Friday, 25 March 2016

Rising From The Ashes - ’THE GIRL IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS' Takes to the Bloggersphere Once Again

Hi Folks!  Happy Easter! (In case I forget later).

I’ve just heard that one of the blogs I mentioned last time as having become defunct has been rehabilitated, reinvigorated, revived (choose to suit yourself) or whatever.   

However you care to term it, the fact that ’THE GIRL IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS' rides again can be no bad thing.  The link is over there in the right hand sidebar in the blog list (filed under T…for ‘THE’ where it’s always been – and under the same title too – but now linking to the new address of course.  My thanks to Polyxena for the update!

At Ghostwriter’s suggestion I have added ‘LADY2MAID’and have removed  ‘ Italian Maids Blog’ as a duplicate. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Ghostwriter’

While I was going about the above aforementioned task of updating that particular link I took the opportunity to remove a few dead links which had come to my attention.  Thus the following have been deleted from the blog listing:    

Curious QBuzz
Female Orgasm Denial (The)
Girl Spanked
girls pyjama spanking
Intimate Invasions (Enforced Enemas)
Mr Tawse
Mr Whacker
Poppy's Submissions
Punishment Films News
Reflections on Red
School Knickers
Spanking Hungary erotikus
Spanking The Shamrock
Spanking Porn Blog
Spanking Spot

If any of these still exist, perhaps under a different name or hosted elsewhere, and anyone knows the link address / addresses, please let me know.

‘Spanking Art’   I removed because it hadn’t been updated for an incredible TEN years!  And there was nothing much on there anyway – if there had been some worthwhile content I might have left it along for a while.  Similarly I removed  ‘The Condign Blog’ – updated FOUR years ago - and ‘The art of corporal punishment’ which was last updated THREE years ago.

There are doubtless many more, and I also took the opportunity to change the blog listing settings to flag up the date of last update so that at some point I can more easily run through and prune out some more of the dead wood – but for now I am hard at work wracking my brains over a somewhat challenging, though stimulating, project I’ve been working on (see below re SELECTACORP) and don’t really have the time.
‘Tan Her Hide’ – even though it was last updated SEVEN years ago – I have let be at the moment, since it houses some interesting material which not everybody will have seen and also an extensive series of blog links, a few of which are not presently in my blog listing here but seem to be active and worthy of a visit at some point when I have time, which I haven’t at the minute since I am busy working through the documentation from SELECTACORP covering their new upcoming roleplaying game ‘CELESTA UNIVERSITY: DEGREES OF DEPRAVITY’ – of which I’ll report more in my next posting (which may well be as soon as this very evening or early tomorrow morning, depending on what I mange to get done).

By the way: ‘Red Lion Street’ I deleted because it has been made ‘invitation only’ - and I have no idea how one goes about getting ‘invited’!  Please let me know if you know how.

See y’all later!


summertime75 said...

Good to see "The Girl in the Striped Pyjamas" is back, I enjoyed the original and hopefully this one will be completed. Thanks for the link.

Vlad said...

Thanks for cleaning up the blog links, now how about the book projects? I saw some teasers on Tumblr for "An Ordinary House" which sounds like the home based version of Institutionalized that I have been waiting for so please get something published before going down the rabbit hole of Selectacorp.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Summertime75! I kind of hope it HAS no ending - I know EVERYTHING has to end sometime, but I kind of like keeping it hanging on in there, or left open-ended. But that's just me.

I HATE a happy ending - and I hate the 'turning-the-tables kind of twist even more so - but I utterly abhore the kind of poorly disguised 'snuff' ending as comes at the end of ELAINE COX: A WELL REARED TOMBOY for example (although I LOVE the rest of the book). From-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire, on the other hand, or the no-win heads-or-tails choice ath the end of a tale can be quite frankly delicious!

Toyntanen said...

Hi Vlad. Well I have to say I already have a least one foot down the Selectacorp rabit hole, but I am still adding to the various writing projects i have running. It's just that the ORDINARY HOUSE thing has had several false starts, a couple of which have actualy digressed to become part of other projects, and I am trying to make it different and exciting, incorporating some fresh ideas, rather than a direct domesticated version of INSTITUTIONALISED - which is something I am trying to avoid - while at the same time trying to keep at least a HINT of plausability; and all that takes time.

Vlad said...

I'd be fine with a mostly direct domesticated Institutionalized since I like all the details of uniform, restraint and embarrassing undergarments. I just want an end to the Toyntanen book drought.

Ulver said...

