Thursday, 13 September 2018

A Roger Benson Poll - Sort Of!

So, as promised last time here is a Roger Benson poll. It was due to go out shortly after my last posting here but shortly after you last heard from me my mother's bank accounts got hit by debit card fraud - which I'm still sorting out (I have general power of attorney - and therein hangs a MUCH longer tale all of its own!) - and my most significant other's own mother sadly succumbed to cancer and died!  

As regards the present post: The trouble is it turns out- after a few failed experiments this morning and a bit of on-line research - that Blogger has decided to discontinue its own poll 'widget' and also abandon support for the sort of  'third party code' I've embedded in the past. Now, there MAY be a solution to this, going forward - when I have a bit more time on my hands - but as you'll see later on down at the bottom of this post - after Roger Benson's poll questions - whereat I pose a couple of questions myself, I pose the query, basically: Is it worth it?

So for now I beg your indulgence to have a read through, see what you think and simply send in as a comment the question numbers along with your selected response (basically just a letter 'A' 'B' or 'C' etc - except for one of mine which requires a few words if you have time). So. in the form Q1 (A) Q2(B) etc. I'm sure you get the idea! Yes, I'll have to moderate them all before they pop up here (because one or two folk out there cannot be trusted to to spam commercial links etc) but I can do that from my phone while out, on the bus or imbibing coffee (not beer at the moment because of the fractured jaw and the fact that alcohol might inhibit the healing process - but believe you me: I'm planning to make up for it!!!). Right then! Over to Roger Benson - you'll recognise his style: It does differ somewhat from my own, usually far darker, somewhat more sinister, interpretation of his images: Perhaps you find that a refreshing thing - I don't know:

It’s 1959, and two shapely, attractive sisters – April, 19 and Lorna Jane, 18 – are spending
the summer with their Aunt Vera while their well-to-do and socially prominent parents are
spending a “second honeymoon” in Olde Europe. The girls soon find, as the illustration below
suggests, that their Auntie Vera is a strict disciplinarian!
For the sin of untidy rooms, Auntie Vera has spanked both girls and is now giving them
disciplinary enemas.

Question 1: In the situation depicted, who would you most like to be?

(A ) Auntie Vera

(B ) The girl on the table (Lorna Jane)

(C ) The girl being made to watch while she waits her turn (April)

Question 2: How many ounces of warm, soapy water should Auntie Vera administer?

( A ) 16 ounces

( B ) 32 ounces

Question 3: For how long should the girls be plugged after their enemas?

(A ) 10 minutes

( B ) 20 minutes

(C ) 30 minutes

Question 4: Should the girls be made to wear full cut, tight fitting black rubber panties
and no skirts for the rest of the day after they have been permitted to relieve

(A ) Yes

(A ) No

And now - two of my own questions:

Question 5: Do you prefer the original monochrome versions of Roger Benson's artwork or some of those 'colourised' versions which are' doing the rounds' on the Internet (an example of one of my own may be found here - click)? Or put another way: do you think the colourisation process adds any value in enhancing the 'atmosphere and so on'? Or perhaps it detracts from it?

Question 6: (And the last - honest!) Do you think it is worth my hunting around for a solution to the folks at Blogger's decision to discontinue their own poll 'widget' and support for 'third party code'?  Or to once again put it another way - do you have any interest in such polls?

(A) Yes
(B) No


watson said...

Q1 (B)

Q2 (B)

Q3 (C)

Q4 (A)

Q5 I prefer colorization; it adds to the atmosphere for me

Q6 (A) (I guess, I like the polls but have no preference if they are manual like this one or use a widget

Anonymous said...

Q1 (A)
Q2 (B)
Q3 (C)
Q4 (B) (no!)

Q5 - actually, I prefer the original b&w

Q6 - (A) Yes, I'd like to poll more, but I'm fine doing it this way. Save your time the stories...

Anonymous said...

from greenwellies

Q5 I prefer colourization, the ones I have seen are lovely
Q6(b) polls are fine, but don’t invest time, use surveymonkey

Anonymous said...

Q1 (a - b)
Q2 (b)
Q3 (c)
Q4 (b)
Q5 Colorization
Q6 (a)
73 .... and .... welcome back!!!

Anonymous said...

Q1: B or C
Q2: B
Q3: C
Q4: Yes
Q5: Colourised
Q6: Bring on the polls.