Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Couple of Recycled Images

Hi Folks - so today's pic is just a couple of recycled images I've cobbled together and just tweaked a bit, primarily in an attempt to develop a bit of inspiration in my own head but I thought I'd share it with you all also. Click on the image for a larger view - and as always, your comments and criticisms are most welcome.


Robin Stone said...

I love the buttons on her dress right to the bottom hem. Nice and severe.

Robin Stone said...

Love the new wording. Maybe the plug could be even longer.

Toyntanen said...

Hi there Robin! Well, I was about to respond to this latest comment of yours when I realised there'd been an earlier comment you made back on the 23rd October which I'd not yet responded to either. I'd been in the pub at the time of the first – the 23rd having been the day after the JD Wetherspoons beer festival had officially finished and there were still far too many festival ales still on at 'Monday Club' prices to be ignored – so I will have 'moderated' your comment via my phone (I remember I'd left the laptop at home). Now, the thing about that is, whereas I can read my emails via the pub WiFi and post moderated comments by clicking on 'Publish' in the email, I can't then respond once I close down that particular email by going directly to my blog a little later because when I try to do so the Wetherspoons WiFi system / service supplier flags up my blog as 'pornography' and promptly brings a halt to the proceedings (and then of course – after a day and night on the 'turps' – I forget).

OK – to tackle the first of your comments: I am really glad you liked it – I sometimes worry I'm the only one. And I think you are absolutely right about the severe appearance of the 'carer's dress' – which I like to imagine as part jailer, part nurse (or rather ward sister or matron of the 'old school') with just a pinch of stern governess. And somehow - and for some reason I can't really account for - that button-through styling, in this case coupled together with the nineteen-fifties / early sixties styling with its flared skirt and ultra-trim waistline, seems to tick all the right boxes and is of course the ABSOLUTE antithesis of the way those she is in control of are obliged to dress by way of the image it helps create and build; and the latter point is of course vitally important in the scheme of things.

To my mind the colour has a bearing on this too and is important. For example, would a pastel shade such as pink or lilac have the same effect / impact? Hmmm – comments on this please! I just had an idea: Perhaps I should create a couple of variations of this image and display them side-by-side, identical in all but colour – what do you think?

On your second comment, Robin (I SO like it when people use names not just 'Anon' – just make one up!) The 'internal phallus' (the term I much prefer) the one-piece comes with I imagined as there as a torment, not as a satisfyingly filling reminder of her last well-endowed boyfriend. It 'excites but not satisfies' is the general idea (which ALSO has just given me an idea for a variation – particularly on the latest image I have been working on; WOW! All this inspiration from two simple comments.

I'll get back to you on email later today on that other topic we were discussing – I've had some ideas!

angie said...

Hi ,
This is the first post I’ve read of yours and I am now a fan!