I too am eagerly awaiting more books. On the other hand seeing Toyntanen’s writing in a Selectacorp game would be almost as interesting as a novel. Really hope the collaboration works out – can wait to see Toyntanen’s approach.

BTW Toyntanen, I upgraded your forum status so you should have full access to everything on the Selectacorp board now.

Toyntanen said...

Many thanks for that, Ulver, I'm sure that'll be useful when I get back to it. I've been away and was under the impression that I was to be back Friday just gone and hoped to have had time then, but we arrived back last night (I'd got the dates wrong) but I'm now at the other half's place and so won't now be active till this coming Tuesday or Wednesday which is a real pain since it is difficult to maintain continuity with all these breaks what with easter and all and so many ideas fade or get jaded with time if not followed up in a timely enough fashion. I think that is why I currently have so many started and half finished writing projects on the go. It's not such a problem on my side of things regarding the game though, since I have been able to read the email feedback re my initial ideas on my phone and have plenty of time to think about it. Although my planed blog article is way behind schedule though (but I do have all materials and links ect lined up on my home computer ready for when I do get home, which helps)

Ulver said...

You seemed to have gone very quite lately? I confess to being a bit curious to know how things are progressing.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Ulver!
Well as you probably know I forwarded a few ideas re the SelectaCorp University take over game to Fred at Easter, just before I went away on a short break. On my return the school holidays were still on (which of course I knew) but I discovered that there had been some sort of change of plan whereby rather than staying with their grandma all the way through (as I'd expected)I had first one and then a bit later on in the week, both, staying here with me - which made things pretty much impossible since none of the stuff I work on is exactly what might be termed 'child friendly'. They only went back to school last Tuesday, because the day before (Monday - when I'd expected them to disappear) was deemed something the school calls an 'incept day' (which seems to be a day off for teachers or something - I don't understand it to be honest)... so ANOTHER day lost!!!

But on that particular Tuesday I had a course to attend (I'm taking on a little voluntary physiotherapy / rehabilitation work to gain experience to add to the gym instructor / personal trainer qualification I gained at the tail end of last year). The next day (Wednesday) is the ‘other-half's day off (she works part time) which left Wednesday to get some work done.

But in the meantime while I was away the other half had arranged for us to change internet service providers. Now THIS was to be (she'd been promised) a seamless change over and entirely transparent to us..., not really. At one point I discovered (after running a broadband speed test) we were still connected to the original provider. Now THAT service is capped, so I disallow the kids from watching vids / Youtube and downloading movies and music etc, but of course the kids had been making full use of our shiny 'new' uncapped service ever since the scheduled changeover day (which had actually been while I was away)which potentially is a financial disaster to me since their exceeding the data cap is likely to have multiplied the expected £11.99 per month fee several times over, the money comes straight out my bank account, I'm unemployed and have not budgeted for it.

It might not sound much but an extra £50-60 taken off me (which it can easily be - it has been before, which is why we're changing service providers)is quite a financial blow. Anyway: Obviously I complained – and they said it would be 'looked into'... And the internet connection promptly went down.

When I got our connection back it was only to find that the new system was on line... but so also was the original system, since apparently (I was informed) my original provider had refused (or at least, failed) to release the line. Now, two lots of data coming down the same line ant good - yeah it will work, but at nothing like full speed.

By this Friday just gone - after we'd complained to both sets of providers - BOTH systems had gone down as BOTH service providers disconnected their equipment. You couldn't make it up, as I'm over-fond of saying - and in the midst of all this mess I've had to go back and forth across to my mother's place on fairly regular intervals to fetch shopping, help her put eye drops in and so on (not ordinarily a MAJOR chore in itself - even though I don't drive - but along with everything else!!!

Toyntanen said...

...continued... (Sorry about that, Ulver - I ran out of space.)

You know – I have never had SO many things go awry at the same time and so many complications crop up. I've had internet problems before - ANOTHER reason for ditching my old provider - but not so many other coincidental factors cropping up. Ok, timing has had something to do with it, in that I took the SelectaCorp commission just before I was due to travel and with Easter on the horizon, but even so... It's been exasperating!

I don’t get many commissions as it is, but no sooner did I accept the SelectaCorp work than the sky started falling in – and the LAST thing I like to do is let people down; I like to think I have integrity.

Well the GOOD news is, I was able to prepare a blog article featuring the new upcoming SelectaCorp game on Friday, even though I was unable to upload it. I've been away from home for the weekend (I'm away most every weekend)but assuming I have an internet connection when I get home later today (the 'other' half texted me to say she found it back on, first thing this morning)I'll run through, tweak it a bit, collate the pictures and stuff and get it uploaded later this afternoon….I hope!