Tuesday, 29 September 2015

That Governess or Strict Nurse uniform Dress: Step 4: Now She Has Legs!

Ok!  Yep!  And now She Has Legs!  AND stockings at that, although of course you, the viewer, can't see that, and OK there is a bit of fringing and I'm not sure I like the colour.  But after spending FAR too long trying, I've had to give up on the head.  Fitting a head empathised the squareness of the shoulders too much and ended up making the image look too 'cartoony', to such an extent that I don't even want to share it with you.  

But I never DID like the collar much and without the nurse's cap - which I would have felt obliged to have fitted her with - there is greater flexibility for the viewer to allocate the figures role in his or her own mind's eye, and her age group too.  So the answer seems to be to crop the image and then use it in a scene in which the uppermost parts are obscured in some manner, whether by perspective or some object in the foreground.  

Now for some props - and a bit of cleaning up around the legs.  But first - another snack break!!!

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