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It’s a warm June 1959 Saturday night in Pleasantown and April Barrett, 18, is out on an authorized date with her boyfriend, Andy Hardon, the only child of J. Philpot Hardon (and his wife Agnes), the wealthy and socially prominent Chief Executive of Hardon Industries, headquartered in Center City. The ardent young couple were enjoying each other in the back seat of Andy’s car at Lover’s Leap when, suddenly – as we can see from the picture –a bright flashlight beam alarms dear April!  But more about that shortly.

Andy, 20, is going in for law and business at McDwight University and is destined to ultimatelysucceed his Father as leader of Hardon Industries.  April is a shy and submissive girl, whose parents, Henry and Iona, are also wealthy and socially prominent members of Pleasantown society.  April is a first year student at exclusive Maydith College where the only aptitude she has displayed is an ability to paint very pretty little pictures of wild flowers and other scenery.  Her parents plan to use their considerable influence to get her a job illustrating greeting cards for Elite Cards, a well respected company in the Pleasantown area.  Then, as soon as Andy has graduated and is established at Hardon Industries, it will be wedding bells for the young couple!!

But back to that flashlight beam!  Pleasantown’s Learned Magistrate Horace Meecher, much influenced by the writings of Henrietta Murchison, National President of the Ladies League for Justice, has proclaimed a strict Judicial Order ruling “teener trysting spots” totally “out of bounds”!  “They are breeding grounds for the plague of juvenile delinquency that threatens our God fearing society!” sagely observes the wise jurist. 

To ensure compliance with his decree, Learned Magistrate Meecher summons Pleasantown’s Chief of Police, Bullard “Bull” Schitz and instructs him to ensure that his blue-coated buckos do regular patrols of such places and summarily arrest any naughty teener girls found inflaming their hapless boyfriends with their lipstick, snug-fitting attire, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer nylon stockings, and tight fitting, glossy leather pumps with high spike heels!

And so, Officers O’Lubbery and O’Feelery appear and a suddenly tearful and very frightened April finds herself, wrists handcuffed behind her back, in the back seat of the police cruiser!  As for Andy, he is let off with a wink and a conspiratorial smirk since he was only doing what any normal, red-blooded American lad would do in the circumstances!

Half an hour later, April is in the Interrogation Chamber located in the basement of the Pleasantown Police Station. The sobbing, terrified girl is in the charge of two burly policewomen, Bessie Belting and Olga von Straf.  Her wrists still handcuffed behind her back, April’s skirt and little panties have been removed leaving her bare below the waist except for her “date night” black elastic garter belt, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer, charcoal-hued nylon stockings, and glossy black patent leather pumps with 4 and ¼” spike heels.

April is marched over to a wooden counter at one end of the Interrogation Chamber.  On top of the counter there sits a rectangular plastic container, about 18 inches square and filled with water.  A sobbing April is positioned before this and her full but shapely legs are promptly secured with black leather buckling straps above her knees and at her ankles. 

While April pleads hysterically, Policewoman von Straf grips the girl’s hair firmly and forces her head downward until it is submerged in the water.   Policewomen Belting then
applies a supple, stinging leather paddle (about the size of a ping pong bat) to April’s girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous, adorable ass!  After the grinning policewomen have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, a blubbering, very red-bottomed April is permitted to sign the confession that has thoughtfully been typed up for her!

April’s parents were then telephoned and told several things:  (1) their daughter had been arrested and would be kept in custody; (2) that she had confessed to deliberately disobeying a solemn Judicial Order and had also committed gross indecency;  (3) that they should come to the Police Station at 2PM on Sunday to be interviewed by Mr. Eric Slimely – a representative of Magistrate Meecher’s office -- and, finally (4) to bring a change of clothes for April since she would be “up before the Learned Magistrate on Monday morning”.


