Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Perfect Domineering School Matron - Some Thoughts From A New Blog Worthy of Exploration

Hi, again folks!  I trust you’re all sitting comfortably – yes?  Then, I’ll begin.  And it’s difficult to know WHERE to start – so much has happened recently… Err… No it hasn’t!  Not really.  Same old grind: gym session in the morning for cardio / fat burning and weights in gym in the evening for strength and muscular hypertrophy (some hope!); and in between, a little writing, sitting in a nearby coffee bar or pub (but on coffee only!).  But at least now that the gym instructor / personal trainer (PT) course has ended it is only two or three times per week, freeing up more time to get back to some more serious writing (I can’t deal with all those short stops and starts) and all those unfinished projects, photo manipulations and artwork.  

Talking of which (artwork - if you can call it that): I threw together a corporal punishment enforced punitive exercise and disciplne style photo manip based on that 'plank' core exercise photo I posted last time.  The best place to see it is probably on my Pineterest account (click right here - on this spot - to view) although it is also available on my Tumblr account (please follow, if you don't already!). 

Going back to the gym course: I only wish I had the results from the written assignment / case study so that I knew whether or not I am officially qualified as a PT and can start to look for a few clients to begin earning a little money (and indulge myself in a little – modest; very – celebration of some sort).  You’ll be the first to know when the result comes through (ok; second to know – Twitter will get it first… err…Would you believe third to know?  My mum’ll get the nod first – unless she’s on the phone!).  It’ll be annoying if I DO end up having to re-do the written course work coz I only dropped six questions in four exams – and one of those was because I somehow neglected to enter it on the answer sheet, and another was because I’d miss-read the bloody question!  What a wan*%$*….beeeep…!!!!

Meanwhile – now I have a little free time – I came across a new (ish – new to me anyway) blog by QBuzz.  Now he has had a blog listed here before, but one which is now deceased it seems (I MUST remember to remove it).  His new version is called ‘Spanking, cuckoldand bi’(click to visit – or see entry in right hand sidebar blog list) – which I know is not everyone who visits here’s proverbial cup of tea but the F/M side of it will float some people’s boat (not mine particularly, but hey!) and there is a substantial amount of F/F content too.  I can’t quite remember what search terms I was using when I came across it (it was Friday just gone and I was in a rush / panic) but some of his manipulated drawings came up featuring the strict, domineering school or hospital matron handing out a caning or spanking – which is of course one of my fave themes, albeit in control of young ladies - (see above and below) along with the following text:      

 The perfect School Matron (by QBuzz)
A school matron might be the only woman on the staff of a posh finishing school, but no doubt the pupils fear her more than all but the most severe masters. You only have to think of breaking one of her myriad and ever-changing rules and you'll find yourself over her knee, getting a taste of her hairbrush on your bare bottom. And if she feels you aren't properly penitent (or she just fancies a good show in the afternoon) she'll march you down to the headmaster for six of the best on the spot.

The perfect school matron is probably a stout lady from the north of England, dressed in the traditional navy blue garb with timepiece clipped to her breast so she can see when all those naughty boys are late. It would delight her to be able to discipline the sons of stuck-up bankers, doctors and accountants, most of them from ‘down south’ where as far as she is concerned everyone runs riot in an orgy of indiscipline.

Imagine the scenes in a dormitory run by such a creature. Every evening a line of boys stand quaking outside Matron's room, listening to the squeals of the boy before them - usually Henry Hancock - as she spanks his bare bottom bright purple. Matron really has it in for young Henry this term. Has he been breaking her new 'no home comforts' rule? Has the headmaster had a quiet work identifying him as 'one to keep an eye on'? It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Henry is a grammar school boy on a scholarship would it? And as for you... You and your friends  weren't in your pyjamas by 8pm sharp?

Now you'll be supplying Matron's entertainment for the evening, rotating between corner time and squirming across her stockinged lap for the next 3 hours. And even the teachers aren't exempt: 'Think you’re too big for punishment eh? Sneaking out with Mr Winders to the pub after lights out! I don’t care if you’re both old enough to drink, in my book that’s grounds for a leathering any day! And I’ll be having a quiet word with Mr Winders when I’m done with you two!'

Once you've left school, there's still no escaping those merciless matrons. You'll no doubt be in hospital at some point, where you'll find that once again it's the hairbrush-wielding harridan who runs the show. Perhaps your wife will hire your old school matron to keep you and your sons in line during the summer holidays?
And if you're unlucky enough to find yourself in prison, there'll no doubt be a prison matron to carry out all sorts of humiliating and intimate examinations. Though you'll probably be more worried about the 'intimate examinations' your cellmates are carrying out on you by that point!

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QBuzz said...

Thanks for the tribute :) If anyone's interested there are 4 more manips in this series on my blog, showing hospital, community and prison matrons spanking away!