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Control and / or Curtailment of Female Masturbation - A Poll and a Chance to Add YOUR Ideas!

Those of you who know my work will recognise that discipline and control are central themes and that the control and manipulation of sexuality have been touched upon as themes several times in the past.  Well now's your chance to influence one of the new pieces I am working on by way of a series of polls,  At the moment the polls themselves are over in the right hand sidebar while the explanations to the asterisk marked response options and so on are set out below in the central text, but tomorrow I shall move them over here in the main text area (I'm too tired at the moment - my Internet connection / phone line has been down and only just come back on - so I'm keen to get something going again - but on the other hand it's 01:30 in the morning; and I'm knackered!).

The next poll will.another one of Roger Benson's, to help with last minuet changes and fine tuning to his book - just as this one is to help me finalise certain sections of one of my new publications (but also to aid plot development) - and should appear here later tomorrow (Tuesday) or early Wednesday at the latest; so keep your eyes open. Ta!

Given a domestic setting, should masturbation be:

Similarly, given a CLINICAL / INSTITUTIONAL setting, should masturbation be:

*         I would differentiate between ‘supervised control’ and ‘supervision’.  By ‘supervised control’ I allude to a situation in which the young lady is not only under close supervision but may also have to observe certain stipulations such as to move her fingers to a certain rhythm or at a certain rate, follow a certain pattern or perhaps be ready to cease and abstain on command prior to culmination and likely under the detailed scrutiny of a person close at hand and able to intervene should non-compliance be encountered.

**        The term ‘ad libitum’ merely means ‘as much or as often as she likes, without outside interference.

***      By ‘observable’ in this context I mean that (as above) she is allowed to masturbate as much or as often as she pleases but that perhaps her door is always left open or perhaps there are surveillance cameras present which may or may not be recording every moment.  Even a bell attached to her bed and mattress or a baby monitor installed in her room may come under this category in enforcing the need for absolute quiet and / or stillness if her private fumblings are not to be brought to the attention of all and sundry.  

****    The term ‘encouraged’ might mean what it says, simple words of encouragement from a close confident or perhaps a councillor of some kind if within an institutional setting.  Alternatively the term might allude to more insidious methods, such as ensuring within her quarters or living space the opportunities for mental stimulation are kept to an absolute minimum – no books, magazines, television or radio and with social contact minimal or nonexistent, that sort of thing, or if literature is allowed to be present there is a high degree of erotic content (which may be subtle / ‘romantic’). 

The latter may be any safe, quiet, private (apparently), comfortable and undisturbed– yet mind-numbingly boring – space or environment wherein masturbation becomes the only outlet and stimulation for the senses.  Even a situation wherein a girl is made to live under an oppressive disciplinary régime under which her every waking moment is subject to restrictions, stipulations and petty rules may qualify for this category if extreme enough and if she is then given sufficient privacy and freedom at night.  And there is no reason all or any of this might not be combined and reinforced by a few reassuring words given by the right party or visits to a councillor and so on. 

Would your answer or response be likely to differ depending on the type of institution?(* see text)

 *       I.e. would your answer depend on whether the institution was penal, educational or clinical / psychiatric, whether it is a legitimately sanctioned establishment such as a government reform school, what we might call a 'semi- legitimate institution' such as a charity run home for the protection of young women in moral peril (of the church 'industrial school' model) where high walls and barred gates vouchsafe and encourage the development of all manner exploitative behaviours, or somewhere totally illegitimate and unsanctioned such as a small private - and extremely secure - 'care home' where an errant wife, or intractable stepdaughter or legal ward might so easily find herself 'put away' no questions asked in return for a regular monthly 'donation'?


Given that under right circumstances and / or psychological reinforcement ‘encouraged’ masturbation

*          I.e. her hand or hands begin to involuntary stray under inappropriate conditions such as when seated in front of the councillor, at her desk or in front of witnesses.

**        Uncontrollable in terms of her self-control – she now masturbates furiously in front of all and sundry, given the opportunity – obviously the behaviour (as always) is still eminently controllable by using physical means to enforce abstinence.    

Again would your answer or response be likely to differ depending on the type of institution?

