Saturday, 26 January 2019

A Work In Progress - And A New Blog (Same As The Old Blog?)

Hi again Folks - I'm back. So, I'm still struggling with various bank issues linked to the probate process as regards my late mother's estate but at least now I'm getting in a position where I feel I can put a little time aside to work on my various projects again. To the this end I have been working on building a composit image for one of my heroines and presented here are a couple of later stages in its progression and evolution.
The upper image has all manner of disjointed discontinuities where some of the various components which went to make up the image don't quite meet up and match properly. In the lower image, although still nothing like perfect, I have attempted to address some of those issues (including the design of the dummy / pacifyer, which I wasn't happy with).  While doing so - and in redesigning the pacifyer - I came up with what I think to be a particularly tormenting refinement of the disciplinary element; the idea just sort of popped up in my head. 

The basic  idea is a simple but effective disciplinary measure, but with a major part of that disciplinary effect built around the fact that the pacifyer is NOT fastened in place, that in principle the hapless subject COULD spit it out! (plus I thought I might find creating a realistic-looking retaining strap, and the effect on dimpling the skin, difficult to bring off). 

The dummy could be any colour of course, but for the thing I'm working on I wanted the dummy to match the girl's hospital-issue pyjamas, which long ago I'd decided would be a sort of striped, subjued bottle green-like shade and several images already exist on my hardrive ready to go with that look, else I might now in hindsight have adopted the idea of light and dark striped grey pyjamas.  I would welcome your comments and ideas on this.

Finaly - Tumblr is becoming ever more puritanicle it its outlook with quite rigid censorship now running rampant (no female nipples can be shown, for instance, just like being back in the 1960s) and I fear sooner or later my Tumblr blog will fall foul of this policy and end up disapearing.  Already several of the images on my Tumblr blog have been tagged as 'adult content' and as such are now only viewable by the three of us: me, myself and I!  For this reason - like many other Tumblr users - I have now opened an account with BDMSIR.COM, a new and very Tumblr-like blog site, so hopefully should my present Tumblr blog vanish you'll be able to contiue following me there.  And please DO follow me and others there and so help make this new venture a success (although I don't yet have much content posted there to be honest). Just click here, on the blog site name above or the lower of the two images above to be rushed startight there! 


summertime75 said...

For some reason the link only takes me to my current following

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Summertime75 (wish it was - both; summer time AND 75; a good year!)Yeah, well, you've got me there I'm afraid! Yep! I cocked up royally! The link works for me because I'm already registered on that site and was logged in when I tested it, but no one else. I know the URL I should have used (coz someone e-mailed me and told me) but can't do anything about it till Monday earliest but most likely Tuesday - Garth Toyntanen

Anonymous said...

This is the correct link (see below) but I can't correct it on the post itself at the moment coz I'm using my phone and for some reason it won't allow me to log in as myself, only as 'anonymouse'

summertime75 said...

I agree about the summertime part and 75 wasn't too bad a year, I was just considering leaving printing and starting nursing the following year, although the Summertime part is in homage to the late lamented Janis Joplin. For some reason the link only took me to my page with my favourites, not a clue why but after putting in your name the blog came up, so I'm following it now.

I read your note about probate, I have to admit that I had an easy time when I sorted out Mum's but he "estate" was fairly straightforward.

Take care


Toyntanen said...

I've now updated all links on this page to the one shown below

Anonymous said...

Green and white striped pyjamas are the correct attire for naughty girls