Monday, 3 August 2015

Control and / or Curtailment of Female Masturbation - A Poll and a Chance to Add YOUR Ideas!

Those of you who know my work will recognise that discipline and control are central themes and that the control and manipulation of sexuality have been touched upon as themes several times in the past.  Well now's your chance to influence one of the new pieces I am working on by way of a series of polls,  At the moment the polls themselves are over in the right hand sidebar while the explanations to the asterisk marked response options and so on are set out below in the central text, but tomorrow I shall move them over here in the main text area (I'm too tired at the moment - my Internet connection / phone line has been down and only just come back on - so I'm keen to get something going again - but on the other hand it's 01:30 in the morning; and I'm knackered!).

The next poll will.another one of Roger Benson's, to help with last minuet changes and fine tuning to his book - just as this one is to help me finalise certain sections of one of my new publications (but also to aid plot development) - and should appear here later tomorrow (Tuesday) or early Wednesday at the latest; so keep your eyes open. Ta!

Given a domestic setting, should masturbation be:

Similarly, given a CLINICAL / INSTITUTIONAL setting, should masturbation be:

*         I would differentiate between ‘supervised control’ and ‘supervision’.  By ‘supervised control’ I allude to a situation in which the young lady is not only under close supervision but may also have to observe certain stipulations such as to move her fingers to a certain rhythm or at a certain rate, follow a certain pattern or perhaps be ready to cease and abstain on command prior to culmination and likely under the detailed scrutiny of a person close at hand and able to intervene should non-compliance be encountered.

**        The term ‘ad libitum’ merely means ‘as much or as often as she likes, without outside interference.

***      By ‘observable’ in this context I mean that (as above) she is allowed to masturbate as much or as often as she pleases but that perhaps her door is always left open or perhaps there are surveillance cameras present which may or may not be recording every moment.  Even a bell attached to her bed and mattress or a baby monitor installed in her room may come under this category in enforcing the need for absolute quiet and / or stillness if her private fumblings are not to be brought to the attention of all and sundry.  

****    The term ‘encouraged’ might mean what it says, simple words of encouragement from a close confident or perhaps a councillor of some kind if within an institutional setting.  Alternatively the term might allude to more insidious methods, such as ensuring within her quarters or living space the opportunities for mental stimulation are kept to an absolute minimum – no books, magazines, television or radio and with social contact minimal or nonexistent, that sort of thing, or if literature is allowed to be present there is a high degree of erotic content (which may be subtle / ‘romantic’). 

The latter may be any safe, quiet, private (apparently), comfortable and undisturbed– yet mind-numbingly boring – space or environment wherein masturbation becomes the only outlet and stimulation for the senses.  Even a situation wherein a girl is made to live under an oppressive disciplinary régime under which her every waking moment is subject to restrictions, stipulations and petty rules may qualify for this category if extreme enough and if she is then given sufficient privacy and freedom at night.  And there is no reason all or any of this might not be combined and reinforced by a few reassuring words given by the right party or visits to a councillor and so on. 

Would your answer or response be likely to differ depending on the type of institution?(* see text)

 *       I.e. would your answer depend on whether the institution was penal, educational or clinical / psychiatric, whether it is a legitimately sanctioned establishment such as a government reform school, what we might call a 'semi- legitimate institution' such as a charity run home for the protection of young women in moral peril (of the church 'industrial school' model) where high walls and barred gates vouchsafe and encourage the development of all manner exploitative behaviours, or somewhere totally illegitimate and unsanctioned such as a small private - and extremely secure - 'care home' where an errant wife, or intractable stepdaughter or legal ward might so easily find herself 'put away' no questions asked in return for a regular monthly 'donation'?


Given that under right circumstances and / or psychological reinforcement ‘encouraged’ masturbation

*          I.e. her hand or hands begin to involuntary stray under inappropriate conditions such as when seated in front of the councillor, at her desk or in front of witnesses.

**        Uncontrollable in terms of her self-control – she now masturbates furiously in front of all and sundry, given the opportunity – obviously the behaviour (as always) is still eminently controllable by using physical means to enforce abstinence.    

Again would your answer or response be likely to differ depending on the type of institution?

