Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Heiress and the Correction Therapist - A Girl's Visit to a Profesional Chastisment Service

Yes, the heiress and the  correction therapist.  Believe it or not but apparently profesional chastisment services such as this  - often within a so called 'house of correction' - did actualy exist in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, and some say survived into a much later time too!  There is something about the concept of a chap being able to take a young lady to such a figure and being able to sit in on the session and watch, as somebody else punishes her, perhaps purely for his own gratification.  Obviously there is somewhat more to it going on here than just simple short-term gratification, and other agenda are afoot, but the principle's just the same - don't you think?.


Frise said...

I found this link about the effects of infrasound, how they cause uneasiness, anxiety, make you feel sick. I've suspected that for a number of years now. I was on a cruise with my wife and we went to see a movie on the ship. The cinema house was just over the engine room and my wife felt sick 30 minutes into the movie. The engine most likely emitted infrasound that we could only sense as vibrations. Imagine an institutional setting where the patient is subjected to this in order to break their self confidence, create anxiety... so many possibilities. Enjoy!

Toyntanen said...

Hi Frise. Thanks for that! Really interesting link! I was going to reply here in full but realised space and the word limit would run out, so for my detailed response please check out my main posting for today, which should be up in a few minutes. Best wishes. Garth