Friday, 17 March 2017

An Update - And Something To Be Getting On With

Have to keep it REALLY short today.  Just a quick note to say I am still playing around with the idea of providing a forum here but as of yet I have been able to make the most popular (and simple) free option to work, namely Nabble. When I last tried I kept getting an error message from the Nabble registration page.  I made contact with Nabble themselves but have not had the time to try again since - and today I have to rush out and will now be away from my desk until at least Tuesday afternoon but maybe until Wednesday.  But I WILL try again - trust me: I'm a doctor.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Ahhhh - The Inspiration That IS Rosaleen Young!!!

What more is there to say? What better inspiration could there be for any writer (such as yours truly) who currently happens to be working on an age regression theme (not that I've abandoned the work based on Angela Foxe's computer art or the project based around the work I did for Roger Benson nor the storyline I started way back in 2014 - they are ALL bubbling under).  By the way, the folks at Selectacorp flagged up the path to a high resolution version of the pic I used to introduce their new game - State Of The Union - last time which I have now used to replace my rather dodgy fuzzy effort at enhancing the low res version I'd come across (see last entry).

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

State of the Union - A new Selectacorp Game, A Rosaleen young Pinterest Collection and News of a Proposed Forum to be Housed Here

Click to go to game

State of the Union

House of Cards meets Future Corporate Order.

Hi folks. Courtesy of 'Ulver' (well, he left the comment on the 23rd of last month, but who's counting) I've just been informed of a new Selectacorp game.

Now, this can be downloaded or played online for free at 

(or click on the image above to be transported straight there)

To quote from the site:

“State of the Union- a NSFW political strategy game where the stakes couldn’t be higher! Lead a conspiracy to topple a popular feminist premier and take the reigns of control yourself– over both allies, power blocs, political parties and key institutions. Control and direct the nation’s most desirable women to do your bidding and further your cause! Change laws, policies and regulations to implement the kind of society you prefer– one in which a feminist leader is impossible. Succeed and you’ll bring the Premier to her knees– literally– as you decide whether or not she deserves a position within your private harem. Money, seduction, blackmail, power– all the tools are there, waiting to be used by you as you conspire to change the course of national destiny in State of the Union.”

On another tack:

Do you like Rosaleen Young? Well, let's face it – what's not to LOVE? I've featured her pics here on this blog many times.

A second question: Do you have a Pinterest account? (No? Why not?).

Anyway, I've just today stumbled across what I am sure HAS to be THE definitive collection of Rosaleen Young material (OMG! – I'M GOING BLIND!!!!). I have a Pinterest account myself (easy to use – easy to set up) and so I'm AMAZED I haven't come across this one before; but now that I HAVE I'll be plundering it mercilessly. Click on the image above to be rushed straight there (I hope – if I've done my job right) or copy and paste the URL address below in to your favourite browser:

And finally: I am considering (once again – I went through this a couple of years back; but I know how to do it now) setting up a forum / discussion board / bulletin board thingy here, partly to house and be a platform for the ongoing 'Judith' discussion (see the comment thread appended to the blog entry dated, 27th October 2016, Institutional Discipline...) but also because I think it might be a fun idea. Now, it SHOULD be easy, judging from what I've read, but these things have a habit of spiralling down into a mire of unexpected work and complications (I hope I'm delightfully proved wrong) so the question is... who is interested? Does this seem a good idea to you? Would you use it / contribute to it?

I MAY set up one of those bloody 'poll' things here later today on this subject, but meanwhile your comments here or via email would be most appreciated.
See Ya Later!!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A New Teaser Offering's a 'Benson' you won't find anywhere else!  So the question is... what is for 'afters' (ok - 'desert', if you want to be posh)?  Inspired both by events in a book I started back in 2014 and which I am currently finishing off / editing and the project I had running with Roger Benson a while back creating a whole range of new Bensons (which I would also like to see finished some day and published some place in some form.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


HOME SCHOOLING THE LATE TEEN: FACE TO FACE WITH HER FUTURE - HER RE-EDUCATION BEGINS Another from my “new Benson” project based on a piece inspired by some of the work I did for the artist.  Please let me know what you think - your opinions and feedback are important to me!

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Making of the Pefect Mental Patient

It's been a stepwise progression - always has - and with each step the outside world seems to have become further away.  Toilet use, but with the door left open: the use of a comode by the bed: bedpan use, with the curtains drawn around the bed: bedpan use with the nurse hovering close by: bedpan use under close scrutiny... She's done her best to preserve her independence throughout of course - and suffered for it.  She's tried to run away ('absconding', they call it).  And now this!  

The choice is stark: She can use the toilet - under strict close supervision of course - and accept six with the plaited riding crop - or succumb to the cooing encouraging voice of the therapist and let the woman lead her lovingly deeper into institutional care, one step nearer to the straight jacket...

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Straight Back Home After the Dentist

STRAIGHT HOME AFTER THE DENTIST - A taster from a collection of ‘new’ Benson’s  - and new ‘takes’ on old Bensons  - based on work done for the great man by garth Toyntanen and Angela Fox

Yes, the girl's court appointed legal guardian's orthodentic friend has worked her usual magic - there's nothing like it when it comes to the task of begining to bring a headstrong, previously pampered and indulged image-consious young thing down a peg or three!

I bet you've no IDEA how long I struggled to get those teeth braces in reflection - and I bet if I hadn't eluded to 'em in the text nobody would have even noticed!

Thoughts anyone?