should be administered at the very least. In Young Ladies’ Academies of old, a full glass had to be swallowed.


It occurs to me that, so long as Judith is the only miscreant in your care, there is really little need of her given name. “Child”, as in “Come, Child”, “Say your lesson, Child”, or “Bend Over, Child!” will be quite sufficient of an address, and will constantly re-inforce her true status in her mind.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the comments I have received around the options to harshen my niece’s punishment. My purpose is not to make her grateful for the school uniform she has to wear or, behavior permitting, in future the plain and simple clothing she will be wearing in future. Allowing her an opportunity to be out of uniform would not therefore be appropriate despite the physical discomfort of one of the suggested punishments of having her stand and drill without clothing. Rather I want her to become resigned to the fact that she deserves to be dressed in a school uniform or a plain dowdy dress and cardigan because of the misbehavior and ill discipline she has shown. In doing this though I want her to lose none of the feelings of punishment or humiliation which being dressed like this bring (physical discomfort, loss of maturity, enhanced plainness, loss of choice) nor understanding the loss of future opportunities which dressing like this will result in. In particular her absence of friends of both sexes who will not want to be seen with such a plain and immaturely dressed individual – a condition which is likely for the foreseeable future. I have therefore introduced an additional pre bedtime drill on 3 nights per week. Judith has had to dress in summer uniform (this is especially humiliating as she has just made these items) of yellow Gingham dress and her brown V-neck woollen waistcoat with yellow trim and a pair of brown ankle socks. She then has to stand in the garden with her hands on her head as you suggested for 30 minutes. This has ensured she continues to suffer the humiliation and imposition of school uniform but the physical discomfort of some wet and on occasions very cold evenings indeed. After this she receives six strokes of the slipper across her behind. She is then allowed to put on her woollen nightgown before going to bed. As you thought I can assure you Judith does not enjoy a soft comfortable bed, as deserved for someone who has demonstrated such disrespectful and disobedient behavior. Her bed has a solid wood base over which she has a single rough grey woollen blanket and then two further thin but rough woollen blankets on top (she has no pillow).
I have also incorporated some of the other suggestions received into Judith’s disciplining. I told her this was to teach her that if she cannot behave then she will be punished at the whim of others, in this case those of you who kindly offered suggestions. She has her mouth washed with soap and water on every day and receives a tablespoon of Castor oil three times per week. On Sunday she wears her full uniform including hat and mitts all day and I have applied the limitation of one toilet visit only to Sunday. Most humiliatingly I have also introduced the option for her to receive a spanking every Sunday which may be carried out in front of guests if I believe appropriate. On the first Sunday after introduction she was obviously dreading the thought of being spanked in front of my guests and in the event I did not inflict a spanking either publically or in private so she just endured the discomfort of worrying about what might happen to her. However last Sunday I carried out Judith’s first allocation of public corporal punishment. In front of my friend and her husband Judith had to explain why she was being subject to such severe discipline. I then had her remove her cardigan jacket, mitts and hat and undo her waistcoat and cardigan before making her lie across my lap in a prone position. Even at this stage she was in tears at the shame of her predicament but I continued the punishment lifting her cardigan, waistcoat and pinafore over her back and stripping her knickers (and sanitary pad) to her knees. I then spanked her first with a wooden clothes brush and finally my bare hand until she was crying uncontrollably. The application probably lasted about 10-15 minutes in all during which I reminded Judith of why she found herself in this position and of course that she must obey the rules for application of such corporal punishment. On completion and after she had thanked me for her punishment and my friends for aiding her humiliation, I pinned up her dress and woollens so that her spanked behind remained to be seen and had her stand with her hands on her head and knickers round her ankles in the corner of the room where she could be seen for the next two hours. From the redness of her bottom I would say that the fact she spent for most of this time crying quietly was because of pain as well as the shame of what she had endured. This is obviously an extremely severe punishment but I do intend to use it at least once every 2 or 3 weeks. In order to ensure she becomes even more resigned to her future clothing rules, than she already has over the past couple of months, I am considering whether I should tell her even now my plans for the next stage of her reform assuming she continues to behave in an exemplary way until June. This is that she will continue to be dressed in school uniform at all times (as now pinafore, shirt, tie and cardigan or gingham dress and cardigan) although she will be allowed to appear in public more for at least six further months. This will provide less confinement than her current regime but greater public humiliation which she already finds so unbearable on her Sunday attendances at Church. In addition I will make clear that all of the uniform clothing items she has been making and knitting and will be over the coming months are for her and will be forming a significant part of her wardrobe for many years to come. This should further accentuate the humiliation and discomfort of this work.
I thank you for your suggestions and I hope that the changes I have made although not exactly as you may have suggested you are interested to see they have been considered and used at least in part. As stated I have of course added to Judith’s feeling of punishment and hopelessness by making clear that these additional punishments were added due to your suggestions and not because of specific misbehavior. She is clearly learning to be obedient as she has had no rule transgressions at all requiring application of additional punishment over the last few weeks. She is currently in the study room writing a 16 side essay entitled, “Why I deserved to be stripped and spanked in front of guests, what it has taught me and why I deserve to receive further such punishments and what I will learn from them?” I am sure this will be helping to revisit the humiliation of her experience on Sunday. I was interested by the suggestion that I should use the term “Child” when addressing her and I will consider this currently I usually use the term, “Girl or school girl” but the use of the term child might be more appropriate and demeaning still. I wasn't clear what is or how you use a switch? for discipline so I would welcome some further information on this option/approach? I do not think I would feel a public display of the cane, belts, slipper would be appropriate as the disciplining is for the sole purpose of punishing and reforming the behavior of Judith and not something I would use on anyone else – currently these items however are hung from hooks in the study room so that Judith is ever aware of their availability.
I hope this update is useful and as ever further suggestions which will assist with Judith’s punishment and reform are welcome. I will ensure Judith provides a further update on her future reform conditions in the middle of the year.

jack said...

I must commend your Aunt in taking the time and trouble to keep you on the straight and narrow, and make you toe the line.
I'd just like to add a couple of suggestions to supplement the regime, though, really, my thoughts are intended for the organ grinder, and not her monkey!
How about the imposition of a regular session of marching drill?
A good lengthy, complicated, taxing
session, with much 'marking time'
etc. would be most beneficial.
Also, perhaps it would be nice if you were obliged to learn some Scottish Highland dancing, (perhaps not practical admittedly), though a nice way for you to keep selected guests and visitors entertained.
Anyway, hopefully some 'food for thought' as it were. Of course i do have many other ideas to keep you on your toes and out of mischief.

jack said...

Dear Judith

I must commend your Aunts regime for you, and i would like to add a few suggestions/ideas.
For instance, how about imposing some sessions of marching drill?
A good lengthy, complicated, taxing session would do wonders for your health.
Also, how about being obliged to learn some Scottish highland dancing, to be performed to entertain selected guests/visitors?
Just a thought, and i have many others which i could suggest.