Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Importance of the Colour of the Dominant Character's Dress to the Imposition of Strict Discipline Over Her Charges?

Or – An Experiment (Of Sorts): The Perceived Importance (Or Otherwise) of Colour in Socially Conditioned Compliance and Inducing Submission to Authority

Hi folks. I had reason today to answer a couple of comments responding posted to my last posting in which I happened to mention how to my mind the colour of the 'carers' dress has a bearing on the image portrayed in addition to the styling and seems important somehow. So I said “...for example, would a pastel shade such as pink or lilac have the same effect / impact?” 

Well, you see: This is a factor that interests me so, as I sad in my reply “Perhaps I should create a couple of variations of this image and display them side-by-side, identical in all but colour”. And so I have done just that. 

Now, I don't exactly have a lot of time on my hands today and so this is very much NOT my best work and is a little rough around the edges so to speak (there is HORRIBLE fringing around the lilac version in particular) but... hmmm – well...what do you think? 

 I'd really love some comments on this please, but I'm too lazy to set up one of those 'poll' things – unless of course there is enough interest!

So is colour important in this context? Which one – if any – does it for you the most?  I was surprised once I started messing around to be honest...but I don't want to influence you.

By the way - if you have emailed me and not yet heard back, despair ye not; I'll be answering you later today while out imbibing coffee up there in Wood Green Mall's Pret-a-Mange.


watson said...

Before I saw the comparisons, my guess would have been the gray.

But to my surprise I liked the gray the least and I liked the lilac the most. For me it contributes to the disparity in freedoms, even if the matron is wearing a uniform, still the lilac emphasizes depersonalization of the inmate

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the pink dress.

Anonymous said...

I’d go with the grey, but I actually prefer the original blue. Warm colors don’t say nurse/matron/guard to me the way colder colors do. I’d put the inmate in pink or yellow or light grey.