Saturday, 16 August 2008

Forced Haircutting Again Raises its Beauteous Head

Yesterday I did indeed, as planned, spend pretty much the whole day in various houses of public refreshment in the Turnpike Lane / Hornsey area of north London. to be honest I didn't get as much writing done as as I would have liked to have but I did manage to progress some part of a particularly twisted little chapter that I have been working on for some time now - I can't say much about the plotline about giving it all a way but it is probably the most diabolical piece of nastiness I have come up with to date and I have only been lavishing the love care and attention on it that it deserves, even if the effort is hopelessly disproportionate to the space it will likely finally come to occupy in the book.

Also yesterday I related how the day before I had swapped comics with an old schoolfriend in a public in Hampstead (The heath, North London). Anyway, he 'phoned me yesterday to give me the wonderful news that he had lost my entire (nearly complete) collection of Viva vendetta comics (graphic novels as I prefer to term them)... the...'ing wanker!!! ... I hope he doesn't read this - and besides, there is nothing wrong with wanking now and then - just don't make the pages sticky. What's most irritating is not so much all the lovely dosh ( money, or drink vouchers if you must) that somebody on Ebay would undoubtably have paid out for them but rather that I had intended to scan in and post up the delicious little scene in which the heroine has all her lovely hair cut off, and in a wonderfully institutionalised scenario too.

The forced haircuting scene is something I been investigating recently; although it features in two or three places in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 (and forced hair-dying, too). I intend the subject to play a more central role as volumes 2 and 3 develop (along with one or two more unusual ideas such as the fitting of teeth braces, as a form of humiliation rather than for any true orthodontic purpose). With the loss of my books I have been forced to hunt around on the web for the relevant pictures... and I have come up with these, taken from the film that was made of the V for Vendetta series a few years back.

I just love the institutional background and the sheer horror on the young woman's face. I have to rush out today but at a later date I'll be putting up links to the sources of these pictures and others like them that I've come across.

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