Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Quick (very) Blog Update

I have today removed the link to the Lynn Paula Russell site (Paula Meadows, as was ) from my sidebar's 'Useful Resources' list as during a routine check I found the link to be broken - yeah I do stuff like that: a bit anal isn't it? However I will shortly be adding a Picasaweb album with as much of her stuff as I have - I guess that broken link has finaly given me the impetus I needed. Keep an eye on the Spanking ArtWork Albums list in the sidebar on the right. I have also rearanged the resource list a bit so that all the artwork links are bunched together and I have just added a link to the blog list for an interesting spanking blog I have just come across called SPANKEDHORTIC (just click to visit - or see sidebar).
Incidently, Flickr is sometimes worth a visit: For example I just found a nice collection of pics entitled Spanking Fun (click to view). If you try to download / save any, though, they come up as 'Spaceballs' which means the pics are protected. Why folks choose to do this I have no idea - I thought that the rationale behind Flickr was to share images. However it is quite easy to get around this limitation, or security measure or whatever it is: From 'File' in your browser window (in Explorer at any rate), choose 'Edit with Microsoft Word'. You then have a Word page with the image embedded and can then edit out all of the other stuff you don't want and work from there.

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Thanks for blog rolling my blog. :)
I've only just found your blog but am enjoying having a little dig through your past postings.