Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Subjugation Be Thy Name - Even When it Backfires!

I have always had a ‘thing‘ about the wicked stepmother and governess subjugating her heiress stepdaughter and so on, but never really the ‘turning the tables‘ type of theme that I know certain of my readership hanker for (I’m always getting requests in my email to include the theme in my books and novels)...  But then again, I guess this is not really ‘turning the tables’ so much as ‘getting her just deserts‘? 

It's just something that popped into my head when I spotted the pic on my hard drive just now.  The pic originated - like so much stuff nowadays - on Tumblr, but I was actualy searching for a pic of mouth soaping caried out by a uniformed nurse or some such.  There are plenty of mouth soaping pics out there, but not featuring a nurse or taking place within an asylum or mental institution type environment.  Can anyone help me out here please?

 Oh bollocks!  I Just realised I spelt MIDDLE with far too many ‘D‘s!!!!!!!  AND I saved it as a JPG not as The Gimp's own format, so I can't easily change it without starting from scratch and I'm off out to the gym in a moment coz the kids are due home from school, so no time to change it now.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Rapid-Fire Follow-up

 Ok, so it’s the same thing twice... Well, not quite.  I decided to go with the ‘Dolly Maker‘ approach (at least I’ve got both bases covered), but now looking at it I think ‘DollyMother‘ seems best after all (although I’ve toyed with ‘Doll-Maker‘, ‘Doll-Mistress‘ ‘Dolly-Mistress‘ and ‘DollMistress‘ and even ‘Pollydori‘ after the puppet master.)

AND I couldn’t resist one more version (see above).  Dunno who first put together these pairs of figures - they’re all over Tumblr - but they’re soooo cool!  Or hot! Or…

I definitely WILL be back after the gym to write some more here...  So come back later... Better still - leave a comment!

For When The Cane Just Is Not Enough: Dollymother Behaviour Modificatioin Aids and Products

So, this is the next stage - and with the concept added to the pic that started me thinking along these lines in the first place.  In hindsight perhaps 'DollyMaker' would make for a better brand name - thoughts, anyone?  In fact, I'm off to have a go at that - before someone else does.  I'll be back to add a few more words of explanation here shortly, or with another version if successful and it proves fairly quick to do!

By the way; before I forget: It's the London to Brighton Cycle ride this Sunday, so I'll be in Brighton for a few days at the start of next week (even if I DON'T go by bike) if anyone is interested in meeting for a pint!  I always start late afternoon / early evening Sunday in the Hand In Hand pub or The Bristol Bar, both in Kemptown (I'm easy to spot) but can usually be found in one of the two Brighton Wetherspoons branches thereafter.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

DollyMother Self-administered Ad-libitum Sedative Candy: Mind Control by Stealth: Discipline by Design!

  DollyMother Self-administered Ad-libitum Sedative Candy: Mind Control by Stealth: Discipline by Design!

Step by step and munch by munch, from troubled wearisome teen or tiresome twenty-something to glassy-eyed, woolly-headed infantile tranquillity. 

Habit-forming from the first bite, the gentle euphoria induced by DollyMother’s unique formulation, though barely perceptible at first, ensures a measure of physiological dependency begins to develop right from the word go.  DollyMother’s tranquilizing and sedative effects are subtle, insidious and both cumulative and dose-related, with the added advantage that the patient can be relied upon to increment her own dose as and when she becomes accustomed to the effects at each stage while you, as carer, can be safe in the knowledge that DollyMother’s ultra-safe self-limiting formula ensures overdose is impossible. 

Over time – day-by-day and mouthful by mouthful - DollyMother’s tranquilizing and sedative formulation gently lulls the subject into a deeper and deeper tranquilized and sedated state while simultaneously dulling her awareness of her failing mental faculties.  Once intractable refractory attitudes soften, boisterous behaviour quietens to be replaced by a more placid, docile demeanour while the patient’s growing dependency on DollyMother’s formulation will leave her ever more amenable to other forms of control, should the authoritarian so wish.  Further on and the patient gradually becomes listless and ‘dozy’, ‘mentally lazy’ and ‘easily handled’, all of which can be an advantage within an institutional setting if disruptive behaviour is problematic.  A marked increase in suggestibility is noted and can be utilized to augment the psychological dependency aspect of DollyMother’s efficacy using the DollyMother sound recordings designed to augment our products.

Over longer periods - and the high doses with which the patient will typically self-medicate with if left to her own devices - DollyMother’s psychoactive neurochemical makeup causes mental confusion above and beyond the tranquilizing effect.  In addition it is known to disrupt short term memory, then the ability to form new memories - which can have a marked affect on future learning - and interferes with synapses in and around the frontal lobes, which negatively impacts on the subject’s decision making ability.  In conjunction with confinement within a sensorially impoverished space, and given unregulated access to the product – thus starved of mental stimulation and increasingly sedated – a significant fall in IQ can be measured, perhaps ten or more points in a little over two months detention.         

