Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A Notification Of A New Book For A New Year (Not Mine Unfortunately) / Test Posting

I am having problems re-opening my blog after having made it invitation only for a while (for personal reasons) so this is something of a test run. Please let me know when or if you see this.

I have been 'off the air' for quite some time following my mother's death back in November and her burial a couple of weeks before Christmas, since when - other than for a break over the Christmas / New Year period (mostly spent in the pub - a nine day mega-bender) I have been largely dealing with her estate and legal matters pertaining to probate as a co-executor of her will along with one of my aunts and am only now trying to get my life up and running again.
One thing I DID manage to do before it all went pear shaped with my mother (actually it was way back in June last year - a measure of how long all this has been going on for) was publish this for my mate Robin Stone on LULU. It is presently only available published by yours truly as a PDF but in the fullness of time it will also appear under Robin's own name, in various formats such as EPUB and hopefully also on Amazon too!  While not really my thing in certain aspects and not my writing stle, nonetheless I have had a guiding hand, contributed the opening section, written and or edited one or two areas and done quite a lot on the artwork side. Click here to visit the relevant LULU page. 


Unknown said...

Yes I was able to get on and see

Anonymous said...

your blog is back up and running again, thanks, look forward to reading it again

Garno said...

Many thanks for that. Actually, with a little help from Google I was able to fix the issue and all now seems ok. I wish I could same for my Tumblr account but I think it is about to fall foul of Tumblr's new terms and conditions which effectively outlaw all 'adult' content!

Vlad said...

I'm glad to see you and the blog back. My condolences on your loss.
I look forward to your new book so I can send you some beer toment.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to learn of your loss. I did visit the lulu site and purchased a copy of the ebook by Robin Stone. I hope in 2019 we may see one of yours? I know you have more than one that is partly-written.