Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Nurse Helena Vid- And a Happy and Peacful New Year to All

Hi once again folks for one more time, certainly the last for 2015 and possibly for some time, depending on my desktop computer’s reaction to its upcoming surgery – the kitchen table awaits! 

I had been intending to operate yesterday but got distracted by various other commitments, for which I’m now glad - and luckily I had left the computer running - because thanks to contributor, ‘Candii’, who has clearly been picking through the Internet with a fine toothed comb, I can now share with you the second part of that Nurse Helena video I posted some time back.   

For those of you who have yet to view the first part or would like reminding I have included the first part again here also (above), to save you the bother of searching the archive - part two follows on below…ENJOY!!!  As I've said before, the imagery at least (even if not the actual storyline) in the Nurse Helena material (especially the 'stills' - of which I have built up quite a collection now, thanks in no little part to the self same 'Candii') is the closest I have ever come across (other than the stuff I have created myself for my own satisfaction, some of which I have shared with you in the past) to that I attempt to evoke in my writing, particularly the INSTITUTIONALISED series. 

I’m now shutting down this computer for the last time in it’s present configuration for repairs, but can still read and respond to emails, comments etc from my smart phone.



Anonymous said...

I came across this clip on Youtube, which reminded me about the working house. Unfortunately it is rather short and focuses primarily on "action":

Toyntanen said...

Are you talking about another Nurse Helana vid, Anonymous? If so, the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned! Actualy, for myself I prefer the 'stills' since the underlying story line is usually left open to interpretation to a greater extent. But the problem I have at the moment is that I'm limited to what I can do with my mobile phone, and one of the things it seems it can't do is follow your link directly.

Toyntanen said...

Actually, while I'm here, this seems as good an opportunity as any to keep y'all abreast of developments at Chez Toyntanen. Presently I have one of my two screens in pieces, spread all over my bed and the main computer hanging on by a thread and attempting to identify and repair bad sectors / files on its failing hard drive in an attempt to put off fitting a new drive until U can get my book out, ir sime part if it. I doubt it'll work, and if so I'll hopefully get the new drives fitted tomorrow. The dead screen comes down to a fried capacitor in the output of the drive circuitry for one of the cold cathode backlight devices (SO fried, that the component crumbled to the touch leaving only its twol leads protruding from the circuit board). Of course it is a specialised part proving hard to source... And I doubt I'll ever get the screen back together in any case!!!