Friday, 5 December 2008

A Couple of Scans and a Loft Rummige

Just a quickie (no, not a hand shandy) today I am afraid: I finally got round to going up into the roof space and sorting out all my old boxes and junk and as a consequence I now have my entire collection of magazines and books to hand and will shortly be working my way through and scanning covers, pictures and interesting articles for your delectation and undoubted delight. Pretty much the first pass or a one wrapped contained two of my favourite ever books. The first is the well-known Elaine Cox by Richard Manton over which I have many times enthused; easily the best novel of its genre in my opinion and still available today over on Richard Manton’s site - it's all I can do to resist re-reading it right at this moment but there is a sale on at Woolworths and I want to have a few pints and is not really the kind of book one can sit in the pub reading.

The second came from the Delectus books (I think they are still going but I'm not sure) and purports to be a reprint of a 1930s original although I have my doubts I certainly haven't come across sight or sound of a genuine 1930s version. The blurb on the back says it all really - it is very nearly, but not quite perfectly up my tree. If you combine the two then you have a large chunk of the inspiration behind my book, in some ways I am merely continuing where those authors left off (or where they fear to tread, possibly), pursuing their ideas to the ultimate extent and introducing new ideas, interests and of course my own imagination.

Earlier this morning I was investigating and exploring a couple of new Yahoo groups that I have recently joined and of which I will speak more later - and update the Yahoo groups link section of the blogs sidebar accordingly (it is rather sparse at the moment but over the weekend you can expect to see it rapidly filling). I'm off now to the sales and then a few beers down at the local Wetherspoon's Sir So if you are in the Palmers Green area, stick your head in the local Wetherspoon and buy me a pint. By for now.

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