April’s distraught parents met with Mr. Eric Slimely on Sunday.  In his early thirties, Slimely was short and tubby and had a nasty, twisted smirk.  In an unctuous voice (which revealed how greatly he was enjoying the situation), Slimely advised the Barretts that since their daughter had already signed a confession, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.  With ill-concealed pleasure, he informed the Barretts that in such situations, Magistrate Meecher’s “typical” sentence was 3 months in a Girls’ Reformatory and corporal punishment.  Speaking directly to Henry Barrett, Eric Slimely observed, “The only issue, Mr. Barrett, is whether your naughty, disobedient daughter serves her custodial sentence at the State Reformatory for Delinquent Girls or the exclusive Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls where the…ah...tuition fees are $600 per month.”

The idea of his darling daughter having to associate with riff raff at a State Institution filled Henry Barrett with horror and he immediately agreed to pay.  (We might point out that $600 a month was a substantial sum in that bygone era). 

Licking his fat lips and rubbing his sweaty hands, a smirking Eric Slimely said, “I’ll require the cash, in full, by 8:30AM Monday morning or it will be the State Reformatory for Miss Behavior!”


It’s a dull June morning in 1959, and a tearful and trembling April stands before Learned Magistrate Horace Meecher as the portly bailiff reads out the girl’s confession in which she admits deliberate disobedience of a strict Judicial Order, that she “inflamed” her boyfriend with her lipstick, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer nylon stockings and glossy, tight fitting pumps with high spike heels, and begs most humbly and sincerely to be strictly punished “according to her just desserts”.

When the bailiff was finished speaking, Learned Magistrate Meecher uttered a resounding “Harumph!” and proceeded to pronounce sentence on the hapless, sobbing teenager.  “It is the pleasure of this court, missy, to grant your wish.  Harumph!  I herwith sentence you to a three month custodial sentence at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls and, within one week of your incarceration at the said Reformatory, you shall receive 50 strokes of the Regulation Correction Strap on your girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare buttocks!   This punishment will be repeated one week prior to your release!  Take her down!!”

A muscular Matron, holding a pair of bright, cold steel handcuffs approached a sobbing, swaying, near-fainting April.  Once the girl’s wrists had been handcuffed behind her back, the Matron gripped the girl by her upper arm and proceeded to march her out of the courtroom.  In her tight skirt and high spike-heeled pumps, poor April could manage only mincing little steps.  With a curt “Get a move on, girly,” the strict Matron administered a few noisy, stinging handsmacks to April’s ripelymoulded, snugly skirted, and wiggling behind.  The many observers in the courtroom tittered and smirked with pleasure!!

Q1.  When you look at the picture of April’s ripely rounded, succulently curvaceous bare bottom in the back seat of Andy Hardon’s autocar, do you find yourself thinking “here is a girl who unquestionably deserves strict discipline!”

Question 1

Q2.  How do you think April felt when the powerful flashlight beam proclaimed the disgraceful state of her intimate anatomy?

Question 2

Q3.  Shortly after the arrests and (very brief) trials of April and certain other naughty Pleasantown girls in the “Teener Trysting Spots Crackdown!”,  Miss Pricilla Priddle – editrix of Permissive Perspectives -- wrote that the girls should have been let off with a scolding.  What is your opinion on this?

Question 3

Q4. When April was sentenced by Learned Magistrate Meecher, how do you think she felt?

Q5. In a situation like this, who would you most like to be?

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It's a pleasant mid-April day in 1959 at Maydith College and April Barrett, 19 - anxious about impending final exams - is hurrying from the College Library to a class.  The girl carelessly allows her skirt to get caught in the heavy library door and it gets pulled off with humiliating consequences!  As it happens, Professor Percy Pecksniff is about the enter the library (to diligently pursue his research on 18th century chamber pots) and gets a most enjoyable eyeful.  In a small community like Pleasantown, Mrs. Barrett soon learns about her darling daughter's unsavoury public appearance.  The discipline-minded older woman promptly schedules a punishment session for the hapless April.

The session will take place in two day's time, on an afternoon when Mrs. Barrett's housekeeper is off.  The good woman invites two of her closest friends from The Bridge Club - the imperious, ash blonde Mrs. Helen Steel and Mrs. Emily Goodly, a prissy, plump matron.

