Tuesday, 11 November 2008

New Albums Added, Art by Anton and Art by Katoh Kahoru

As promised in my last post (albeit somewhat delayed, it now being the early hours of Tuesday morning here in London) I have now added an album of Art by Anton and added 1 pic to the Thorn album.
I have also added a set of art by Katoh, it s from a book called A Titanic Orphan but that's all I know - I think I have the entire set but if you have more please post 'em because they're deliciously cruel. The same goes if you know where I can find the book - although to my mind those drawings have a tale to tell in their own right. One has only to note the presence of that bedpan-like receptacle in the left-hand picture here or what I would taketo be snap-on rubber pants (suggestive of diaper wearing perhaps?) worn by the girl in the right-hand illustration ( Not to mention her general demeanour and obvious distress) to realise that the nature of the disciplinary pressure brought to bear on these girls goes far beyond the cane, the strap and their demeaning juvenile uniforms. Of the latter I would say that the artist both imaginatively and admirably communicates the feeling that, despite the initial juvenile impression, what we are really seeing is a small group of young women, suggested by the maturity of their full and rounded buttocks to be of anywhere between 17 and 19 years of age - more importantly he is showing us that in our first appraisal we are in fact observing the effect of a carefully crafted 'look' and an equally carefully structured disciplined environment calculated to reinforce the demeanour required what their carers for whatever reason. And having not read the book, frustratingly I have no idea what that might be. But whatever the ultimate aim, if an element of docility, submission and/or dependency is required then this series of illustrations would seem to suggest a well thought out way to go about it. Of course the disciplinary virtues of bedpan usage, enemas and suppositories, incontinence pants, absorbent towels and diapers I have previously extolled at some length in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1, albeit there in an institutional environment wherein I think it is best suited and most easily imposed. But saying that, I can well imagine that under the right governess and in a suitably conducive domestic environment, a young woman such as Susan or Lavinia (two characters introduced in volume 1) having been released after having spent several months, or perhaps even a year or so, under institutional hospital or asylum discipline could quite easily and advantageously be placed under what I would describe as dependent regression training.
By the way, the links for these new albums are listed in the sidebar under the title: Spanking ArtWork Albums.

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