If the behavior is to be ‘enforced’ in some way, should refusal be met by:

Additional to the above

*        This can mean switching to bedpan use (initially private, then supervised if refusal continues) if ordinarily allowed to use the toilet or to nappy (diaper) use if the bedpan is her usual method.  This would always be an incremental behaviour modification intervention method whatever the start point.  By this I mean that if usually she is allowed privacy for toilet use, for instance, that privacy would be curtailed in the first instance - perhaps through the bathroom or stall door being kept open or removed – then, if refusal continued, close supervision on the toilet would be introduced, then bedpan use in private, then bedpan use under close supervision, then bedpan use under close supervision but positioned in front of a mirror - and so on -  at first being allowed to wipe her own bottom, then having to submit to having it wiped for her or to go without cleaning.    

Actually, it would be interesting to see what level of degradation our quiet, bookish, modest and shy young thing would need to be brought down to before she would submit to masturbating herself under close supervision, not to mention the effect this final surrender would likely have on her delicate psyche and fragile self-esteem.

**        May be used in isolation or in conjunction with the above punitive intervention, but ALWAYS including a strong humiliation component to the proceedings  

***      (see the INSTITUTIONALISED series – can’t remember which volume; sorry!  And also my book: VICTORIAN GOVERNANCE IN THE AGE OF FREEDOM)

If masturbation is to be ENTIRELY prohibited how should abstinence be enforced?

*         By physical methodology I refer to anything that in effect mechanically removes temptation, from mittens on hands and restraints at bedtimes to chastity belts and similar devices. Obviously the surgical removal of the clitoris is an abhorrent process but a similar – but reversible – effect can be had by surgically embedding the offending bud in a tiny vanadium or platinum wire cage sutured into place with tiny wire loops, and I include such devices in this category.

**       By psychological methodology I mean techniques ranging from simple verbal shaming to the deliberate induction of what I would term ‘pre-orgasmic’ or ‘pre-culmination’ anxiety via aversion therapy, negative reinforcement and every station in-between.  


Vlad said...

You have left a wide field here. I think the most scope for interesting treatment of masturbation is in the secret and private institutions of discreet care homes, or home based treatment. Here you could have free rein to engage in forced masturbation, or no masturbation or a combination. I think one of the nastier options would be strict controls to prevent the patient masturbating, combined with sessions of forced masturbation by a staff member while restrained and helpless.
In a religious workhouse setting, I could see strict abstinence through supervision and perhaps mittens at night with more stringent measures as punishment.

Anonymous said...

Absolutly right, masturbation should lead to institutional treatment and punishment in a a high security establishment for a lengthy (and entendable) period. Guilt and frustration should be the result of this sinful and intolerable behaviour! Female masturbators should be brought before "private courts" for the matter to be properly sanctioned. You can not write enough about this topic! Well done.

paulopost said...


the girl that has to endure "suppositories, enemas and / or colonic irrigation" should ask permission to the nurse in order to be able to releave herself.
She asks permission with long and ripetitive phrase to be able to unbotton every single botton of her uniform, When the nurse give permission she has to thank her. Every single error, sign of indecision, stammering and she has to start over again.

Have you ever considered pee desperation?

rather than masturbation, imho, orgasm should be entirely prohibited. Long unsuccessful masturbation sessions will prove that long period of physical restraint and the psychological treatment wera a success!

Anonymous said...

instead of "suppositories, enemas and / or colonic irrigation", involving some anus penetrations, i wish to suggest: purging with 4 quarts of colonoscopy preparation purge OR (better) with a big (60 cc) dose of castor oil NOT the unscented type. And swallowed slooowly with little sips like for a precious wine

Anonymous said...

One can imagine the supervised and encouraged masturbation would prove beneficial to encouraging a girl to come to terms with her latent lesbianism. No matter how straight she was raised or how strictly religious, when the only monotony from the colorless, soundless, featureless cell is the colorful "Girl's Guide to Introductory Lesbianism," and the pretty nurse encouraging you to "masturbate like the book says good lesbians masturbate," she will soon start to associate herself with the proper lesbian mindset.

Anonymous said...

Here's a scenario you could adopt for your plot:

Anonymous said...

Looks like the prohibitionists have a clear lead in your poll and a good thing too! imagine a a scenario, and I think you have touched on this before, of a man wanting his wife put away as he has found a younger model. The wife is brought before a private court who are outraged by clandestine video of her self pleasuring and the vibrators presented as evidence. The enraged 'judge' sentences her to several years corrective training and assures her that she has had her last orgasm!