 April is required to wear the same attire she had on during her unsavoury "public display". The tearful girl is required to hold her skirt up around her waist with her hands behind her back, displaying her girlishly plump, succulently shapely, skimpily-pantied bottom, off-white elastic garter belt, ripely-rounded bare upper thighs, and tautly-suspendered stocking tops.

April is then required to make twenty tearful tours of the large, luxuriously-appointed living room, holding her full but shapely stockinged legs tightly together and taking very small steps - one pump directly in front of the other - as if she were walking a chalk line!  Each time she passes her Mother, she must pause, head bowed in contrition and sobbingly stammer out her grovelling apology for careless skirt control and beg for appropriate punishment. April's enforced mode of locomotion and her glossy, tight fitting pumps with 4 and 1/4" spike heels emphasized the jouncy mobility of her ripely rounded, skimpily pantied, superb behind, much to the silent pleasure of three pairs of eyes that were glued to the unhappy, tearful girl's pitiful predicament!

When the "Punishment Parade" is finally over, Mrs. Barrett seats herself upon a sturdy, armless, wooden chair and takes up a glossy black, oval-shaped, hard-backed wooden hairbrush from a nearby side table.  April is then ordered over her Mother's capable knee, her panties taken down, and then made to feel 60 brisk, slowly spaced hairbrush smacks on her ripely curvaceous bare buttocks and succulently rounded backs of her upper thighs where they are bare above her stocking tops.  Needless to say, the sobbing, shrieking, pleading, and promising girl also receives a strict lecture on skirt control from her Mother.

When the spanking is finally over, a sobbing April is required to remove her skirt and panties entirely and is then marched by her Mother (her two lady friends following) out to the utility area of the secluded back garden and made to deposit the garments in a trash can.  As April's Mother observes, the garments have been "sullied" by unsavoury public exhibition and must therefore be disposed of.

Back in the large, imposing house, Mrs. Barrett announces that she will now take April up to the third floor bathroom -- the specially equipped bathroom where disciplinary enemas are administered!

"May I be of assistance, Grace, dear?" Helen Steel enquires with a cold smile.  "Thank you, Helen, dear," Mrs. B. responds pleasantly, "but I believe I can handle this myself.  Do enjoy another cup of tea during my absence."

Mrs. Barrett follows her tearful teener up the two sets of stairs leading to the third floor
bathroom, her eyes glued to April's shifting, jiggling, and prettily-reddened ripe curvaceous buttocks and upper thighs.

One in the bathroom, April is ordered to lie face down on the sheet covered, hard white metal table.  April obeys at once, crossing her shapely, stockinged ankles instinctively like a well brought up, demure girl should.

Mrs. Barrett then produced a plump-bulbed rectal thermometer, lubricates it with Vaseline, and inserts it in April's ultra-sensitive bum hole channel.  The girl emits a tear choked little gasp.  April's tear-wet cheeks burn scarlet with the humiliation of a big 19 year old in nylons and heels having her temperature taken like a small child.  Mrs. Barrett leaves the thermometer in April for a good five minutes knowing only too well the effect it has on the girl.  After it has been removed, April is ordered to spread her legs.  While the girl tearfully gasps and squeals, Mrs. Barrett now administers a lengthy rubber gloved Vaseline lubrication of dear April's girlishly tight, ultra-sensitive bum hole channel. 

Mrs. Barrett then prepares a pitcher of 30 ounces of lukewarm water well charged with Ivory Snow soap flakes.  The good woman then takes her funnel to which is attached a length of red rubber enema tubing, the end of which is rounded, hardened rubber.  Then, slow half inch by slow half inch she inserts 6" of tube in her darling daughter's succulent, well-smacked bottom. April tearfully whimpers and gasps throughout the process.  For her it is as if some horrid snake were exploring her most intimate anatomy.  Insertion complete, April is ordered to once again cross her ankles "like a properly brought up young lady".

