Friday, 13 March 2009

Yet Another Blog for You to Explore and a Commercial Thing to Help Me earn a Crust

As you will know as much as possible I have always tried to keep this a non commercial affair, the stated aim being to create a forum to discuss and exchange ideas around my writing. But I get little financially from the publication of my stuff and I have to fund my drinking...ahem!, that's it - work somehow. Rest assured; I'd only ever feature a commercial site that was relevant to this site's subject matter / readership and I'll only ever host links to two at most (I really hate sites / blogs that amount to little more than banner lists ). I am equally choosy when it comes to blogs to list and while thinking about all the 'Judith's Aunt' stuff that has been discussed (see A Well deserved Regime?, a few posts back) and her mention of putting her niece back in proper regulation school knickers I came across a nice little blog discussing exactly that - regulation school knickers. Called School Gym Knickers (what else?) it features some lovey big hi-res images of the same - and an equally nice young lady to fill them I might add (just click on blog name or look for it in the sidebar blog list to check it out). Incidentally, one wonders whether Judith's Aunt has taken to heart my suggestion to change her niece over to rubber-lined school bloomers, I'm sure they are available commercially...but if not then perhaps the addition of a removable latex knicker liner would suffice.

Talking of regulation Knickers: having visited the commercial site of the same name I was persuaded by the quality of their pics (but as much by their very authentic looking uniforms as anything else, to tell the truth - in particular by the type and variety of gymslips featured in addition to the usual school skirts and by the fact that nurses are featured in a dominant role - as it should be - and also appear in authentic looking uniform dresses...none of those awful 'scrubs' here). I've pinched one of their pics - I chose this one because of the gymslip featured...although you'll have to look closely to appreciate it, the pic is really only a thumbnail. Anyway, check them on either picture or see their banner in the sidebar to the right or the much bigger one at the very foot of the page (way down, past the clock and the visitor-counter log thingy. The other pic is a nice example of school skirt and starched white blouse from the same site I thought you folk might like. I'm going to try to procure some site content from them to feature from time to time.
As for my own work: I'm off down the Wood Green Cost-a-packet (Costa coffee) for a coffee (amazing!) (say hello if you see me - I'm pretty obvious) and to scribble out a couple of short linking pieces from the book (should be out, at least as an electronic download, by this time next week - all being well - touch wood and all that!). Two posts in one day...feeeew!...And it's Friday the Thirteenth!

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