Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Travel Plans and the Fruits of a Bit More Research (A Little Forced-Haircutting / Institutional Head Shaving)

Yesterday I made a modest start on the 'in-betweeny' / fill-in / prequel volume thing that I spoke about last time. I was going to give myself a bit of time off from this sort of thing but I'm in something of a buoyant mood, boiling over with enthusiasm and besides the majority of it already exists in one form or another. And that is another reason for my enthusiasm; quite a lot of the writing dates back a couple of years or so, deals with ideas I had then regarding subtle techniques of humiliation, the imposition of shame clothing and uniforms in the domestic environment, CP and mind control, the later including the deliberate induction of phobias in order to stifle a young girl's spirit - within the latter there are also hints of the encouragement of dependency on her therapist, on the gentle but insidiously-addictive sedatives she has been prescribed and on the woman into who's arms she has ironically fled in order to escape the clutches of her guardian.

My writing style - such as it is - has evolved somewhat since creating much of this body of work - necessitating a bit of alteration and rewriting here and there - but quite a lot of effort and imagination was expended on it so, as you can imagine, I am quite keen for it to see the light of day in some form. Quite a large chunk would not fit in with the proposed volume 3 in any logical way and the parts that would (most of which were originally intended for volume 2 and a couple for volume 1) would have necessitated flashback scenes, something I am keen to avoid from hereon in. Over time, through correspondence generated by way of my blog, I have also accumulated a fair few ideas suggested to me by various folks, some of which - for example covert treatment by way of the application of small doses of Botox in order to reinforce in a girl's mind the fear that she is developing a speech defect thus rendering her more amenable to the negative suggestions and psychological manipulation of a speech therapist - would have most easily sat within the first two volumes or within a prequel but I believe will work just as well in the format I propose. For the time being this volume I have provisionally entitled INSTITUTIONALISED B: Schoolroom Discipline and the Chastisement of Lavinia.
Now, as there is a forced-haircutting scene as part of institutional hospital discipline - as well as the surgical placement of an intimate prophylactic device designed to curb masturbatory habits (loosely based on a Victorian device that actual existed), but that's another story - I have been looking around for suitably inspirational pictures. In addition to a couple of YahooGroups, of which more next time, I came across a nice little source of such scenes as pertaining to main-stream cinema. Click on the first two pics above to link - or see sidebar.
As for yours truly: I am probably going to be off to a village just ouside of Clacton (on Britain's east coast) later today to sepnd a few quiet days taking in the countryside, drinking in country pubs (and, of course, the Clacton Weatherspoons on the seafront). I'm taking my trusty note book, so by the time I return I expect to have knocked up a well thought out and concise book description to go on Lulu for volume 2 and the foreword that will be nessesary in order to link this next volume to the two previous in a suitably logical manner and make clear its positoning along the story arc. Bye, bye for now...Garth.

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