Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Celesta University: Degrees of Depravity. SelectaCorp’s Latest Roleplay Game

Hi folks.  I know, It's been a while! 

Celesta University: Degrees of Depravity... I LOVE that subtitle!

 I bet you’ve been wondering what happened, where I’ve been?  Well to be honest, other than a few days away in the New Forrest area immediately after Easter (when it’s cheaper) which was nice, if a little uneventful, I can safely say I have never had so many things go wrong at once and had so many complications spring up, from the kids being at home throughout the school holidays (they’re usually down at their gran’s), to an Internet service provider changeover which was supposed to have occurred ‘seamlessly’ while I was away (ha! Ha! haha!!..Sorry!) and which went wrong and which is still rumbling along in the background even as we speak.  I even managed to contract food poisoning at one point (I suspected campylobacter jejuni at the time coz I’ve had that before and know what it feels like – though now it seems more likely to have been some kind of virus, since lots of other folk have had it apparently). 

For a more detailed picture of my woes since Easter take a squint at the comment I made at the bottom of the comments page for my blog post last time which I uploaded from my phone while on my way home from a weekend away yesterday – and lucky I did, since upon my arrival I was confronted (yet again) with a flashing router lamp and no Internet at all.  So what you are about to encounter  Vis-à-vis my SelectaCorp commission was actually produced Friday, but I had no way to upload it until now.  It is a matter of great frustration to me that practically no sooner had  I received the commission to come up with a few ideas, criticisms and so on from the minds behind SelectaCorp – or at least made a start on it (I did at least get a list of suggestions and comments off to the writers before Easter, which is something) - than all this kicked off. OK, as I say in the aforementioned comments, timing played a role, with Easter fast approaching at the time, but I don’t GET that many commissions and I like to think of myself as a chap of integrity, who has a professional outlook on deadlines and the like and hate letting anybody down.  

Celesta University - Degrees of Depravity
Well, that’s my grovelling done with.  So, what is this new SelectaCorp role playing game all about and in what ways does it fit in with the kind of things I usually write about?  Well it’s a story best split into at least two parts, of which this is the first (obviously) and deals with the basic premise and introduction.  
The basic premise is  that SelectaCorp -  a wealthy, covert female slave trading network or cartel with a world-wide reach and safeguarded by many influential backers - has developed something of a supply chain problem.  They have been searching for a reliable method  to source and recruit the raw material from which to form and mould the kind of upmarket ‘merchandise’ their  highly selective clientele desires and is willing to pay a massive premium for – i.e. young impressionable girls, preferably from the higher echelons of life.  While doing so the organisation has uncovered a promising target for subversion in the guise of a residential college for young women wherein a surprisingly large number of staff have been identified as possessing weaknesses and ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ of various kinds leaving them open to the kind of compromise and manipulation SelectaCorp operatives excel in, and their institution suitably ripe for corruption and control.  As SelectaCorp see it: “a prime incubator for the highest value product in the market.”  
As the player, you become “a seasoned operative” about to undertake a mission likely to prove “one of the most challenging [SelecataCorp has] ever faced” .  But it is a mission which is “also potentially the most rewarding” both to the SelectaCorp organisation as a whole and to the operative concerned as he (or she – why not?) gradually subverts more and more staff members by blackmail or other means.  Gradually working their way up the university hierarchy, gradually gaining ever greater influence and control along the way, the operative seizes control, first of individual elements and departments within the university, then of the running of the university as a whole, the SelectaCorp influence in the guise of the operative insidiously creeping over everything, radiating, spreading like the filaments of a fungus or mould, like dry rot eating away at the institution’s integrity from the inside until what is left is little more than a thinly-veiled female slave training camp, complete with auctions to the highest bidder .  

Already at this stage of the game - as the game opens – SelectaCorp have paved the way for the insertion of their operative.  The premise is that SelectaCorp, having made “a generous endowment” ,have already managed to be invited on to the Board of Trustees, being clearly the kind of philanthropic organisation whose motives are surely “as pure as the driven snow.”  Already the rot has set in!

More next time, including some suggestions I have made.  It might turn out to be a couple of days though, as I have to put aside at least a day to get one of my books out: my money is fast running out now and my income from LULU (such as it was) has all but dried up (£25 this past month. So I have to get something out fast now, just to keep going, even if it means putting something out in several instalments.