After she has cleaned and removed her red rubber glove, Mrs. Barrett picks up the funnel with her left hand, the pitcher with her right, and very slowly begins to pour the milky solution into her darling daughter.  Poor April's succulent buttocks spasm involuntarily as this is being done to her. Needless to say, Mrs. Barrett pauses periodically during the procedure to lecture her daughter on the importance of skirt control!  It takes over 7 minutes to fully administer the enema.

When the pitcher is empty, Mrs. Barrett removes the tube quickly and replaces it with the well Vaseline-lubricated, hard rubber retention plug.  April emits a poignant squeal of anguish as the awful plug is thrust into her.  Mrs. Barrett now pats April gently on her well-smacked, well-filled bottom and says, "Lie quietly, dear, and let the solution do it's good work inside you.  I shall return in 30 minutes."

Thirty minutes later, having fortified herself with tea and pleasant chat with her lady friends, Mrs Barrett return to the 3rd floor bathroom.  She helps April down from the table, escorts the girl over to the toilet, bends her over slightly, a pulls the retention plug out, eliciting another anguished squeal from poor April.  Seated on the toilet, April tightly squeezes her plump little bum hole with irrational shame.  The pressure becomes unbearable, unstoppable!  A humiliating surge of sudsy, stool-laden water is deposited in the toilet bowl.  The finishing touches include Mrs. Barrett wiping her darling daughter clean like a small child, inserting a cotton wool plug in April's bottom and, finally,
requiring the girl to don a pair of full-cut but skin fitting, shiny black rubber panties.

April is then taken downstairs and made to parade around the room 7 times to "model" her "post enema costume"!  Helen Steel offers amusing comments such as "How chic!  Her panties match her pumps!" Parade concluded, April is made to sit on the hard, armless wooden chair used in her hair brushing, cross her legs like she would "at a Sorority Tea" and, still choking back tears, politely and deferentially answer the many questions Helen Steel and Emily Goodly have for her!

Q1 What was the worst part of the punishment ordeal for dear April?

Q2 What was the second worst part of the punishment ordeal for dear April?

Q3 What was the third worst part of the punishment ordeal for dear April?

Q4 In a situation like this, who would you most like to be?

Q5  After an experience like this, do you think April would start wearing tight skirts ending 2" below her lovely rounded, nyloned knees?


Q6  Should April be required to write an abject letter of apology to Professor Pecksniff  and tell him she was strictly punished for making such a disgraceful display of herself?


Q7   When April's successful businessman father, Henry Barrett, returns home at 6PM, should April be required to join her Mother and Father without the benefit of a skirt as an object lesson in discipline?


Q8  Do you think Professor Pecksniff became sexually aroused at the sight to poor April's dire dilemma and later "relieved himself"?


Q9  Would there be merit in Mrs. Barrett, after completion of the enema, tying her delectable daughter's wrists behind her back, tying the girl's ankles, and blindfolding her so she could really concentrate of the effects of the enema solution working inside her?


Q10  If you had witnessed April's "Punishment Parade Performance", would you have been tempted to say to yourself, "Any teener girl who wiggles her big, naughty bottom like that deserves everything she gets and more!"


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Female Masturbation Aversion Therapy - A Result of a Poll Result

This one came about as a direct result of the two polls I recently carried out here – the one on the control of female masturbation and the one regarding mouth-soaping - and sort of represents an amalgamation of the two outcomes within one image. > It also represents my frustration in never being able to find a mouth-soaping image featuring any kind of institutional background or nurse or governess figure.

The lower (right) image is the nurse’s name tag or badge I created for it and hopefully the lettering looks as if stamped into the metal (I DO try!)

Miss Swanley is of course a character from one of my books / novels - ON BECOMING SUBJECT TO MISS SWANLEY’S METHODS (click to see on LULU, if you haven't already) - my first and only foray into fem dom (although a girl is involved too) which involves amongst other themes the deliberate twisting of a young man’s sexuality and blackmail.

