Tuesday, 29 September 2015

That Governess or Strict Nurse uniform Dress: Step 5: And Now She Has an Implement Worthy of Her Station!

And now she does indeed have an implement worthy of her station!  I decided on a paddle - what do you think?  We're getting there.  Now we need a subject or target on which to practise her disciplinary zeal and THAT depends on the type of scenario... hmm...let's see... I think I quite like the idea of that 'institutional care within the home' type of thing, as it does seem to have struck a chord with some...

Oh, and I've sorted out the slight white fringing that was around the legs!  The paddle and the wrist strap are two different objects from two different sources incidently.


Anonymous said...

I like the paddle. The holes will ensure puffy white liquid-filled blisters, which after a few days will break and cause even more agony.

Toyntanen said...

Yes! Quite literally a bottom blistering correction!

I wanted to insert a drop-seat pyjama-clad figure with her bottom bared and glowing from a recent chastisement as that would better fit the scenario I have in mind – institutional-type discipline and care but within a domestic environment - couldn’t find an image with a simple enough background which I could adapt within the timeframe I’d allowed myself.