Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Album Opened, Future Blog Plans and a Couple of Pics

Having run out of hand-written work to dictate into the computer, by far the most efficient way for me to work, volume 2 is very much on the backburner today. I don't have a lot of time today but what I do have is going to be dedicated to improving and updating the blog layout. I've made a start by creating an album dedicated to spanking magazine covers (see the sidebar).

A lot of these I've actually pinched from an online second-hand sales site where somebody is apparently selling off their entire 40 years worth of collecting, but quite a few I have in my collection and so it has saved me a hell of a lot of time scanning them myself. In terms of the covers shown so far I don't think I have anything in my collection that is not displayed. However I do have quite a few issues of Blushes, Whispers, New Uniform Girls, Strictly Uniforms and Uniforms International in my collection, as well as quite a few books, not yet shown but that I will be scanning and uploading at a later date.

This sort of thing I see as conserving for posterity as these old magazines and books are becoming rarer and rarer and so the more people that download and save them to their hard drives and other places the less chance there is of them disappearing forever - the seems little in the modern world that comes up to their standard, particularly when it comes to their often very imaginative and inspired letters pages. When ever I go to antiques fairs or boot fairs I am forever searching for old magazines and even newspaper articles pertaining to our interest.

It doesn't even stop there, my first working incarnation was as an electronics engineer and I have interests in amateur radio and vintage equipment so I have quite a few old radio and television magazines lined up ready to be scanned in. For example, I have some television and radio enthusiast magazines that amongst other things outline how to build your own equipment and that date back to the 1930s, almost to the dawn of television itself. Obviously these are destined for another blog and/or website.

Going back to this blog for a moment, I'm going to split up the resource list in the sidebar to provide for a separate list of interesting and relevant Yahoo! groups that I've come across in my travels - a good example is one that I found only yesterday and that deals with impositions and the writing of lines as a form of discipline. Unfortunately the latter requires certain profile information and a few lines about why one wishes to join the group (I really hate that sort of thing, why do they bother). I have a couple of profiles that I use and I inadvertently entered the wrong one, so I'm probably going to be rejected. But the groups out there are not restricted simply to spanking / caning; they can be quite imaginative and eclectic while still being relevant to the stuff I write and the general issue of discipline, with little thought anyway.

I intend to list them by name and / or content rather than the full URL as I think that is more informative and useful and one only has to click on the link to go straight to the YahooGroup concerned in any case.

The picture at the top left is a something that I picked up from the blog that I outlined yesterday; you will have seen it before from a different angle (from one on my magazine scans in fact) but what I love here is the little school desk and the suitably browbeaten expression that the young lady wears – as well she might given her age juxtaposed with the way she is dressed and obviously treated (that little desk says it all - clearly sweated over through many, many hours of tedious and repetitive line writing).

As regards to the designs of physical exercise school leotards that I was discussing a right about yesterday; some kind contributor (who wants to remain anonymous) has send me the picture on the right. One had to exercise a little imagination but I think you can understand the advantages of adapting this to the design of a leotard gusset - the problem lies in retaining the otherwise modest styling of the rest of the garment. I envisage the thing as being absolutely traditional, give or take the use of modern fibre types perhaps, other than that single feature (it is that juxtaposition between modesty and exposure that I think makes it so exciting – and humiliating to the wearer). Therein, of course, lies the problem; if the whole thing was devised as some sort of fetish wear and manufactured in perhaps PVC or latex in its entirety it will be self solving but as envisaged one has to deal with the problem of combining the qualities of these materials (or others with these same qualities) with more traditional fabrics - it comes down to the problem of bonding one material to another but I have at least one solution in mind I can't tell you much more without giving away too much of the plot.

Tomorrow I will be back to work in on completing volume 2 of INSTITUTIONALISED; hopefully the day will be as sunny as today is (we have clear blue skies in London at the moment) and I intend to visit several hostelries (pubs), pint, notebook and pen in hand - I'm hoping to fit in the Spaniards in,, in Hampstead at some point; it is wood panelled and historic and conducive to the imagination.

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Ballet said...

In fact, it was fairly recently that a famed pop singer scandalized millions by donning a rather skimpy, near see through leotard that was dotted with strategically placed Swarovski crystals. Traditionally, most leotards were fairly simple, looking something like a thin bathing suit in its early incarnations, but with a far more breathable material.