Thursday, 13 November 2008

How the Dodgiest of Design Work Can Inspire A New Direction…And A New Rubber Fetish Orientated Blog Link Added.

While undertaking a bit of desk research for my other half (a fashion journalist, as I have mentioned before) I recently came across this result of the collaboration between the dress designer Marc Jacobs and contemporary artist, Richard Prince. Of course I'd seen it many times before (I was actually at the show, but I don't like to name drop) but I had kind of forgotten all about it... although to tell the truth the collection did make quite an impact on me at the time.
If one was to mentally remove that rather silly-looking face mask and replace the hat with a rather old-fashioned looking wimple-style headdress (and chuck the handbag of course - that has no place in institutional setting)... well, what an intriguing thought... would it work in the context of the psychiatric wing’s experimental suite? I have invoked plastic and rubber as part of the garb of the unit’s clinical trial volunteers, primarily in the form of the girl’s bloomers and knickers, in volume 1 of INSTITUTIONALISED and the nurses in charge of the girls routinely wear white or transparent plastic pinafores and aprons over their uniforms, depending on the task at hand. But could you envisage a nurse dressed such as this; perhaps regarding with a wry smile a pair of tautly bent chubby and rounded velvet soft buttocks, bared of their customary thin latex or PVC covering, the garment hanging and sagging heavily from between the girls well spread knees, while flexing a thin plastic wand of a cane near for circle between her latex gloved hands? Well, it couldn't happen in volume 2 - the stage has very much been set there now - but as for volume 3... well, who knows? Does it work, would it work? What you think? Let me know.

And on the subject of PVC, latex et al I retrieved this particular little snap from The Rubber Betty Blog (see blog list or click the blog name here). If it does not look too exciting at first sight, persevere - there is a hell of a lot of stuff there if you can be bothered to spend a few minutes digging around. It's a lovely little site for those into the rubber fetish, particular if you're looking for vintage pictures (it's not really my bag but I know it is for many of you from the feedback I've had in the past. I have not really got much in the blog list for the PVC and latex lover - I think this blog will be the first, pretty much - but trust me I am searching around all the time and will add more as I come across them, plus blogs catering for other related fetishes.
My vision has always been that the resources made available through my blog should closely fit with the story arc of the institutionalised series as it develops - but that does cover a wide swathe of interests and that was always my intention in my story telling, while never losing sight of the underlying themes of domination, discipline and corporal punishment…and while hopefully retaining that all-important element of plausibility of course.

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