Wednesday, 16 March 2016

An Intriguing Italian Language Blog - And a New Game in Development
It's been ages since I've added a new blog to my list (well I HAVE added one or two from time to time I haven't told you about - best check out the blog listing over in the right hand sidebar).  Anyway: I’ve just come across an intriguing Italian language blog - see above.  As usual it was while looking for something else – but that’s how it goes (click on pic above to visit or look in the blog link section over in the right hand sidebar – just scroll down 'till you find it).  It seems very much along the lines of the ‘employer becomes the maid and vice versa’ kind of theme and akin to the ‘reduced status’ or ‘social demotion’ type of scenario – all good stuff!

Meanwhile, yours truly has been commissioned to come up with ideas for a new role playing game currently under development from the people that brought you SELECTACORP, CORPORATE RAIDER etc –which was what I was working on when I came across the above blog. Click here to go to CORPORATE RAIDER 3 or click on the pic below to go to their forum to read more.
 I’ll provide an entire article comprising a more complete, more full description of the new game and progress report, together with snap shots of the slides and proposed storyline, next time – most probably this Friday or failing that (because I’m away from home most weekends) late this coming Monday afternoon (UK time).  It’s an exciting project – so keep ‘em peeled!  

Finally: The reason I’ve been away for a while is because my mother recently suffered complications following  what should ordinarily have been a fairly straightforward eye cataract operation but which was complicated by the fact that she suffers from a fairly rare form of glaucoma in the eye concerned.  This resulted in a complete (and probably permanent)  loss of vision in that eye and several back-to-back hospital appointments (still on-going; the next is tomorrow) and of course in addition to being escorted to and from said hospitals she needed someone to stay with her for a few days to help administer eye drops, bathe the eye and watch over her while things settled down.  I did take my laptop with me and was able to do a little writing, working on and nurturing the 3 – 4 books I have part-completed and growing on its hard drive, but as you can imagine little else was possible (not least because she does not have any kind of internet access).  It doesn’t help that immediately before this happened I’d taken a few days off when a friend offered to stand me a few drinks while touring around various pubs (he writes about pubs – nice career move!) though I did manage to get some writing done and opened up more of a Twitter pathway than I had by tweeting on various subjects (not JUST spanking – the culture of queuing and the ‘we’re short staffed’ excuse becoming more and more prevalent here in the UK is a favourite subject  of mine).   See you next time!


Ulver said...

Delighted to hear that you will be joining in the development of Selectacorps new offering. Reading many of your novels I have often thought you would make an excellent consultant when it comes to redirecting the untoward ambition and excessive self confidence of young women in more socially useful directions. Your artwork would seem ideally suited as well

Sorry to hear about your family health issues, but glad to know you are working on your novels.

GhostWriter said...

Sorry about your mother, hope she's doing well now. The new blog looks okay but have you considered taking out some of the links you have. Some of them hasn't been updated for over a year.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Ulver.

I only hope I can add something which will do the game justice. To be honest I haven't got too far as yet; I created an account for the forum the day before yesterday and have been largely working through other people's suggestions and ideas on the game's forum so as to not re-invent the wheel as it were, but that has been largely due to an unforeseen problem arising which clobbered a large chunk of Wednesday's time slot, and having to escort my mother to a hospital appointment yesterday which in one way or another pretty much used up the whole day. However I have the wake up until the kids get home from school - so I'm sure I'll come up with something useful.

The artwork (if I can call it that, since it is largely phot manips)is something I've always enjoyed but it has developed in leaps and bounds since my early book cover attempts, not least through the experience I gained working with Roger Benson re-arranging and augmenting his artwork, but I put in so much time and effort into that project it is somewhat galling to see it fall by the wayside because of a falling-out...Oh well... Perhaps it will yet pay its way one way or another.

Toyntanen said...

Hi GhostWriter (what a great name / ID!)

Yeah you're right. I've been considering for some time running through and removing some that haven't been updated for a given length of time, perhaps 6 months or so. Some of the French blogs in particular seem to have fallen into disuse I noticed. On the other hand there are those like 'The Girl in the Striped Pyjamas' which although they haven't been updated for some considerable time still have merit to visit for those coming new to this blog or who have for some reason yet to vist the site concerned. It can be hard to decide, but sometime in the near future, when I have more time I'll run through and cut out some of the 'dead wood'.

On a similar vein: It is saddening (and frightening - will this blog be next?)to witness the demise of 'Mr Tawse'!!! Anyone know what happened? Is there another cull going on? Anyone know how I can easily transfer this blog and its content (stretching back to August 2008 remember)to Wordpress, say, or somewhere similar?

Right, that's it for today - I'm going back to the Selectorcorp project.

GhostWriter said...

Don't know what happen to Mr Tawse but I noticed the new blog IA DOMESTICA RISPONDE is the same as the Italian Maid blog link. I don't think there's a need for 2 links to the same blog. If you want a replacement, may I suggest another site on blogspot called Lady2maid. It's pretty similar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Garth,

Nothing to do with the post (though very glad to hear you are getting involved with SelectaCorp) but I came across this movie a while ago and meant to pass the link on to you, and it passed my mind until now:

-Das Flute

Toyntanen said...

Hi there Das Flute. A very welcome return. Not heard from you for a long time. At least not directly, though I've 'seen' you around, in the form of 'liking' and rebloging stuff off my Tumblr account, which is always gratifying. I always remember meeting up for a very pleasant afternoon and a few beers at Kings Cross station. I'm still working on that plotline we'd been discussing, the 'Red Letter Day' thing, incidentaly; its been mostly finished for a long time but I have been having difficulty editing it and starting it off. Many thanks for the link. I'm away from home for the weekend and limited to my phone as far as the internet is concerned (my laptop has a problem with connecting, though I can write on it ok) but I'll take a look when I get home tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Polyxena said...

Your mention of my blog, The Girl In The Striped Pyjamas, has prompted me to begin posting it again, since the original version disappeared some time ago. It can be found at .. more chapters will follow, so please relink it.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Polyxena. Thanks for the update…. No sooner said than done! I’ve just this minute changed your entry over in the blog list to the new address, keeping the same title ‘The Girl in Striped Pyjamas’.

Good to see you back on the scene! I’ve always enjoyed the series.

Toyntanen said...

Hi there Das Flute

Would you believe it? I only just got around to viewing that film trailer you posted a link to back in march! The usual thing - if I don't action something as soon as it comes in it tends to fall by the wayside as other stuff pops up demanding my attention; and there's been a lot of that, what with the trouble I'd been having with my internet connection providers and some other personal / family stuff. Sorry - my bad! I'm going to try imbedding the trailer in a blog entry, as I'm sure others would be as intrigued as I was and not everybody bothers to open the comments section. One observation @I made near immediately was that I do think the filmmaker's props people could have splashed out on some proper signage for the doors and so on. On the other hand, the somewhat childlike hand written signage somehow tends to lend a sort of sinister, nightmarish edge - at least in my mind; I'd be interested in what others think about this. Any views, folks?