If the behavior is to be ‘enforced’ in some way, should refusal be met by:

Additional to the above

*        This can mean switching to bedpan use (initially private, then supervised if refusal continues) if ordinarily allowed to use the toilet or to nappy (diaper) use if the bedpan is her usual method.  This would always be an incremental behaviour modification intervention method whatever the start point.  By this I mean that if usually she is allowed privacy for toilet use, for instance, that privacy would be curtailed in the first instance - perhaps through the bathroom or stall door being kept open or removed – then, if refusal continued, close supervision on the toilet would be introduced, then bedpan use in private, then bedpan use under close supervision, then bedpan use under close supervision but positioned in front of a mirror - and so on -  at first being allowed to wipe her own bottom, then having to submit to having it wiped for her or to go without cleaning.    

Actually, it would be interesting to see what level of degradation our quiet, bookish, modest and shy young thing would need to be brought down to before she would submit to masturbating herself under close supervision, not to mention the effect this final surrender would likely have on her delicate psyche and fragile self-esteem.

**        May be used in isolation or in conjunction with the above punitive intervention, but ALWAYS including a strong humiliation component to the proceedings  

***      (see the INSTITUTIONALISED series – can’t remember which volume; sorry!  And also my book: VICTORIAN GOVERNANCE IN THE AGE OF FREEDOM)

If masturbation is to be ENTIRELY prohibited how should abstinence be enforced?

*         By physical methodology I refer to anything that in effect mechanically removes temptation, from mittens on hands and restraints at bedtimes to chastity belts and similar devices. Obviously the surgical removal of the clitoris is an abhorrent process but a similar – but reversible – effect can be had by surgically embedding the offending bud in a tiny vanadium or platinum wire cage sutured into place with tiny wire loops, and I include such devices in this category.

**       By psychological methodology I mean techniques ranging from simple verbal shaming to the deliberate induction of what I would term ‘pre-orgasmic’ or ‘pre-culmination’ anxiety via aversion therapy, negative reinforcement and every station in-between.  

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Under Private Secure Domestic Psychiatric Care - Enforced Weight-Gain


 "Right!  You have two minutes to finish-up that high-calorie weight-gain meal, young lady - then it's the cane!

Yes, private secure domestic psychiatric care: enforced weight-gain – an interesting concept! 

I saw this picture - and this is what popped into my mind, partly because there has been so much interest in the forced weight control thing I wrote a while back (sorry I've not answered all your comments. I will, given time - that was what I was going to do today, but then this popped up and I got side-tracked.)  

Actually in a way it's an extension of a concept that I have been toying with for some time and have even broached to some extent in some of my books - including a couple unfinished and yet to be published.  The concept of the governess whose control slowly extends and becomes more and more restrictive until she comes to dominate her charge's life to such an extent that the régime comes to resemble something more akin to psychiatric care than disciplinary training.   

I imagine the woman perhaps coming to habitably wear a nurse’s dress and apron and insisting her charge wear pyjamas for longer and longer periods of the day while restricting her charge to smaller and smaller regions around the home and more and more treating her like a mental defective, all the time working on getting her charge to become ever more psychologically dependent on her by various means.  Perhaps at early stage she might allow the girl into the garden, a quilted housecoat worn over her pyjamas, as long as she submits to holding her by the hand, before at a later stage demanding the girl submit to being pushed in a wheelchair if she is to earn that particular privalige, then restricting her to the upper floors of the house – and so on and so on...

Charlotte had returned home from her first semester in college to find a woman in a nursing uniform dress waiting for her, bars on her old bedroom’s window and it, and the small group of rooms around it, furnished like a small hospital department.  The disciplining had started immediately, without her given pause for breath – off with her clothes, on with hospital-style pyjamas; and three nights without sleep, until she submitted to bending for the cane…  It's three months on - and there's still a little fight left in the girl.  Imagine the 'conversation'

"You have two more minutes to finish your high calorie weight-gain intervention meal, young lady, then it's the cane - one stroke for each two grams left!  No, you can stop that right there – you KNOW my rules; you are to speak only when spoken to; and even then, unless you’re asked something specific, I only want to hear ‘yes, nurse’, ‘no, nurse’ and ‘thank you, nurse’. You’ve just earned yourself two strokes of the cane across your bare bottom – AND your toilet privileges are revoked; you’re going straight back to close-supervised restricted bedpan use and toileting discipline.  I want no protestations, no arguments.  Yes I know you were normal weight – slightly above, actually – and there’s plenty of flesh around that big fat bottom and those pendulous breasts DO look as if they are trying to escape from your pyjama jacket, but your guardian wants to see you put on more weight.  And she’s paying my wages… so… 

Oh my! Look at that! Time’s up! And there looks to be a fair bit in that bowl. Right! Out of bed – and go stand on the scales facing the mirror, hands on head, while I fetch my cane… and weigh the remnants! Then you can drop you pyjama bottoms and touch your toes, right under the camera up there in the corner – your guardian LOVES watching your bottom bounce – oh, and don’t forget those extra two strokes for talking!  You know… I think there’s STILL too much ‘sparkle’ about you. I wonder if it isn’t time we increased your sedation – yes, I think I will! And after your chastisement we’ll pop you back in bed - and you can have a nice long nap under heavy sedation until your next meal.  