So, it turns out (though the poll has a few more hours to run) over half of all respondents really go for the mouth-soaping thing and the vast majority of the rest like it even though they might prefer other punishments, which I imagine would be the cane, strap, or a good hand spanking.  But of course this is not necessarily a mutually exclusive kind of thing.  For instance I can imagine mouth-soaping going together quite nicely with a caning or spanking under certain circumstances – as a sort of adjunct to the discipline and control aspect, if you catch my drift – just as it might fit with corner standing or deportment training. 

For example it is common for penalty strokes to be awarded for braking position or even crying out, and a further stipulation might be that a bar of soap be retained in the mouth throughout.  It could be examined after and extra punishment awarded if impressions of the teeth can be seen for example.

An interesting twist on this latter theme might be the girl who, refusing to buckle to the imposition of strict discipline enforced by corporal punishment, has had to go without meals or has been kept on a highly restrictive diet for some considerable time in order to break her initial resistance to submitting to the cane (which of course will then be used to further break her to other forms of discipline and control, such as being put in a uniform and / or placed in domestic service and so on).

In terms of the control of female masturbation, I was not at all surprised to see so many coming out on the side of enforced absolute abstinence – and the use of the cane is ALWAYS  expected - but what DID surprise me was the overwhelming interest in forms of toileting restrictions / toilet training as forms of enforcement and that there was so little interest in psychological methods.  The latter is a bit of a disappointment to me as it does interest me to such a large degree.  So on the grounds that perhaps it was the concept of PURE psychological intervention and methodology (ie, in total and absolute isolation from other physical methods, such as chastity devices and corporal punishment – which was never what I meant) that put respondents off, I have included such an element in the narrative within the image above.  Please let me know what you think.     

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An Entertaining Punishment - And a mouth-Soaping Poll


You would not BELIEVE the amount of time I’ve waisted concocting this thing today, just trying to get that bloody cane to look better.  Talk about obsessive - compulsive syndrome.  Why? Who knows?  I was supposed to be working on finishing off my new book but thought this would just take 20 - 30 minutes or so!  I should have known better!  AND it still isn’t right!  But the other thing to try to get right was that belt – I don’t know why, but I seem to have developed a ‘thing’ about those elasticated crepe nurse’s belts.

The subject is something that has been close to my heart since first reading it being discussed in the Reader’s Letters pages of Janus magazine back in the 1980s and also in the novels of Victor Bruno.  That subject is the concept of punishment handed out purely for the benefit and enjoyment of a third party, especially while that person looks on, a smug, satisfied smile on his or her face.  It has a lot in common with the concept of blameless incarceration, discipline and punishment I have written about before but is subject to strict limitations as far as I am concerned and is entirely divorced from the sort of hard-core suffering depicted in horror / gore movies and so on, such as in the Saw franchise, which just leaves me cold.  But the concept of some pretty, well developed nubile young thing having her bottom tanned with a thin, pliant length of rattan or pliable whippy folded leather belt just because someone finds it exciting is… well…exciting.  Don’t you think?

I’ll be discussing the results from the poll I set a while ago regarding the control of female masturbation next time, when I return from the little trip I’m going on (see below).

By the way, I’m setting out to cycle from London to Clacton (Essex) on the East Coast in a few minutes - a good test for my new knee joint (well, it’s over a year old now – so NOT so new).  Check the comments section of this post for updates on my progress, coz I can update that easily from my phone.  I’ll be taking my laptop and hopefully doing more towards finishing one of the three books I’m working on, taking into account the results of the masturbation poll I set in one particular case. 

Needless to say; if you are in the Clacton area and fancy a pint let me know - either as a comment here or via email - and I can be in the Clacton Wetherspoons opposite the pier later today or tomorrow afternoon, all being well. 

And talking about the new books, I want to ask a question, or rather I want to appeal for a little help, for inspirational purposes.  Perusing the Internet I have come across many images of mouth soaping, but never in an institutional context, always home / domestic and NEVER in the hands of a uniformed nurse or governess.  So does anyone out there have in their collection such an image, photo or artwork? I have considered creating such an image but it is proving difficult to bring together the various elements in a convincing, realistic way.  Perhaps I should ask if anybody is actually that interested in mouth soaping - after all, I need to know it is worth writing about; and my last big poll has already informed me that the sort of psychological punishment I often glory in is not that popular... Hmmm... So here's a poll! 

