Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What I've Discovered, What I've Been Up To - And Where I've Been!

So… you might have been wondering where I’ve been, since my posts have dropped of so much of late. Well I’ve been involved in taking a gym instructor / personal trainer course. I already hold a M.Sc in human nutrition - and spend a large percentage of my time in the gym, when not writing or preparing photo manips / artworks / captions for my various blogs, website and other outlets - so it kind of made sense, especially since I make so little from the books and affiliate banners and so on. 

Well, I’m glad to be able to report I’ve now passed all exams as well as the two appraised practical teaching assessments, so assuming that my written coursework case study is accepted and doesn’t require any further work, I have now finished and as from tomorrow will be back working on various art / writing projects.

I’ll obviously be working as a personal trainer / nutritionist under my real name and so will be setting up a website and blogs specifically around that facet of my life and kept separate from this, but the thing about that particular career path that appeals IS the ability to choose how much or how little work to take on and to schedule it to allow the continuation of the type of thing I do here and also my writing (I have no less than three part-completed books / novels on my hard drives) while generating (I hope) sufficient income to support myself before my savings finally give out! 

If anyone wants to know more about this new aspect to my life, email me and I’ll pass on the details of my new blog, website etc as soon as as I create them, as for obvious reasons I don’t want to link directly from here or any other of my outlets dedicated to my writing etc. So, to reiterate: I WILL be resuming updating this and my other sites, such as my Pinterest, Blogger and Deviant Art accounts on a regular to semi-regular basis from today onwards.

Many thanks for your patience in continuing to follow me while I've been out of the loop...  But look what I found (see top of this article) on Youtube in the meantime, when I took a break between finishing the level two gym instructor course and beginning the level three personal trainer course, and an old mate stood me a few pints down the pub to celebrate passing that first gym instructor part...and getting 100% in one of the two exam papers!!! (I got 92% in the other... Ok, Ok... I dropped six questions in four papers... But now I'm showing off!).

So how much like one of my plots is that vid, especially the opening moments???  It dates to 2002 apparently, so I can't claim any influence - nor has it influenced me, since I've literally only just come across it.  Ladytron seem to have a knack for writing the sort of kinkily suggestive lyrics that seem to gel with me and my writing - another of their tracks is called 'My Little Runnaway' and is sung in the sort of breathless manner which could imply almost anything one's imagination might dredge up; if that makes sense.  Google it and see / listen (the vid itself doesn't seem to say much - it's all in the lyrics and delivery!).

Now here's an example of how inspiration can arise from the oddest sources (immediately above).  This is an image from some of the course teaching material.  What it actually portrays is how NOT to perform an exercise known as 'The Plank' (a well-known technique for strengthening the so-called core muscles).  All VERY innocent and above board.  But just one glance was enough to get my blood all heated.  

That downward curve in the small of the back (lordosis, technically) and the rearward tilt of the pelvis and upward tilt of the bottom it produces may be contra-indicated for the exercise, but what a perfect disciplinary pose for a slow, systematic and long drawn-out thrashing of her backside, the bottom raised and perfectly presented to the cane or riding crop, especially if the intention is to land the majority of the strikes along that tender junction between her thighs and buttocks and the underside of her bottom, arcing the cane along the sweep of her thighs and then up and under.

Of course she's over dressed in THIS depiction.  I would imagine ultra-thin drum-tight satiny gym shorts or a skin-tight leotard, high-cut so that the majority of her bottom is left bare and defenseless with just the narrowest of gussets, little more than a tight strip of glossy fabric that all but disappears between a pair of nicely separated bottom cheeks.  

The wickedly pliant cane or switch will whistle through the air once every ten seconds for one minute - six strikes in all - then two minutes to recover, still holding the posture, then another six kisses of rattan, bamboo or plaited leather, followed by a further two minutes recovery before a final six strikes are awarded, giving eighteen strokes in all spread over seven to eight minutes, with the slightest loss of composure or posture rewarded by a repeat of the operation the following day.   

A floor-standing mirror will have been set up beforehand or the position taken up before a mirrored wall of the type encountered in a dance studio and the girl obliged to observe herself throughout as her features become more and more distorted by pain and anguish, with suitable penalties in place for closing her eyes or looking away. 

This latter approach is a 'must' if the experience is to become sufficiently deeply ingrained in her memory and psyche and is something which can be reinforced further later on during a one-to-one counseling or psychotherapy session during which she can be made to recall and recount how she felt under discipline, how the recollection makes her feel about herself, how she feels this treatment is changing her and the way she feels about exercise in general and her ambition in general.  All this may then be further backed up by way of her being obliged to write a reflective report or self-critical essay.


Anonymous said...

Hot hot hot!

Toyntanen said...

Many thanks for that, Anonymous - there's been so little feedback I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there! But which bit took your fancy? The intriguing music vid? Or the possibilities suggested by that 'plank' core exercise pose?

By the way, one possibility suggested by the latter can currently be viewed either on my Tumblr blog (here)…


…or my Pinterest account (here).


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