 What was that? A prisoner – in your own home?  Don’t be silly! For one thing, it’s not YOUR home any more – it’s your legal guardian’s. For another, I know there are bars on the windows and I’ve had them whitewashed so you can’t see out – but that’s all for your own protection.  I suppose your striped pyjamas DO look a little like a prison uniform, but I’m not a guard, I’m here to care for you. I am a psychiatric nurse – and I was hired to keep you under private psychiatric care, until you come of age. And that’s YEARS off yet!  Oh 18 has come and gone, I know, but we’ve opted to accept 21.  Don’t you remember signing the papers? It wasn’t that long ago. Well you’ve got nearly another 3 years in my care to look forward to – and as far as I’m concerned you’re mentally incompetent, just like it says embroidered on the breast pocket of your pyjamas, and I’ll tailor my care accordingly… 

AND you’ve just earned yourself ANOTHER extra two strokes of the cane AND a thorough mouth-soaping for talking again"

Friday, 24 July 2015

A Second, Follow-up, Miss Copy Typist Poll From Roger Benson

The Miss Copy Typist poll has been generating some interesting responses and so here are some poll questions which have been suggested by Roger Benson referring to Miss Copy Typist – see the illustration in the previous post (below).  

All polls are now open!


After receiving her nine stroke caning,  a sobbing and sorrowful Miss Nineteen was made to stand in the corner with her hands, fingers laced, behind her neck.  How long should she be made to stand in the corner?

Poll 1

After her corner time, Miss Nineteen should be marched to her room by her strict Auntie. Here, she would be required to remove her off-white, elastic suspender belt and replace it with a powerfully elasticized off-white, open bottomed girdle and hook her nylon stockings up.  Auntie deliberately required the girl to buy the girdle (with her own money) one size too small.  Therefore it is distressingly tight and compresses Miss Nineteen's well caned bottom most uncomfortably.  How long should the girl be required to wear the girdle?

Poll 2

As  lesson in discipline, should a thoroughly humiliated and repentant Miss Nineteen not
be permitted to wear a skirt for the rest of the day?

Poll 3

When she was finally allowed to retreat to her room and lie face down on her bed, what would Miss Nineteen do?

Poll 4

Option 1           She would enjoy a good cry.

Option 2           She would reach back with her soft hands and cup her tightly girdled, well caned buttocks.
Option 3           Her impressionable teenage mind would drift to her naughty boyfriend and she would begin to play with herself.

Research has shown that the corporal punishment of the girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous bare buttocks of teenage girls can cause the girls to become sexually aroused.  So that they do not have the opportunity to console themselves with illicit manual manipulation, would be it be prudent for the Responsible Adult Guardian to tie the girl's wrists behind her back when she is unsupervised in her room?

Poll 5

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another Roger Benson Poll - Words And Pic By Roger Benson

In his introductory comments to the July 1957 issue of PICTURE POST, Editor-in-Chief Nigel Pennyworth announced that the edition would include an opinion poll on the "burning" question -- should teenage girls be caned?

The introduction to the poll explained that "Miss Nineteen", a copy typist living with her discipline-minded Aunty in Croydon Surrey, was subject to certain strict "house rules and regulations", including one authorized date a week (Saturday night) and a strict curfew of 11:30PM.

Unfortunately for "Miss Nineteen", the naughty girl lost all track of time as her boyfriend tongue kissed and cuddled her in his Ford Zodiac autocar.  When "Miss Nineteen" (a.k.a. "Miss Curfew Breaker") arrived home 20 minutes late, her visibly displeased Aunty informed the now repentant girl that she would be given a strict disciplinary caning the
next day at precisely 2PM.

"Miss Nineteen" put on only the tops of her Baby Doll pyjamas and got into bed.  The repentant and frightened girl's soft hands cupped her girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous bare buttocks as she apprehensively fretted over what was going to happen to her and fervently wished she had not broken her strict curfew!

