Wednesday, 30 December 2015

At The Stroke of a Pen: From Beach Belle To Inmate!

With my desktop computer on its last legs (I left it running all over Christmas for fear it would not boot up again once turned off) I thought I'd do one more thing before it goes under the knife, so to speak.  I've been away for Christmas (nowhere exotic - insufficient funds - just a lady friend's place) but am back home for a couple of days leading up to New Years Eve and with the kids still away at their Gran's and the flat to myself (more importantly, the kitchen table as a makeshift theatre) now would seem the perfect time to perform the necessary surgery.  And I've determined tomorrow shall be the red letter day - so wish me luck!

So here is the Garth Toyntanen interpretation of (take on) one of Bobby Venice’s Deviant Art ‘rejuvination’ pics (Google Bobby Venice and Deviant Art), this interpretation inspired by one of my storylines.  To be honest this is an unfinished work and is waiting for annotation and / or speech bubble but I thought I’d put it out now since my computer could fail at any moment.  It could do with a little refinement here and there too, for example it is a little ragged and there is quite a lot of fringing around some of the elements which ordinarily I'd deal with - but as I say, I'm pushing my luck already as it is!  I'll return to it at a later date once my computer issues have been sorted - AND get that new book out I have been harping on about for so long, 

 It brings together several elements you will have seen before, such as the rubber or polythene (you decide) mental patient dress, the cane and commode stool.  The background (beds, nurse-station desk ect) is from something created for me long ago by Angela Fox for an illustrated version of my third book: INSTITUTIONALISED 3: A CONTINUUM OF DISCIPLINE.

So there you have it  - possibly the last thing you'll hear from me for a while if tomorrow's surgery doesn't go well!

A belated Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for a happy and lucky new year!  Hears hoping 2016 works for you, whatever your hopes and desires!  For myself, having passed my level 3 personal trainer qualification, my hope is to quickly build up a stable of clients; specialising in the 'older athelete' with my 'unique selling point' being that as an 'older athlete' myself I'm not asking anyone to do or achieve anything I can't myself; after all, a twenty-something gym god can be a little intimidating if not downright demotivating after a certain age.  Well, that's my belief anyway!


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