Friday, 7 August 2015

Kathy Anne Feels the Back of the Hairbrush - A Roger Benson Poll...

...written, formulated and produced by the man himself (with a little judicious editing by yours truly).  

This is one of my favourite images of his (though not my MOST favourite - THAT honour goes to an illustration that lacks overt evidence of corporal punishment entirely.  Anyone guess which one that might be?  Come on; they're all out there on the 'net, it just needs a little detective work.  Why not send in a link as a comment, and we'll see who out there knows me best! 

Incidentally, for some weird reason - which I can't put my finger on (perhaps it has something to do with the era depicted?) I much prefer this in the original monochrome.  Anyone out there feel the same way?  I know what I'll do - I'll tack on a question of my own, right at the end, and you can let me know.  

Finally: I have to say I've been delighted at the response to my female masturbation poll, but somewhat surprised at the preferences voiced thus far - of which more next time.


When Mrs. Goodchild became President of the Pleasantwon Bridge Club -- in addition to already being President of the Ladies Aid Society -- she knew she would have to create some time saving strategies to cope with her busy schedule!

One of these was requiring her pretty, shapely curvaceous 18 year old daughter, Kathy Ann, to report for her spankings with her buttocks already bared for discipline!

Naturally, at her grown up age, poor Kathy Ann found this considerably embarrassing - but not, as far as Mrs. Goodchild was concerned; to Mrs Goodchild that was simply part of the punishment!

In the picture we can see a tearful Kathy Ann, bare from the waist down except for her off white garter belt, sheer nylon stockings, and tight fitting, glossy white patent leather spike-heeled pumps, retreating to her room -- taking those tiny, "owww, I can barely walk" steps a freshly spanked girl in high spike heels always takes!

Kathy Ann's misbehaviour was forgetting to run an important errand for her Mother and for this she has just spent a most uncomfortable 15 minutes over Mother's knee being lectured while Mr. Hairbrush made his disciplinary point on Kathy Ann's girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous, prettily reddening bare buttocks!  Despite her darling daughter's sobs, shrieks, pleas, and promises, Mrs. Goodchild administered the strict hairbrushing she had determined was necessary.  A Diligent Disciplinarian indeed!


How many hairbrush smacks should Kathy receive?

Does Mrs. Goodchild sometimes give her darling daughter a disciplinary enema after a spanking?

In a situation like this, who would you most like to be?

Question 4.      
Why does Kathy Ann wear ultra-sheer, tautly-suspendered nylon  and tight fitting, glossy patent leather pumps with 4 and 1/4 inch spike heels?

Question (4)

Option 1
Because all the pretty, shapely girls do.

Option 2
Because she knows they make her full but shapely legs look even more luscious and that the spike-heeled pumps cause her girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous, tightly-skirted bottom to jiggle and sway with each step, attracting the lascivious looks of male personages.

Option 3
Because she wants to excite and inflame her handsome and muscular boyfriend, Lance Thicker, so on Date Night he will slurpingly tongue kiss her and feel her up as a prelude to the good, hard seeing to the naughty girl so greatly desires. 

Question 5.
 When you look  at Kathy Ann's girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare bottom, do you think she deserves a nice, strict disciplinary sentence at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls where she will be of the "receiving end" (heh heh) of many corporal punishment sessions?

Question (5)

Question 6
 If you think that Kathy Ann SHOULD be sentenced to the Greystone Reformatory For Naughty Girls, do you think she should -- in addition to corporal punishment -- be made to undergo other bizarre and exotic punishment ordeals such as the gravel topped stool, the slowly dissolving menthol suppository in her bum  (with a hard rubber retention plug to prevent its expulsion), or the full-cut but skin tight white cotton panties impregnated with hot mustard.

Question (6)

Question 7
When you look at Kathy Ann's girlishly plump, ripe, curvaceous bare bottom, which of the following would be your strongest preference?

Question (7)

 Option 1
Get the Vaseline out and give her a nice, long, hard bumming tied over the back of a sturdy chair.

Option 2
Give her lower right buttock a pinch that would really make her squeal and jump.

Option 3
Kneel down behind her and lick and kiss her smooth, pale, ripe, curvaceous buttocks all over.


Do you prefer this image in colour or monochrome (B & W)

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