Friday, 24 June 2016

The Illustrated Instituion - And Other Tales

I don't have much time to say a lot at the moment but here’s one to whet your appetite taken from my ‘Illustrated Institution‘ project, which is exactly what it says on the label; basically an illustrated, simplified and abridged version of my much acclaimed INSTITUTIONALISED series.   

You’ll have seen an early version of this before but I’ve done a lot more work on it since.  In particular it has taken an age to get the faces right.  Each is an amalgam made up from elements of several different faces to create new characters who never existed before, if you see what I mean.   

Quite a lot of the other artwork will be based elements taken from the work of Angela Fox, similarly modified, and some elements will be coming from work I did for and with Roger Benson (though the later may appear in a separate book - we’ll see!). 

This present offering MAY become the basis of the cover (minus the speech and the think bubble of course) depending on the feedback I receive; so let me know what you think; don’t be shy!

I have several written projects in the pipeline at the moment, including 'An Ordinary House'  - with which I am struggling with dialogue issues and which may end up with a different tittle - and 'Red Letter Days' - which at one time I was calling 'Hostage of Discipline' and which is a real complex thing that I started while on holiday back in 2014.  

This latter tale has been more or less NEARLY in a publishable state for ages, and at present contains several of the themes and ideas which I originally started exploring in 'An Ordinary House', the trouble is I having been struggling to create an opening for it (I have about five part-written capremise of the story - and I want to avoid that non-linear storytelling style I've used before, hopping back and forth through time and between different geographical locations - but at the same time I want to be able to make clear early on to the reader both the kind of thing which awaits them further down the line while also making clear this is going to be anything but the standard D/S corporal punishment fare they might be expecting.  It's actually quite a difficult balance to achieve it turns out.
ndidates).  I want to spend time to develop the characters and locations and the

Anyway, I'll tell you more next time, but for now suffice it to say my aim is to get some part of this one out by my birthday - which incidentally is Saturday July 16th (I plan to be in Brighton either that weekend or the weekend after, so come meet me for a drink if you can!) 

PS:  I've also been doing a bit more work on the SelectaCorp game project (see last entry), coming up with ideas and stuff which I hope has been useful - hopefully I'll have more to say on that too next time.

Bye for now.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Celesta University: Degrees of Depravity by SelectaCorp Gameplay Guides

Hi Folks!  Yes we live in exciting times!  And the 'Celesta University: Degrees of Depravity' game is an excellent example, as witnessed by these Youtube gameplay guides recently published by those excelent chaps at SelectaCorp.  But first, something of an apology - and something of an explanation by way of mitigation:
 Yep! It's been a mighty long time since my last post, and I do seem to have neglected this blog in favour of my Tumblr blog and Pinterest account somewhat - for which I can only appologise.  In my defence I have to say I've had a mighty struggle with my internet provider as well as certain personal / family problems which have kept me away from home quite a lot. 

 I've also now taken on a little unpaid voluntary physiotherapy / rehabilitation work with vulnerable adults which involves my taking over from their National Health Service (NHS) physiotherapist at the end of the physio's  allotted time with the client and continuing to monitor, supervise and encourage the client's further progress / rehabilitation by working through their exercise programme with them on a regular basis.  The latter though - now that I've worked through the various courses and taking hand-over from the physios concerned with my first couple of clients - will entail just one day per week and will slot nicely into my weekly routine with little or no disruption of my various publication projects as I've planned it to occupy one of the 'dead days' during which the 'other half' (the Mrs, for the uninitiated) is around the flat making work difficult in any case.
 The reason I've felt able to update the Tumblr and Pinterest accounts is simply the ease with which I can post to them - I can even reblog stuff from various sources straight of my smart phone - as compared to blogger, although I can be a lot more creative with blogger.  Added to this is the fact that I have built up quite a collection of photo-manipulated, annotated and captioned stuff which I can just simply drag and drop into the other accounts.  It's a whole lot more long-winded on blogger.
Right, that having been said; my work with SelectaCorp on their new game - 

‘Celesta University: Degrees of Depravity’ - has been continuing in the background all the while (as have some of my other projects such as some writing and also my 'Illustrated Institution' art project, of which more another time) - albeit in a sort of stop-start ad hoc manner.  At the time of writing the game has been in beta testing and I have been running through it experimenting with gameplay (ie, playing the thing).  SelectaCorp have now put out a series of gameplay guide videos (CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEYOUTUBE CHANNEL DIRECTLY) which you can see on this page - thanks for the link, Ulver!  Give 'em a view, make constructive criticism and share what you think.  

I should point out that it is possible the final version of the game could vary in detail from what you see here - for example I myself recently made a suggestion to the writers aimed at improving a small part of the opening / introductory section - but these vids should give you a good idea of where it is all going and what to expect.  All suggestions will be welcomed by the writers I'm sure.