Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Enforced Haircutting and Discipline

I've noticed one or two folks coming here looking for stuff dealing with the rather delicious and delightful subject of non-consensual haircutting as it relates to the discipline of young ladies. And why not indeed? It is a subject that is broached at various points in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 after all and will continue to play a part in the lives of our young protagonists in the forth-coming volumes.

For those of you specifically looking for stories dealing with forced haircutting, wherein that subject is to the fore, you need look no further than the 'useful and interesting sites' links section in the sidebar of this page. I can thoroughly recommend
or The Hair Cutting Story Archive

There are a couple of interesting and useful Yahoo Groups that are worth checking out also:



As for my interest in the subject; it is probably best summed up in the 'letter from a professional governess', previously published here, wherein, although it is only hinted at, the writer does seem to recommend wielding control over a young lady's hairstyle .

However, over the years the was, on occasion, a certain amount of interest discussed in the pages of Janus magazine and touched upon in certain other such publications. One of the best of these, I think, is this tidy little tidbit I came across in Janus in the mid 1980s.

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