Do you find mouth soaping an exciting topic / plot element

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Kathy Anne Feels the Back of the Hairbrush - A Roger Benson Poll...

...written, formulated and produced by the man himself (with a little judicious editing by yours truly).  

This is one of my favourite images of his (though not my MOST favourite - THAT honour goes to an illustration that lacks overt evidence of corporal punishment entirely.  Anyone guess which one that might be?  Come on; they're all out there on the 'net, it just needs a little detective work.  Why not send in a link as a comment, and we'll see who out there knows me best! 

Incidentally, for some weird reason - which I can't put my finger on (perhaps it has something to do with the era depicted?) I much prefer this in the original monochrome.  Anyone out there feel the same way?  I know what I'll do - I'll tack on a question of my own, right at the end, and you can let me know.  

Finally: I have to say I've been delighted at the response to my female masturbation poll, but somewhat surprised at the preferences voiced thus far - of which more next time.


When Mrs. Goodchild became President of the Pleasantwon Bridge Club -- in addition to already being President of the Ladies Aid Society -- she knew she would have to create some time saving strategies to cope with her busy schedule!

One of these was requiring her pretty, shapely curvaceous 18 year old daughter, Kathy Ann, to report for her spankings with her buttocks already bared for discipline!

Naturally, at her grown up age, poor Kathy Ann found this considerably embarrassing - but not, as far as Mrs. Goodchild was concerned; to Mrs Goodchild that was simply part of the punishment!

In the picture we can see a tearful Kathy Ann, bare from the waist down except for her off white garter belt, sheer nylon stockings, and tight fitting, glossy white patent leather spike-heeled pumps, retreating to her room -- taking those tiny, "owww, I can barely walk" steps a freshly spanked girl in high spike heels always takes!

Kathy Ann's misbehaviour was forgetting to run an important errand for her Mother and for this she has just spent a most uncomfortable 15 minutes over Mother's knee being lectured while Mr. Hairbrush made his disciplinary point on Kathy Ann's girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous, prettily reddening bare buttocks!  Despite her darling daughter's sobs, shrieks, pleas, and promises, Mrs. Goodchild administered the strict hairbrushing she had determined was necessary.  A Diligent Disciplinarian indeed!


How many hairbrush smacks should Kathy receive?

Does Mrs. Goodchild sometimes give her darling daughter a disciplinary enema after a spanking?

In a situation like this, who would you most like to be?

Question 4.      
Why does Kathy Ann wear ultra-sheer, tautly-suspendered nylon  and tight fitting, glossy patent leather pumps with 4 and 1/4 inch spike heels?

Question (4)

Option 1
Because all the pretty, shapely girls do.

Option 2
Because she knows they make her full but shapely legs look even more luscious and that the spike-heeled pumps cause her girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous, tightly-skirted bottom to jiggle and sway with each step, attracting the lascivious looks of male personages.

Option 3
Because she wants to excite and inflame her handsome and muscular boyfriend, Lance Thicker, so on Date Night he will slurpingly tongue kiss her and feel her up as a prelude to the good, hard seeing to the naughty girl so greatly desires. 

Question 5.
 When you look  at Kathy Ann's girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare bottom, do you think she deserves a nice, strict disciplinary sentence at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls where she will be of the "receiving end" (heh heh) of many corporal punishment sessions?

Question (5)

Question 6
 If you think that Kathy Ann SHOULD be sentenced to the Greystone Reformatory For Naughty Girls, do you think she should -- in addition to corporal punishment -- be made to undergo other bizarre and exotic punishment ordeals such as the gravel topped stool, the slowly dissolving menthol suppository in her bum  (with a hard rubber retention plug to prevent its expulsion), or the full-cut but skin tight white cotton panties impregnated with hot mustard.

Question (6)

Question 7
When you look at Kathy Ann's girlishly plump, ripe, curvaceous bare bottom, which of the following would be your strongest preference?