A hell of a lot of what it comes down to is having spent the best part of eighteen months of my life - pretty much futilely, as now seems likely - working on the Roger Benson art project, creating new 'Bensons' from elements of several of his others; that's painstaking work; and time-consuming work too!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Rising From The Ashes - ’THE GIRL IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS' Takes to the Bloggersphere Once Again

Hi Folks!  Happy Easter! (In case I forget later).

I’ve just heard that one of the blogs I mentioned last time as having become defunct has been rehabilitated, reinvigorated, revived (choose to suit yourself) or whatever.   

However you care to term it, the fact that ’THE GIRL IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS' rides again can be no bad thing.  The link is over there in the right hand sidebar in the blog list (filed under T…for ‘THE’ where it’s always been – and under the same title too – but now linking to the new address of course.  My thanks to Polyxena for the update!

At Ghostwriter’s suggestion I have added ‘LADY2MAID’and have removed  ‘ Italian Maids Blog’ as a duplicate. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Ghostwriter’

While I was going about the above aforementioned task of updating that particular link I took the opportunity to remove a few dead links which had come to my attention.  Thus the following have been deleted from the blog listing:    

Curious QBuzz
Female Orgasm Denial (The)
Girl Spanked
girls pyjama spanking
Intimate Invasions (Enforced Enemas)
Mr Tawse
Mr Whacker
Poppy's Submissions
Punishment Films News
Reflections on Red
School Knickers
Spanking Hungary erotikus
Spanking The Shamrock
Spanking Porn Blog
Spanking Spot

If any of these still exist, perhaps under a different name or hosted elsewhere, and anyone knows the link address / addresses, please let me know.

‘Spanking Art’   I removed because it hadn’t been updated for an incredible TEN years!  And there was nothing much on there anyway – if there had been some worthwhile content I might have left it along for a while.  Similarly I removed  ‘The Condign Blog’ – updated FOUR years ago - and ‘The art of corporal punishment’ which was last updated THREE years ago.

There are doubtless many more, and I also took the opportunity to change the blog listing settings to flag up the date of last update so that at some point I can more easily run through and prune out some more of the dead wood – but for now I am hard at work wracking my brains over a somewhat challenging, though stimulating, project I’ve been working on (see below re SELECTACORP) and don’t really have the time.
‘Tan Her Hide’ – even though it was last updated SEVEN years ago – I have let be at the moment, since it houses some interesting material which not everybody will have seen and also an extensive series of blog links, a few of which are not presently in my blog listing here but seem to be active and worthy of a visit at some point when I have time, which I haven’t at the minute since I am busy working through the documentation from SELECTACORP covering their new upcoming roleplaying game ‘CELESTA UNIVERSITY: DEGREES OF DEPRAVITY’ – of which I’ll report more in my next posting (which may well be as soon as this very evening or early tomorrow morning, depending on what I mange to get done).

By the way: ‘Red Lion Street’ I deleted because it has been made ‘invitation only’ - and I have no idea how one goes about getting ‘invited’!  Please let me know if you know how.

See y’all later!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

An Intriguing Italian Language Blog - And a New Game in Development

It's been ages since I've added a new blog to my list (well I HAVE added one or two from time to time I haven't told you about - best check out the blog listing over in the right hand sidebar).  Anyway: I’ve just come across an intriguing Italian language blog - see above.  As usual it was while looking for something else – but that’s how it goes (click on pic above to visit or look in the blog link section over in the right hand sidebar – just scroll down 'till you find it).  It seems very much along the lines of the ‘employer becomes the maid and vice versa’ kind of theme and akin to the ‘reduced status’ or ‘social demotion’ type of scenario – all good stuff!

Meanwhile, yours truly has been commissioned to come up with ideas for a new role playing game currently under development from the people that brought you SELECTACORP, CORPORATE RAIDER etc –which was what I was working on when I came across the above blog. Click here to go to CORPORATE RAIDER 3 or click on the pic below to go to their forum to read more.
 I’ll provide an entire article comprising a more complete, more full description of the new game and progress report, together with snap shots of the slides and proposed storyline, next time – most probably this Friday or failing that (because I’m away from home most weekends) late this coming Monday afternoon (UK time).  It’s an exciting project – so keep ‘em peeled!  

