Monday, 10 November 2008

A Story I Found and Illustration Album Update Details

Hi folks
I've been working diligently away today on the completion of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 (I'm starting to doubt I'll ever complete it, but then again at about this time last year I was having similar doubts regarding volume 1). Of course there's always research to be done and usually Google turns up trumps - and today was no exception - but the downside is that it never fails to distract me at the same time. Today I needed information regarding the handling of latex in the manufacture of items of clothing - in this case knickers and bloomers, the details don't really matter - in terms of the manufacturing techniques available, stitching, gluing whatever; you get the idea. Anyway, amongst the disparate and eclectic mix of stuff that Google threw up was a story, in Lord knows how many parts (about 54 think), from the BDSM library, entitled; The Prisoner.

Primarily a fem-dom tale involving the imprisonment and humiliation of males at the hands of females (not my thing at all) the three sections that I came across via Google feature a departure from the main thread and involve the arrival of a pair of female prisoners. There are a couple of nice long scenes of verbal and psychological humiliation and humbling and their uniforms, while far removed from the type of thing I envisaged the girls wearing in the institutional scenes of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 in which the emphasis is much more on a kind of medical / asylum form of incarceration, nevertheless make imaginative and humiliating use of the properties of latex in the design and realisation of the women's underwear. Click the part numbers below to read my favourite bits, or the story title, (above in blue) to read the whole thing in its entirety (if the fem-dom main storyline is your bag - or if it doesn't detract too much from your enjoyment).
In the next hour or so I shall be adding another couple of illustrations to the Artwork by Thorn album collection and starting another album for the Artwork of Anton (look in the sidebar under ‘Spanking ArtWork Albums’ - by the time the Artwork by Anton link appears I will have updated the Thorn collection).

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