On Sunday, the naughty girl was made to stand in the Punishment Corner for one hour before her 2PM date with the much feared, fiendishly supple Punishment Cane her Aunty had procured some years earlier from Mr. Eric Wildman, President of The Corpun Society.  As you can see from the cover picture, the girl was wearing a form fitting sweater, a tight skirt, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer, tan-hued nylon stockings, and glossy white patent leather pumps with 4 and 1/4" spike heels.

At precisely 2PM, Aunty arrived, gripped "Miss Nineteen" by an elbow and marched the now tearful girl to The Punishment Room.  Aunty gave the sobbing girl's snugly skirted bottom a few "encouraging" hand smacks to speed her up. "Miss Nineteen" could take only mincing little steps thanks to her tight skirt and high spike heels!  Once in The Punishment Room, "Miss Nineteen" was ordered to removed her skirt and little pink nylon knickers.  Her Aunty then swished the cane through the air to practice her stroke.  The hissing sound made by the dreadful Punishment Cane made an icy shiver convulse "Miss Nineteen's" shapely spine!

In this situation, who would you most like to be?

Would Miss Nineteen squirm uncomfortably on her hard copy typist's chair on Monday morning?

Should Aunty consider giving Miss Nineteen a disciplinary enema after her caning?

Would Miss Nineteen's sobs, shrieks, please, and promises to be a good girl cause her Aunty to be m

Should Miss Nineteen be lectured on the sin of curfew breaking during her caning?

How many cane strokes should Miss Nineteen receive on her succulent bare behind?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! & Another Couple of Roger Benson Polls To Take Part In

Yep!  It's my birthday!  And for some unknown reason I am up and have been working since the unheard of - and undoubtedly unhealthy - hour of 6AM - ridiculous!!!  I'm of out to the gym next...  But then I'm drinking!!!  Hooray!!!  

If anyone wants to join me - and all are welcome - I'll be somewhere in North London; most likely the Wetherspoons branch in New Barnet (The Railway) and / or The Tolegate, the Whetherspoons branch in Turnpike Lane (coz they're cheap - and they serve good quality real ale!) but what I'll do is I'll comment on this post from time to time with an update as to where I'm at (I'm taking my Internet-savvy smart phone) so check back here and view the comments if you want to meet up. Or you can always email me of course.  I'm easily spotted in almost any background or situation (unless a heavy metal convention or reunion of old hippies) and rarely bit unless particularly hungry.

Right, down to business.  Roger Benson wants me to set another couple of polls, relating to his illustration presented in the last post (see lower down or scroll down).  One relates to one of the features of his work I personally find the most interesting, namely the fifties / early sixties styling and fashion and more specifically girdles and so on - and nothing frames a nicely rounded bottom during a good spanking like a set of suspenders and stocking tops!

in the situation depicted which girl would you rather be

Should their aunt invest in two red rubber ball gags from Silence is Golden Co. Ltd

Do the strongly elasticized bottom bands on their girdles look uncomfortable

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Poll From The Spanking and Discipline Artist, Roger Benson

To celebrate Roger Benson's upcoming new book (which both I and Angela Fox having been helping on) and help with finalising the content and so on the man himself is putting out a series of polls.  His style of writing and written subject matter / take on things is obviously very different from my own, tending to the whimsical at times (I hope he does not mind me saying that) but in sentiment we are not so far apart - even if  I WOULD tend to put a darker interpretation on his imagery.  But that is the great thing about his work; so much of it can be interpreted in many different ways; which is why I have always been such a fan!  Enjoy! 

PS: I have not put the poll over in the sidebar this time, rather it can be found a little lower down this page, benieath the illustration and opening gambit / scene setting.  I'm not sure how well that is going to work or whether you folk will automatically head for the sidebar, but let's see how it goes!  If this works and we get a good response, so much the better, because sidebar space is a limited commodity - and I've got a whole logjam backlog of useful links to put in over there.  
It's a pleasantly warm July day in 1959 and Lorna (the brunette) and Patsy (the honey blonde), both 18, are spending the month with their discipline-minded Aunty Edna.

The girls' "Demerit Books" decree that the two hapless misses will be made to undergo a Saturday afternoon punishment session.  Aunty Edna, dressed to go downtown shopping, is with her friend -- the imperious Helen Steel.

