Friday, 15 August 2008

Some Influential Articles: Whips Incorporated - Part 3

Whips Incorporated - Part 3
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Hi folks it is a lovely sunny day here in London and so I'm off down the pub, which is where I was was yesterday of course (any day with a 'Y' in it and the sun in the sky). I didn't get much written yesterday because I met up with a chum from school and we swapped comics: I now pretty much have the full set of The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, read the series if you get the chance; it's great stuff. I also now have most of the V for Vendeta series by Alan Moore (which includes a great forced haircutting scene incidentally ) (both were published in the early to mid-90s by DC). My aim today, apart from getting pissed up, is to finish off another chapter of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 (another wondrously cruel twist set for one of our heroines).

And promised...the concluding part of Whips Incorporated, this wonderful Richard Manton penned article originally published in Janus in the mid-1980s (I think it was). There are some quite nice illustrations here also, drawn by the great Paula Meadows.

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sixofthebest said...

The blowup drawing of the caning of this naughty woman is fantastic. Paula Meadows artistic depiction is pure erotic.