Question (7)

 Option 1
Get the Vaseline out and give her a nice, long, hard bumming tied over the back of a sturdy chair.

Option 2
Give her lower right buttock a pinch that would really make her squeal and jump.

Option 3
Kneel down behind her and lick and kiss her smooth, pale, ripe, curvaceous buttocks all over.


Do you prefer this image in colour or monochrome (B & W)

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

And Now... A Roger Benson Poll!



In Mr. Benson’s most interesting poll on Miss Nineteen (also known as Miss Copy Typist), I was pleased to note that a majority of respondents (fully 51%) to the poll said that they would prefer to be Miss Nineteen in the situation described.

This confirms without doubt that there is a significant number of pretty, shapely teener girls who have been naughty and rightly feel guilty about their misbehavior.

Clearly, there is an urgent need to “get to the bottom of things” and I recommend most strongly that these miscreant misses be taken in hand by Responsible Adult Authorities and that proper measures be taken to obtain full confessions of wrongdoing and that the girls be sentenced to appropriate corporal punishment.

I would recommend the same treatment as Miss Nineteen received – specifically, 9 strokes on each culprit’s girlishly plumps, ripely curvaceous bare buttocks administered with one of the delightfully supple and stinging punishment canes supplied by Mr. Eric Wildman, President of the Corpun Society in Merrie England. 

Although the tearful and repentant girls would have throbbing and burning bottoms, their impressionable teenage minds would be relieved of the burden of guilt caused by their naughty misbehavior.

To paraphrase The Immortal Bard, all’s well that ends well, especially if that end is the girlishly plump, succulently shapely, and prettily striped end of a naughty teener girl!

Miss Henriette Murchison
National President of the Ladies Leagues for Justice

Do you agree with Miss Murcihson’s sentiments?

Do you think Miss M might find time to cane one of the naughty girls?


What do you think?

Monday, 3 August 2015

Control and / or Curtailment of Female Masturbation - A Poll and a Chance to Add YOUR Ideas!

Those of you who know my work will recognise that discipline and control are central themes and that the control and manipulation of sexuality have been touched upon as themes several times in the past.  Well now's your chance to influence one of the new pieces I am working on by way of a series of polls,  At the moment the polls themselves are over in the right hand sidebar while the explanations to the asterisk marked response options and so on are set out below in the central text, but tomorrow I shall move them over here in the main text area (I'm too tired at the moment - my Internet connection / phone line has been down and only just come back on - so I'm keen to get something going again - but on the other hand it's 01:30 in the morning; and I'm knackered!).

The next poll will.another one of Roger Benson's, to help with last minuet changes and fine tuning to his book - just as this one is to help me finalise certain sections of one of my new publications (but also to aid plot development) - and should appear here later tomorrow (Tuesday) or early Wednesday at the latest; so keep your eyes open. Ta!

Given a domestic setting, should masturbation be:

Similarly, given a CLINICAL / INSTITUTIONAL setting, should masturbation be:

*         I would differentiate between ‘supervised control’ and ‘supervision’.  By ‘supervised control’ I allude to a situation in which the young lady is not only under close supervision but may also have to observe certain stipulations such as to move her fingers to a certain rhythm or at a certain rate, follow a certain pattern or perhaps be ready to cease and abstain on command prior to culmination and likely under the detailed scrutiny of a person close at hand and able to intervene should non-compliance be encountered.

**        The term ‘ad libitum’ merely means ‘as much or as often as she likes, without outside interference.

***      By ‘observable’ in this context I mean that (as above) she is allowed to masturbate as much or as often as she pleases but that perhaps her door is always left open or perhaps there are surveillance cameras present which may or may not be recording every moment.  Even a bell attached to her bed and mattress or a baby monitor installed in her room may come under this category in enforcing the need for absolute quiet and / or stillness if her private fumblings are not to be brought to the attention of all and sundry.  