Finally: The reason I’ve been away for a while is because my mother recently suffered complications following  what should ordinarily have been a fairly straightforward eye cataract operation but which was complicated by the fact that she suffers from a fairly rare form of glaucoma in the eye concerned.  This resulted in a complete (and probably permanent)  loss of vision in that eye and several back-to-back hospital appointments (still on-going; the next is tomorrow) and of course in addition to being escorted to and from said hospitals she needed someone to stay with her for a few days to help administer eye drops, bathe the eye and watch over her while things settled down.  I did take my laptop with me and was able to do a little writing, working on and nurturing the 3 – 4 books I have part-completed and growing on its hard drive, but as you can imagine little else was possible (not least because she does not have any kind of internet access).  It doesn’t help that immediately before this happened I’d taken a few days off when a friend offered to stand me a few drinks while touring around various pubs (he writes about pubs – nice career move!) though I did manage to get some writing done and opened up more of a Twitter pathway than I had by tweeting on various subjects (not JUST spanking – the culture of queuing and the ‘we’re short staffed’ excuse becoming more and more prevalent here in the UK is a favourite subject  of mine).   See you next time!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Yep!  As you may have guessed from the discrepancy (never 'disconnect' - discrepancy, disparity even; but never ever, bloody 'disconnect')  between the picture title and this post’s heading. today's offering should have been titled PREFERRED TRAINING OUTCOMES - 1: EXPRESSING HER GRATITUDE, but I messed up and don't want to spend the time going back on it now because I want to get some writing done.  I shouldn't have been messing about with this one really, but I was tweaking something by Angela Fox she'd sent me to look at and that gave me an idea and while searching around for a couple of bits and bobs on the Internet for use in that I came across the various elements I have put together here.

I am presently thick with fluey cold virus anyway and can't get out to the gym or anything so I figured I had plenty of time in hand and could afford an hour or so to sling a few bits together for my own amusement.  Of course it didn't just TAKE an hour or so - these things never do - and now I'm beating myself up about it and having wasted so much time; on the other hand it wouldn't too bad as a cover design I guess, at least as a starting point.  

I'm not sure how well this is going to look on your particular monitor, so if it looks a bit washed out try boosting the contrast, if you download it, in whatever photo viewer etc you use.  It looks better if a bit on the dark side of things. I made up two variations.  This is the darker version of the two (in terms of shade and light not storyline) but the two screens I use are both displaying it differently - and I don't know which one to 'beleive' as it were.  I performed a whole alignment procedure a couple of weeks back when I got a new monitor (second hand, obviously) but I’m gonna have to re-align and calibrate them again (I think my kids have been messing with ‘em).  But not not right now coz I have some writing to do!  

I am presently reworking and extending the section you read last time, fixing stuff and trying to work out what those damn gloves should look like and how to best go about painting their picture in words (which is what it is all about) without out going on and on for pages and pages, getting bogged down in the minutia and losing those readers not so enamoured and enraptured by the fine detail.  

I know exactly what their design features are, their function and what they are supposed to do and not do. I can see 'em in my mind's eye and am satisfied they could exist and could be manufactured (even in a domestic setting) form simple easy to acquire materials and with simple tools and would behave exactly as I later describe in the work (you'll have to wait for that bit I'm afraid!). All I need now do is translate those mental images into the written word and get them down on the page - sound's simple doesn't it?  

But anyway, I have at least ironed out some problems; so now the girl gets to keep the same name throughout, for example - though it is still shortened to 'Mandy'.  

Actually I knew someone called 'Mandy' once.  She was actually Dr Amanda Something-or-other P.h.D. - and the type that took no prisoners  - but it is was great fun to refer to her as 'Mandy', not in malice though; I really quite liked her (don't ask!)...

Oh look! I've digressed again... Oh well... 

Anyway, feedback is always welcome as are writing and pictorial commissions - but mostly the latter.

PS:  Did I say I originally intended to title the above pic 'STEPMUM'S VISIT 1: '?  I'm not sure why I backed away from that, but as I say above, feedback always welcome, so why not let me know which you'd have preferred and (preferably) why - if you can put your finger on it; and I often can't.  Seee Ya!