Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Detention And Control In A Domestic Enviroment - And In A Bygone Era

It was a different era. The equipment kept up in the girl’s bedroom, simple and old fashioned. But the approach is sophisticated - and the thrice-daily sessions supervised by her live-in nurse are proving highly effective. By the time she’s ready to be shipped off to the residential institution her guardian has in mind the girl will actually be GRATEFUL for the rigid framework of rules, stipulations, regulations and restrictions she will encounter there
So - two images, one featuring a cane, the other without a cane. The question is kind of two-fold really. One: Which do you prefer? Two: does the imagery do anything for you at all? OK - here's a THIRD question (I just thought of this) Who out there prefers this kind of 'bygone era' kind of setting to a more modern setting?

Sorry I've not been around much by the way folks, but as well as all the problems I outlined before my mother has been in hospital these last - near-on - four weeks with pneumonia and I have had to be in the hospital almost every day with just a couple of days or so here and there to get anything done. It's just been that kind of year I'm afraid! 


Anonymous said...

The angle of the cane doesn’t work. You’d need to either retouch the nurse’s hand into a tighter grip or have the cane angled down to be consistent with a loose grip. My preference would be angled down, pointing at the girl or in her sight line,

Greystrokes said...

Hope your Mum is on the mend and life does sometimes get in the way of stuff. No need for apologies.

The image without the cane suggests to me a passive kind of therapy is taking place. The image with the cane implies a more authoritative approach where failure carries some consequences.

By-gone versus modern feel is always subjective but for me 'by-gone' represents nostalgia and atmosphere. I prefer B&W images for the same reasons, but younger respondents may prefer an association with modernity and sharpness.

Gman said...

I think no cane. The conditioning should easily go deep into her mind and stay there. Pain could distract?

Garno said...

Thanks for the comments. I was never too sure the cane really worked or not. I'm currently in The Dominican Republic (side by side with Haiti on the island of Hispaniola and just down the road and across a bit of water from Cuba) by the way. My mother sadly eventually succumbed to her illness and I'm here till Christmas eve kind of getting over it (although the break had been planned and booked some time back, close to the start of the year.