The frightened and apprehensive girls are marched to a spare bedroom in Aunty Edna's large and imposing home.  Here, they are ordered to strip to their pink bra and panty sets, snug, off-white girdles, and tautly-suspendered and ultra-sheer tan hued nylon stockings.  Lorna wears tight fitting, glossy black, patent leather pumps with 4 and 1/4 spike heels.  Patsy's pumps are glossy white patent leather.

Each girl has her wrists snugly tied behind her back and both are gagged with white adhesive tape.  The girls are then pushed down on the bed and their shapely, nyloned ankles crossed and bound.  Both emit poignant "Mmmmmmfffffggghhhhhh" sounds as this is being done.

Aunty Edna and Helen Steel smile down on the girls, wish them a "restful time", and depart (announcing that they will be back in "a little over 3 hours").


Option 1

They lie passively on the bed, tearfully repenting being naughty girls.

Option 2

They exchange chaste "gag kisses".

Option 3

Patsy wriggles around until her back in facing Lorna's front.  She reaches back with her
soft fingers and begins to play with Lorna's most intimate anatomy.  Soon both girls are
writhing in unison and perspiring slightly. Lorna emits gag-stifled moans of ecstasy as
a violent orgasm consumes her.  The two  succulently shapely, naughty teeners spend the
next two hours giving each other orgasms until, finally sated, they lie with their bodies pressed
tightly together and gag-kissing.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Scolding - A Poll! And Female Masturbation Control by Orgasm Denial Through Deliberatly Induced Guilt Anxiety and Psychological Trauma


The sharp-eyed among you may have already spotted the opinion poll I have set up over in the right-hand sidebar (at the top - you can't miss it!).  This is sort of a dry run for a series of polls based around the work of Roger Benson and intended to publicise his upcoming new compilation, so please give it a go coz I want to see if it works properly.  I'm am also going to try and embed the poll within this page itself - but that may have to wait until Monday because I have to rush out.

Scolding can be one of the most important aspects of the process of instilling strict discipline through the use of corporal punishment.  A few well chosen words delivered in the right way can do more damage than the physical sting of the riding crop when it comes to breaking down defiance – especially coming from such an expert in psychological manipulation as this girl’s guardian has had the sense to hire.

Her intention is to leave behind a crushed and shattered husk devoid of the slightest shred of self-esteem.  She knows exactly how to reduce her charge to tears without as much as laying a finger on her… But then comes the thrashing, to seal in the lesson!  Her rationale goes way beyond the imposition of discipline, aiming to dominate her charge completely, gradually over time taking control of every aspect of her charge’s life.  She does this by continuous monitoring and close supervision of every aspect of her charge’s life and by  imposing rules and regulations stipulating every waking moment of the girl’s day, from when first she rises, to the strictly enforced afternoon nap, to the girl’s childishly early bedtime dressed in especially adapted ‘tamperproof’ pyjamas designed to keep prying fingers from where a girl’s fingers have no right to go, medicated down into deep dreamless sleep. 

Her principles of education are simple: She teaches chastity, shame, dependency, compliance.  She encourages her pupil to see herself in a different, harsher light, one in which her flaws show up all the better, one in which she comes to see her ambitions, aspirations and dreams as just that – dreams.  She helps her pupil recognise her own limitations, accept that her future is likely to be a more demeaning, menial one than she might have envisaged; not a well-married lady of leisure, as once she might have fondly imagined, or filled by fame and fortune, but a future spent ‘in service’ at the beck and call of others.  Where there is self-confidence she discourages it, encouraging instead complacency an acceptance. 

Where sexuality is concerned, she stifles it, instills guilt, encouraging feelings of shame and anxiety, to the point at which self-abuse – if it exists, IF she lets it slip by – becomes a futile exercise, physical restraint is no longer required and she can rely on the girl herself to erect her own mental barriers to sexually release, psychological barriers which are far more efficacious and harder to overcome than stiffened mittens or having her wrists restrained at her waist at night.  She’s had girls in the past crying in frustration, down on their knees masturbating wildly in front of her, thrashing away madly with their fingers or plunging a vibrator or dildo in and out, all shame, all pride, all self-respect abandoned in the quest for release, as she has watched, smirking knowingly.  She has watched the anxiety building in a girl’s eyes as culmination approached, nearer and nearer, anxiety building, fear of failure, of yet another ruined orgasm, building, until at last, at the VERY last minute, excitement abating, the girl has thrown herself across the floor sobbing, wrapping her arms around her ankles, literally begging her for help – she has used it to put at least one girl in the asylum, quite deliberately!