Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Seen But Not Heard: The Shock Collar

This one is part photo manip by yours truly, Garth Toyntanen, based on - and inspired by - the plot of one of my unfinished upcoming books, and part 3D computer generated art produced by someone well known in the area but who doesn’t particularly want to be identified with my interpretation.

I actually created this some time back, but held back on publishing it until I'd asked permission, and then until I got around to removing the original signature from the computer generated element...  And then I forgot about it altogether - until now.  But I've not been able to do any writing today anyway (see below) and had reason to check thorough my files and folders (also see below), so when I blundered into it again I thought I might as well get it done, finished and 'out there'.  

I may be away a while, incidentally.  My RAID 0 hard drive system (2 X 10,000 RPM Raptors) is showing signs of failing; I’ve backed up and created a cloned drive to restore from, and I’m all set to swap over to a brace of SSDs (larger) - but once I switch off, I doubt it’ll reboot again until the hard drive change-over is complete.  

And It won't be as easy as it sounds coz I'll probably have to run the new drives in RAID 0 too (which is not RAID at all of course - as I've said before), since otherwise I'll not have sufficient storage space, or I'll have to host Windows on one disc and the data files on the over.  But whatever happens - at least I've everything backed up one way or the other.  

The funny thing is; only a couple of weeks ago I was in email correspondence with somebody who'd just had a fatal computer crash.  It made me check my own preparations in that regard - and of course, need I say, it turned out my last backup was way back in June 2014!!!  So when it took circa 12 boot attempts this morning, had the worst come to the worst, the majority of the important stuff was already backed up...  Oh well...sigh!... here goes...

PS: Seen the comments!  Will get back to you from my phone if I can't get this thing up and running again in a timely fashion.


Anonymous said...

Should the shock be applied rather lower down than the neck?

Toyntanen said...

I think the important point is for the TRIGGER to be detected at the neck / throat. The site of'negative enforcement' I leave to the imagination of the reader.

Anonymous said...

Hey-- you're in my new game Mysteria Lane: