Thursday, 9 February 2017

Straight Back Home After the Dentist

STRAIGHT HOME AFTER THE DENTIST - A taster from a collection of ‘new’ Benson’s  - and new ‘takes’ on old Bensons  - based on work done for the great man by garth Toyntanen and Angela Fox

Yes, the girl's court appointed legal guardian's orthodentic friend has worked her usual magic - there's nothing like it when it comes to the task of begining to bring a headstrong, previously pampered and indulged image-consious young thing down a peg or three!

I bet you've no IDEA how long I struggled to get those teeth braces in reflection - and I bet if I hadn't eluded to 'em in the text nobody would have even noticed!

Thoughts anyone?


Das Flute said...

The attention to detail is what makes your work - the effort shows and it's what elevates your stuff ahead of the others to the huge degree it is. I assume the toilet and the hand were there in the original, but the enema and the scissors were added by you?

Charles Ryder said...

I like it! I hope there's a story at the end of it

It's alluded btw

Chas said...

Of course, she is obviously in need of the use of that dreaded, institutional, black-handled, straight razor at her sex. A full and complete shaving of the cunnus is regarded as absolutely essential to proper institutional hygiene. A daily, visual and fingertip inspection detects any girl who has managed to evade the procedure during morning hygiene. While a straight razor may seem antiquated compared to modern disposables, it takes decades to wear out and is never out of stock, so it is absolutely reliable, as is so necessary to the routine of the institution, and most importantly for the nurses who use it on the young women in their charge, it commands respect. Nearly all the nurses who use it have sworn that they will never trade it for a cheap disposable. Of course, there is a learning curve with regard to the subtleties of its use by new nurses, at the expense of nicked and cut sexes on the part of the inmates, but the experienced nurses merely find such "mistakes" to be profoundly humorous, and have been known to laugh over them for days. The expression, “Her poor little puss was bleeding!”, has been known to send even the most severest of nurses into paroxysms of uncontrollable laughter.