Tuesday, 21 February 2017


HOME SCHOOLING THE LATE TEEN: FACE TO FACE WITH HER FUTURE - HER RE-EDUCATION BEGINS Another from my “new Benson” project based on a piece inspired by some of the work I did for the artist.  Please let me know what you think - your opinions and feedback are important to me!


Charles Ryder said...

This is very good.
I love spanking art and captions
http://annoyingwizard.tumblr.com/ is one of my favourites

Ulver said...

Hi Garth
Just wanted to let you know a new Selectacorp game has been released. Can be downloaded or played for free at http://selectacorp.dk/wordpress/selectacorp-games/spoils-of-war/

Legal and social reforms to ensure that girls and women are restricted to r roles suited for their feminine nature are an important aspect of the new Selectacorp game State of the Union were a feminist regime is overthrown.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Charles. Many thanks for that link. I can't believe I hadn't not come across this one before, especially as the blog hosts at least one of my own modest creations. Well, I've rectified that particular oversight and am now following.

Hi to you too, Ulver. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond - somehow I overlooked both your and Charles' comments. I haven't been able to try playing it myself due to a computer problem but I hope to give it a go sometime this week. Meanwhile I'm going to post up a link and a short mention today, Tuesday