Friday, 27 November 2015

More Admission Procedures: Crossing Over that Psychological Line

You know - I’ve always been a fan of the artist known as ‘Barb’, except her work tends to be F/m and the subject of the disciplinarian’s righteous zeal and is often worryingly youthful in appearance.  But not ALL her work has been F/m by any stretch of the imagination, the imaginative forms of humiliation she has dreamed up and the manner in which she is able to portray the effect all this has on her unlucky subjects is second to none, in my humble opinion - and her portrayals of stern-faced nurses in those traditional uniform dresses and aprons we all love to see are just to good to be ignored, even if the theme is not always my ‘thing’. 

So here is something that IS up my tree, a sort of ‘mash-up’ of two Barb’s stitched together, with a couple of alterations and a few additions from various other sources have been thrown in for good measure.  Those of you familiar with Barb’s work will undoubtedly recognize the two main drawings which have been used and even those of you NOT so familiar, will I’m sure, have come across one or the other while poking around. 

The storyline which instantly suggests itself could very much fit with the sentiment behind any number of works by yours truly, Garth Toyntanen (particularly one of the unfinished new ones), even in the absence of annotation – and sometimes that’s better, if it allows the imagination to fill in the gaps and thus tailor it to the individual’s tastes…but there you go!

PS: Did you see what I did there – the passive voice (‘…which have been used…’ or ‘…have been thrown in…’)?  Yep – a throwback to my science days I’m afraid.  In science writing (in papers intended for peer-reviewed journals) you never DO anything yourself - oh no!.  It just sort of happens, just takes takes place: “Calcium carbonate was added to copper sulphate and a colour change was observed…”

PPS:  Still no news form the folk behind the gym instructor / personal trainer course I attended through much of autumn as to whether there is a problem with my written coursework or not. So as of this moment in time I still don’t know if I’m through the latter part of it (personal trainer) and thus I cannot yet apply for inclusion on the Register of Exercise Professionals.  Because of that I cannot take on any clients at present, which I’d have liked to have done ASAP post course while, not only was it all still fresh in my mind (the stretches and things I wouldn’t ordinarily use myself as part of my program), but my confidence as regards the teaching aspect was still high.  I’d like to celebrate – but right now I don’t feel confident I necessarily have anything to celebrate!  

Now I'm off to the gym...bye...           

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