Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Yeah YEAH!!! 500 Followers on Tumblr! And: The Governess / Strict Institutional Nurse Dress - And Now with Added Disciplinary Subject

I can't do any more tonight - the kids are in!  And THAT floor is a nightmare. Tiling is a KILLER when it comes to getting perspective right!  I chose the wrong subject / background here, I know, but I needed something I could get done relatively quickly as a demonstration coz time was running out on me - mostly because I'd spent far too long messing around with women's heads when I should have seen it was a non-starter from the beginning and gone for the cropped close-up / foreground from the start.  I also spent time removing a teddy the girl was holding  - I felt uneasy about that; it had to go!
And here is a fully cropped version for completeness - of course it needs a caption... perhaps later?


Anonymous said...

A correct "processing procedure" is a vital part of an incarceration process.

The arrest for speeding, loitering, suspicion of prostitution (the way girls dress these days!) or the ever popular burned out tail light...

The long wait in the dark, damp, freezing cold jail cell.

The quick run through in court, complete with an oily prosecutor and an angry judge who twists her words against her.

The delightful look of shock on her pretty little face when sentence is passed and the gavel slams down.

The ride out to the prison farm wit the Sheriff listening to the ballgame the whole time.

The strip search, shower, delousing, all with the Sheriff and Warden watching.

If done correctly by the time she's chained up with the other girls and put to work picking cotton, digging ditches, or picking up trash along the road our former Doctor, Lawyer, or corporate executive should already be a convict, with a million-mile-stare and a slack jaw that seems to constantly ask, "Where did I go?"

Toyntanen said...

Oh Yeah, Anonymous! I like that. I like that a LOT! It's a sort of modern take on the Victorian girl of otherwise good character sweapt up into the reformatory system for some extraordinarily minor misdemeanor, perhaps something as simple as a mild swearword within earshot of some influential chap with a penchant for a pair of well developed bottom cheeks, wide innocent eyes, a pretty nose and high firm youthful bossom. Have you seen today's posting, by the way?