Friday, 17 February 2017

The Making of the Pefect Mental Patient

It's been a stepwise progression - always has - and with each step the outside world seems to have become further away.  Toilet use, but with the door left open: the use of a comode by the bed: bedpan use, with the curtains drawn around the bed: bedpan use with the nurse hovering close by: bedpan use under close scrutiny... She's done her best to preserve her independence throughout of course - and suffered for it.  She's tried to run away ('absconding', they call it).  And now this!  

The choice is stark: She can use the toilet - under strict close supervision of course - and accept six with the plaited riding crop - or succumb to the cooing encouraging voice of the therapist and let the woman lead her lovingly deeper into institutional care, one step nearer to the straight jacket...

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