Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Yep!  As you may have guessed from the discrepancy (never 'disconnect' - discrepancy, disparity even; but never ever, bloody 'disconnect')  between the picture title and this post’s heading. today's offering should have been titled PREFERRED TRAINING OUTCOMES - 1: EXPRESSING HER GRATITUDE, but I messed up and don't want to spend the time going back on it now because I want to get some writing done.  I shouldn't have been messing about with this one really, but I was tweaking something by Angela Fox she'd sent me to look at and that gave me an idea and while searching around for a couple of bits and bobs on the Internet for use in that I came across the various elements I have put together here.

I am presently thick with fluey cold virus anyway and can't get out to the gym or anything so I figured I had plenty of time in hand and could afford an hour or so to sling a few bits together for my own amusement.  Of course it didn't just TAKE an hour or so - these things never do - and now I'm beating myself up about it and having wasted so much time; on the other hand it wouldn't too bad as a cover design I guess, at least as a starting point.  

I'm not sure how well this is going to look on your particular monitor, so if it looks a bit washed out try boosting the contrast, if you download it, in whatever photo viewer etc you use.  It looks better if a bit on the dark side of things. I made up two variations.  This is the darker version of the two (in terms of shade and light not storyline) but the two screens I use are both displaying it differently - and I don't know which one to 'beleive' as it were.  I performed a whole alignment procedure a couple of weeks back when I got a new monitor (second hand, obviously) but I’m gonna have to re-align and calibrate them again (I think my kids have been messing with ‘em).  But not not right now coz I have some writing to do!  

I am presently reworking and extending the section you read last time, fixing stuff and trying to work out what those damn gloves should look like and how to best go about painting their picture in words (which is what it is all about) without out going on and on for pages and pages, getting bogged down in the minutia and losing those readers not so enamoured and enraptured by the fine detail.  

I know exactly what their design features are, their function and what they are supposed to do and not do. I can see 'em in my mind's eye and am satisfied they could exist and could be manufactured (even in a domestic setting) form simple easy to acquire materials and with simple tools and would behave exactly as I later describe in the work (you'll have to wait for that bit I'm afraid!). All I need now do is translate those mental images into the written word and get them down on the page - sound's simple doesn't it?  

But anyway, I have at least ironed out some problems; so now the girl gets to keep the same name throughout, for example - though it is still shortened to 'Mandy'.  

Actually I knew someone called 'Mandy' once.  She was actually Dr Amanda Something-or-other P.h.D. - and the type that took no prisoners  - but it is was great fun to refer to her as 'Mandy', not in malice though; I really quite liked her (don't ask!)...

Oh look! I've digressed again... Oh well... 

Anyway, feedback is always welcome as are writing and pictorial commissions - but mostly the latter.

PS:  Did I say I originally intended to title the above pic 'STEPMUM'S VISIT 1: '?  I'm not sure why I backed away from that, but as I say above, feedback always welcome, so why not let me know which you'd have preferred and (preferably) why - if you can put your finger on it; and I often can't.  Seee Ya!


watson said...

While I like both captions, I prefer the one you choose. There is always the heat from a step-parent taking control in this way, especially mental bondage, but between the two choices I feel it is stronger to bring someone to a mental state in which they are grateful for any scrap.

Ulver said...

Please get well soon.

While I love your writing you can on occasion get a bit bogged down in minutia when it comes to details of clothing. Glad to hear you are aware of the issue.
That being said I can’t wait to hear more about the gloves, how they look, how they feel as well as their functionality and their physiological impact. I think they are a very creative idear.

Selectacorps new game concept is about the player taking over an all-girl-college using it to train young ladies into subservience and obedience before selling them of to sponsors. I think the concept would be of interest to you and your readers and we are always happy to welcome new visitors to the board at http://www.selectacorp.com

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email regarding a commission if you are interested (per Ulver's note above)! Cheers, Selecta

Toyntanen said...

I have today replied to say I am absolutely delighted to accept the commission and doubly delighted to be involved in such a stimulating and exciting project. I only hope I can make a worthwhile contribution... Watch this space for an article or two regarding progress, your scribe's contributions and ideas, inspirations arising from the project and a description of the game generally along with the relevant links etc... Hopefully as early as later this week. Probably Wednesday or Friday.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Ulver! Yeah, those gloves seem to have caught many people's imaginations judging by the email feedback I have received since I published that snippet, quite a lot asking for more detailed description. And therein lays the problem (is that good grammar? I'm not so sure) with fetish-based writing; you can't please all of the people all of the time; the true fetishist deamands more and more detail and can never get enough/ too much, while your average reader, or one whose major fetishistic interest differs, finds himself 'page flicking' past what he perceives as repetitive microscopic tedium. It is something I think most often encountered in the world of the bondage aficionado (even pictorially) wherein there is always room for yet another knot or shackle ad absurdum, although forced haircutting literature is often also guilty with ridiculously drawn out stepwise descriptions of shearing and shaving going on page after page (also in orthodontist themes). It is so easy to get carried away, but then there are others only too enthusiastic to encourage that selfsame descriptive over exuberance.

Ulver said...
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Ulver said...

Always a problem with kinky writing: If it doesn’t hit your kink it quickly gets tedious and repetitive. Tough balance to strike but I think I see significant improvement in your writing with the pace picking up.

Once I have enough information to form a firm image in my mind of how a device works or a piece of clothing look I prefer the writer moves on. Going into some additional details on the psychological impact can be useful as well – I love it when you let us get into the mindset of your characters - but my preference would be for you to tighten your prose slightly. That being said I’m hardly in a position to give advice to a published writer.

Delighted to hear you have accepted a commission from Selecta to contribute to his latest game. If you drop by the selectacorp forum please contact me with your username so I can give you access to the workshop was Selecta post work in progress on current games.