DollyMother may be introduced initially as a ‘treat’, as a positive reinforcer to reward required, good, behaviour.  As time goes by DollyMother may become just as effective - if not more so - as a negative reinforcer in eradicating or extinguishing unwanted behaviours by its withdrawal.  Indeed, the very real physical craving which accompanies long-term use, due to changes in brain chemistry, can be such that even the THREAT of withdrawal can have a marked punitive effect, resulting in instant submission to authority which, again, can then be reinforced by other complimentary forms of discipline.  The application of corporal punishment within a strict disciplinary régime in conjunction with all Fairy-DollyMother products is to be encouraged, where more stringent levels of behavioural modification are called for.

Can You Guess Where It's Going Yet?

I'm not too sure myself!  But I have a rough outline in mind...

Sarah? Sarah? Who the F*$&@ is Sarah? A Chance of a Glance into Toyntanen's Brain!

I COULD have said 'a chance of a glance into toyntanen's creative process' - but I'm not that posy!  But I know what you're thinking.  What has a chocky bar got to do with the subject matter usually presented here?  I think that is what you're probably thinking - hmmm?  Am I right?  Well...wait and see! And it ain't the name, Sarah - pretty though it is!  I woke up this morning with this idea running through my head - well, it was actually a name really; 'DollyMother' (all one word - camel-text deliberate) and a slogan.  The latter had nothing to do with that name and was more a kind of spoonerism based on a well-known TV detergent advert jingle... It made me think:  Is semi-skimmed milk 'mild-cream dairy liquid'? (think - 'hands that do dishes...').  It also made me think of another old advertising jingle - and of a series of adverts in a medical-world journal I read... AND a couple of pics I viewed recently on a Tumblr 'Age Play' group (a source of much inspiration which led in this case to the descriptor 'fairy' being added to DollyMother, giving 'Fairy DollyMother')...  And it all started to come together...  So let's see where it leads...  Watch as step by step (or all in one go if I get bored) this innocuous everyday treat (can you HAVE an everyday treat?  Isn't one special and the other not?  Go argue it out with a semantics professor someplace!) morphs into something far darker, taking on a character and implications which...

Friday, 12 June 2015

A Domination, Submission and Discipline Role Playing Game... Whatever Will They Think Of Next?

Qeq0fjcriFS9A_MfT2BEceg_Imn_M4cmuy3snhy0Yep!  Your eyes deceive you not - a role play game built around an agenda I imagine you'll be familiar with. 

The game hails from SELECTACORP and to get a 'feel' for what that is all about the best thing is probably to spend a little time exploring the SELECTACORP Tumblr blog (click on the SELECTORCORP name -  just add / archive to the link to visit the archive; by far the best way to get a feel for a Tumblr blog I always think).

Now I have to admit I’ve been meaning to get around to flagging this up for simply ages, both here and on my Tumblr blog (and The Original Institute / Beyond The Barred Window website too, eventualy - though that my take a little longer coz I'm having problems, which I won't go into here).  

I have to say, a role playing game that so neatly fits within our shared genre is somewhat of an unexpected departure from the everyday and a highly imaginative and exciting inititive that deserves to succeed.  When its creator first informed me about it the game was in its version (1) infancy - it's now available in version 2 - which gives an idea how long I have been sitting on spreading the word.  Sorry about that!  You know how it is… writing… personal issues… doing artwork for Roger Benson... getting distracted by writing captions for stuff I find on Tumblr (yeah!  That's the REAL reason, I bet you're thinking)… blah, blah blah.  Anyway; the link is below or you can click on the pic top right; so don’t be afraid - try it!  Say Garth Toyntanen sent you.
Corporate Raider 2: Invasion of Operations now available for the low, low price of nothing.  It picks up as the heels of Coporate Raider 1 and offers more characters, a more open universe with more interaction options and has more of a game feel to it.

Warning: as the stakes go up, this scenario is darker…
A REQUEST FROM THE GAME'S CREATOR'S: As this took hundreds of hours to conceive, design and execute, IF you enjoy this, please leave a response on the SELECTACORP Tumblr blog. Failure to inspire will result in a commensurate reduced effort on the part of the team that put this together. 
You could always also feed back to me - your usual scribe - here, which would be nice as I haven't played it myself and would be interested.  I must also point out that the lower couple of images are from the original batch sent me by the game's author and may or may not still be relevent to the new version (I really DO like the implications infered within the lower of the three - just above; there is something I find particularly exciting about that!).
The link is here (or click the top right pic, which should achieve the same end...  Getting you there and playing!)  https://mega.co.nz/#!YQhHjRKY!WsFQeq0fjcriFS9A_MfT2BEceg_Imn_M4cmuy3snhy0
Password is:   honeydew