Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Enforced Physical Education, School Leotards, Spanking Magazine Covers and a New Blog to Check Out

Today before starting writing I have been doing a little research, looking for material on traditional school leotards, enforced exercise regimes and the like. As usual I have gotten sidetracked from time to time and although I am being strict with myself today I feel can alocate a small amount of time to following up leads if they look promising. One such led to a new Blog find: called The Aproved school, Uniform Discipline, Spanking and Caning. The content all seems to have originated from a magazine called Strictly Uniforms or one of its sisters from the mid to late 1990s so I can't help wondering if there is perhaps some connection with the publishers (click title to go take a look or peruse the blog list in the sidebar) - top left is an example cover for any that have not come across this title. Talking of magazine covers; I shall shortly be adding an album of scans of the covers of magazines I have in my collection, or have had in the past, and some I have come across in my travels across the web.

As for today's bit of research; well, so far it is a spanking magazine cover that has proved the most inspiring - this nice little offering from Janus (see right)...very atmospheric...very evocative, one wonders what strict training awaits her in that room. Then there were the training pics I found on the above mentioned blog. Lovely PE kit (see left) but the outdoor setting smacks of too much freedom, I prefer to envisage a somewhat more secure setting - away from prying eyes and well-meaning intervention. What I am really after now right now are some examples of the more traditional PE kit, that from that lost golden age of strict private boarding schools and reformatories, to guide my descriptive work.

Victor Bruno describes a suitable leotard-based PE uniform in his novel; Madame Vorge's Finishing School. It works, for me at least, so much better than straight nudity - nude PE undoubtedly has its place but will tend to desensitise the young lady to exposure, when what we are after, what we want to play on, is shame. We need to build on her natural reluctance to expose herself, encourage shyness - we are not trying to create a blatant exhibitionist here, proud to show off her body, quite the opposite. She should feel shame - and in spades. I am thinking along the lines of the traditional school leotard, quite conservative in its way; the sheer fabric I would select would do little to ameliorate the sting of an encouraging cane stroke across the full swell of the buttocks and of course there is nothing like a riding crop applied across the back of the thighs to discourage slacking (I always think the riding crop equates better to enforced PE than the cane or the strap, don't you?).


However, saying that, I am investigating the plausibility of a transparent or semi-transparent gusset panel - the question is whether a suitable fabric combination would be realistic. A polythene gusset in a pair of PVC or rubber knickers or bloomers is realisable (as in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1) but seems unlikely in the context of the type of fabric likely to be encountered in the traditional leotard...work goes on, I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, how about some thoughts and ideas?


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