Sunday, 15 March 2009

An Open Letter to a Contributor - and a Reply to a Kind Comment

Me again, folks. Whenever I receive an email as regards my writing or the blog it does wonders to fuel my enthusiasm. And rarely more so than then when I read the kind of message wherein the sentiment is so clearly in tune with my own interests, the spirit of this site and my writing generally - let alone when it is so kindly appreciative as that which I repeat here; very gratifying - clearly a kindred spirit indeed. Of course I always try to reply promptly - and so I did in this case, but for various technical reasons that I don't quite understand I have been able to directly. Under the circumstances I thought I'd air it here, anonymously of course, along with my reply as a sort of open letter - in the hope that the writer gets back in touch with me as I am sure he has many interesting ideas and views to share with us.

"Hi Garth
What a find your blog is! I have long been an advocate/enthusiast in the disciplinary control of young ladies, and have consumed and collected all the relevant literature i can find on the subject by authors such as Victor Bruno, Richard Manton, P.N Dedeaux, Stephen Rawlings, Rex Catt Saviour,s 'Erica' stories, which i,m sure if you haven't read, you would probably absolutely love! I found your blog actually by googling girls dress discipline/punishment clothing. Unfortunately, there seems to be an abundance of 'petticoat punishment' material about the subjugation of males, and precious little on ADULT girl discipline. I've already ordered your Institutionalised book. I also have many thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the subject which i'd love to share. How do i join your blog or add comments etc?
Please be in touch."

My reply: "Dear......, Sorry for delay getting back to you; I generally try to answer any comments as promptly as possible and the same day if at all possible. But unfortunately I am away from home for the weekend and using someone else's computer which is also why I can't write a more detailed reply today. Suffice it to say that I am extraordinarily grateful for you kind comments as regards my blog - at the stage I am presently at writing volume 2, where the end is in sight but somehow apparently never getting any closer, I need all the encouragement I can get!
As per dress discipline, yes it is regrettable that so much effort has been applied to the subjugated male thing and although a lot is written about the corporal punishment of the female this aspect has so much been neglected. Although some material about so called 'femininity training' did appear in one for or another in Janus from time to time.
As regards adding comments; I see you have now solved that problem; although you can always email me directly of course. The comments added don't seem to come up on the blog in the same way that the main articles do and so I usually repost them as stand alone articles to give other folk's ideas maximum exposure.
I have read and been influenced by many of the authors you list but you are right in your assumption that I have not come across the 'Erica' stories you speak of - but I shall do a little research in that direction as soon as INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 is complete. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy volume 1 - dress discipline and uniforms of one kind or another are only a couple of facets of the work and it does touch on a wide variety of topics as regards the discipline and control of young ladies, ranging from corporal punishment to psychological domination and from physical bondage to mind control, hypnosis and unethical psychological experimentation, such as the deliberate induction of phobias as a means to control a girl. What it isn't is a classical, brutal hard-core S&M / bondage story of the 100 strokes of the cane / smelling salts - another 100 strokes of the cane type of thing - that is something I have tried to steer clear of, in favor of something that I hope is a bit more imaginative and that tends to focus of the effects of all this on the girls themselves. By which I mean the imposition of strict discipline, humiliating uniforms, never ending lists of petty rules and restrictions, institutionalised incarceration, exploitation...the list goes on...
Please feel free to share your ideas with me; it is what the blog is supposed to be about and I for one would be really interested to hear more.

Thanks again and best wishes, Garth."


jack said...

Hi Garth,

So glad you liked my comments, and i can hardly wait for your book, as it sounds like it might be 'just up my street, so to speak!
Incidentally, on further perusal of your blog, i was pleasantly surprised to find the long letter you featured from Blushes mag was actually written by myself. Honestly!
Anyway please keep up the good work, and feel free to contact me, whenever you like. I,m also, like yourself prone to spending more time in the pub than is probably good for me, though unlike yourself, i've never tried my hand at fiction, just a few letters to spanking mags over the years. Sadly, the few spank mags still going have really gone downhill, i'm sure you'll agree. I have managed to keep every single issue of the current Janus series right from No. 1. I also have a large collection of the old volume series, including the first issue which was called Mentor which cost 60p!
Anyway, please keep in touch if you like, as you sound like a chap very much after my own heart.

All the best


jack said...

Hi Garth
Oops- sorry, it wasn't actually my letter to Blushes that you featured, but it does refer to an earlier letter that i wrote to Blushes quite a few years ago.


jack said...

Hi Garth,
Sorry again! In actual fact, it was actually my letter you featured as an inspiring letter! Sorry about all this, but i'm still slightly hungover from last night!

P.S. I also love that regime thing from a contributor you featured, and would love to hear more. Much more!