Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Breaking-In The Twins

There is a real mixture of sources used here in today's humble offering, including a scanned catalogue image, a couple of elements I have created myself and some elements taken from a couple of pictures I worked on for Roger Benson - see if you can tell which came from what. This is still not the finished version of this - just sort of a trial run; I think the finished version will be sans the psychiatric care home staff uniform in the foreground (see below) and will just feature the girls and the nurse.   

And one annoying thing I've just noticed now I've uploaded the ting is that the ends of a couple of words have got lopped off on the right hand side - I hadn't noticed that!  Bloody irritating!

So - you'll have noticed I'm sure, that I have taken heed of the many emails (and a couple of comments) I've received supporting the grey version of the latter outfit incidentally (although at the last minute I brought in a slight blueish tint - dunno why; it just seemed to work.).  

You know it's really odd, but I've always imagined my dominant characters in some shade of blue (usually navy blue).  But once I started playing with different shades (because very dark blue tends to be difficult to work with if trying to show and pick out detail) I found I quite liked the pastel shades (yeah that pink version I presented last time was supposed to be pastel pink, but I couldn't quite get the shade right) but only under certain circumstances (for example, for the dominant character in some forms of regression storyline - although I think it works for a serving girl too where pastels provide a break from the same-old-same-old black and white maid uniform).  But what I found REALLY floated my boat was - yes, you guessed it  - that grey version; although I didn't want to say so at the time for fear of influencing you all....Go figure - I really couldn't tell you why! 

Also I think the curtained screen will end up some shade of blue (I've just tried this - see below) - or any colour other than green; I've just noticed that as things stand at present it tends to look as if you can see right through our hapless duo. I chose that particular shade of green simply because it matches the bed-screening curtains in some images our old chum Angela Fox created for me a while back (a LONG while back actually - but I do wish to use them; and I really DO appreciate continuity; things should always be self-consistent if there is to be at least some modicum of plausibility).

 I think in some form this  - or something like it and related to it - will eventually form the cover of my new book (but it WONT be called 'Breaking-In The Twins' nor will it have anything to DO with twins!  Not real biological twins anyway!  There! That's got you thinking!).  I'd REALLY love to know which you prefer - and why.  Or perhaps you'd prefer to see something else entirely - if so let me know; try your best to describe YOUR vision! It's all useful stuff!

Meanwhile I have spent much of today working on the cover design for another book - somebody else's book.  But I wont be sharing THAT with you - you'll have to go find the book once it's out!


Anonymous said...

That's coming along very nicely indeed. I really like the green striped flannel pyjamas, though I'm not sure about the tabards. But there's a nice institutional feel about the whole thing. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Toyntanen said...

Hi Anonymous. Many thanks for the encouragement old chap! Yeah I quite agree the tabards are far from perfect. I like the idea in principle and I think it works in print and in the storyline but as it stands at present it doesn't quite come off pictorialy. But I have another tabard image I have come across which I believe is better and I think I can adapt. We will see - Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

Of course the whole point about keeping a recalcitrant young woman in pyjamas all day is keep her submissive and obedient. But how much better to allow her to wear her own clothes occasionally, perhaps when allowed out briefly or receiving a visit from someone in authority, as a reminder of what she is being deprived of. Such reprieve from her humiliation would be tantalising brief, only to be returned to her pyjama-wearing regime again. The promise of being allowed to wear ordinary clothes as a reward for good behavious could be used to induce her to do almost anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the tabards either, but the pyjamas look great. Maybe the diagnosis should go on a plastic tag, along with that of the institution and the matron in charge of her?

I would have thought the pyjamas would have to stay on if a resident were to be allowed off the premises for any reason. A little embarrassing for her perhaps, but security would be the most important consideration.

Anonymous said...

The enforced wearing of pyjamas all day was common practice in many mental institutions in Eastern Europe where people convicted of political crimes were often sent to. On admission, the individual would be stripped of their clothing and personal items, often being forced to shower, and undergo other degrading rituals. Ultimately, the consequences of the pyjama ceremony and a range of other mortifying experiences gives way to an institutional conception of oneself as a mental patient. Furthermore, female prisoners were denied underwear, brassieres in particular. It was their opinion that they appeared unkempt in pyjamas, which caused them to feel unpleasant, especially when receiving visitors. The chances of pyjama-clad patients escaping was presumably smaller, and brassieres were said to be dangerous from the perspective of suicidal tendencies in female inmates.

Anonymous said...

I commented a few weeks ago now about some previous postings on the punishment of a young woman called Judith. Are these real and is she still disciplined?

Toyntanen said...

Hi there. I'm afraid I have no idea what is what regarding the Judith correspondence. It was just something I came across on a discussion site / bulletin board / forum site someplace (so long ago I now longer remember where or what it was called). Because it was about to close down - and because I was considering setting up and tacking on a forum here, on to this site I said they could continue their correspondence here as a series of comments for the time being (ie it was supposed to be a temporary state of affairs) but then I was forced to switch over to using moderated comments due to certain individuals spamming and it became too difficult and time-expensiveto facilitate and so it kind of ground to a halt.