Thursday, 9 February 2017

Straight Back Home After the Dentist

STRAIGHT HOME AFTER THE DENTIST - A taster from a collection of ‘new’ Benson’s  - and new ‘takes’ on old Bensons  - based on work done for the great man by garth Toyntanen and Angela Fox

Yes, the girl's court appointed legal guardian's orthodentic friend has worked her usual magic - there's nothing like it when it comes to the task of begining to bring a headstrong, previously pampered and indulged image-consious young thing down a peg or three!

I bet you've no IDEA how long I struggled to get those teeth braces in reflection - and I bet if I hadn't eluded to 'em in the text nobody would have even noticed!

Thoughts anyone?


Das Flute said...

The attention to detail is what makes your work - the effort shows and it's what elevates your stuff ahead of the others to the huge degree it is. I assume the toilet and the hand were there in the original, but the enema and the scissors were added by you?

Charles Ryder said...

I like it! I hope there's a story at the end of it

It's alluded btw