****    The term ‘encouraged’ might mean what it says, simple words of encouragement from a close confident or perhaps a councillor of some kind if within an institutional setting.  Alternatively the term might allude to more insidious methods, such as ensuring within her quarters or living space the opportunities for mental stimulation are kept to an absolute minimum – no books, magazines, television or radio and with social contact minimal or nonexistent, that sort of thing, or if literature is allowed to be present there is a high degree of erotic content (which may be subtle / ‘romantic’). 

The latter may be any safe, quiet, private (apparently), comfortable and undisturbed– yet mind-numbingly boring – space or environment wherein masturbation becomes the only outlet and stimulation for the senses.  Even a situation wherein a girl is made to live under an oppressive disciplinary régime under which her every waking moment is subject to restrictions, stipulations and petty rules may qualify for this category if extreme enough and if she is then given sufficient privacy and freedom at night.  And there is no reason all or any of this might not be combined and reinforced by a few reassuring words given by the right party or visits to a councillor and so on. 

Would your answer or response be likely to differ depending on the type of institution?(* see text)

 *       I.e. would your answer depend on whether the institution was penal, educational or clinical / psychiatric, whether it is a legitimately sanctioned establishment such as a government reform school, what we might call a 'semi- legitimate institution' such as a charity run home for the protection of young women in moral peril (of the church 'industrial school' model) where high walls and barred gates vouchsafe and encourage the development of all manner exploitative behaviours, or somewhere totally illegitimate and unsanctioned such as a small private - and extremely secure - 'care home' where an errant wife, or intractable stepdaughter or legal ward might so easily find herself 'put away' no questions asked in return for a regular monthly 'donation'?


Given that under right circumstances and / or psychological reinforcement ‘encouraged’ masturbation

*          I.e. her hand or hands begin to involuntary stray under inappropriate conditions such as when seated in front of the councillor, at her desk or in front of witnesses.

**        Uncontrollable in terms of her self-control – she now masturbates furiously in front of all and sundry, given the opportunity – obviously the behaviour (as always) is still eminently controllable by using physical means to enforce abstinence.    

Again would your answer or response be likely to differ depending on the type of institution?

If the behavior is to be ‘enforced’ in some way, should refusal be met by:

Additional to the above

*        This can mean switching to bedpan use (initially private, then supervised if refusal continues) if ordinarily allowed to use the toilet or to nappy (diaper) use if the bedpan is her usual method.  This would always be an incremental behaviour modification intervention method whatever the start point.  By this I mean that if usually she is allowed privacy for toilet use, for instance, that privacy would be curtailed in the first instance - perhaps through the bathroom or stall door being kept open or removed – then, if refusal continued, close supervision on the toilet would be introduced, then bedpan use in private, then bedpan use under close supervision, then bedpan use under close supervision but positioned in front of a mirror - and so on -  at first being allowed to wipe her own bottom, then having to submit to having it wiped for her or to go without cleaning.    

Actually, it would be interesting to see what level of degradation our quiet, bookish, modest and shy young thing would need to be brought down to before she would submit to masturbating herself under close supervision, not to mention the effect this final surrender would likely have on her delicate psyche and fragile self-esteem.

**        May be used in isolation or in conjunction with the above punitive intervention, but ALWAYS including a strong humiliation component to the proceedings  

***      (see the INSTITUTIONALISED series – can’t remember which volume; sorry!  And also my book: VICTORIAN GOVERNANCE IN THE AGE OF FREEDOM)

If masturbation is to be ENTIRELY prohibited how should abstinence be enforced?

*         By physical methodology I refer to anything that in effect mechanically removes temptation, from mittens on hands and restraints at bedtimes to chastity belts and similar devices. Obviously the surgical removal of the clitoris is an abhorrent process but a similar – but reversible – effect can be had by surgically embedding the offending bud in a tiny vanadium or platinum wire cage sutured into place with tiny wire loops, and I include such devices in this category.

**       By psychological methodology I mean techniques ranging from simple verbal shaming to the deliberate induction of what I would term ‘pre-orgasmic’ or ‘pre-culmination’ anxiety via aversion therapy, negative reinforcement and every station in-between.