Wednesday, 12 August 2015

An Entertaining Punishment - And a mouth-Soaping Poll


You would not BELIEVE the amount of time I’ve waisted concocting this thing today, just trying to get that bloody cane to look better.  Talk about obsessive - compulsive syndrome.  Why? Who knows?  I was supposed to be working on finishing off my new book but thought this would just take 20 - 30 minutes or so!  I should have known better!  AND it still isn’t right!  But the other thing to try to get right was that belt – I don’t know why, but I seem to have developed a ‘thing’ about those elasticated crepe nurse’s belts.

The subject is something that has been close to my heart since first reading it being discussed in the Reader’s Letters pages of Janus magazine back in the 1980s and also in the novels of Victor Bruno.  That subject is the concept of punishment handed out purely for the benefit and enjoyment of a third party, especially while that person looks on, a smug, satisfied smile on his or her face.  It has a lot in common with the concept of blameless incarceration, discipline and punishment I have written about before but is subject to strict limitations as far as I am concerned and is entirely divorced from the sort of hard-core suffering depicted in horror / gore movies and so on, such as in the Saw franchise, which just leaves me cold.  But the concept of some pretty, well developed nubile young thing having her bottom tanned with a thin, pliant length of rattan or pliable whippy folded leather belt just because someone finds it exciting is… well…exciting.  Don’t you think?

I’ll be discussing the results from the poll I set a while ago regarding the control of female masturbation next time, when I return from the little trip I’m going on (see below).

By the way, I’m setting out to cycle from London to Clacton (Essex) on the East Coast in a few minutes - a good test for my new knee joint (well, it’s over a year old now – so NOT so new).  Check the comments section of this post for updates on my progress, coz I can update that easily from my phone.  I’ll be taking my laptop and hopefully doing more towards finishing one of the three books I’m working on, taking into account the results of the masturbation poll I set in one particular case. 

Needless to say; if you are in the Clacton area and fancy a pint let me know - either as a comment here or via email - and I can be in the Clacton Wetherspoons opposite the pier later today or tomorrow afternoon, all being well. 

And talking about the new books, I want to ask a question, or rather I want to appeal for a little help, for inspirational purposes.  Perusing the Internet I have come across many images of mouth soaping, but never in an institutional context, always home / domestic and NEVER in the hands of a uniformed nurse or governess.  So does anyone out there have in their collection such an image, photo or artwork? I have considered creating such an image but it is proving difficult to bring together the various elements in a convincing, realistic way.  Perhaps I should ask if anybody is actually that interested in mouth soaping - after all, I need to know it is worth writing about; and my last big poll has already informed me that the sort of psychological punishment I often glory in is not that popular... Hmmm... So here's a poll! 

Do you find mouth soaping an exciting topic / plot element


Toyntanen said...

Just had breakfast at Watham Abby where King Harold - the geezer with an arrow in his eye - is supposed to be buried having just cycled up the River Les tow path. Left home just after. I put up this post

Toyntanen said...

Just leaving Epping, Essex after coffee and sarnies. Back ache, head winds, hilly route, left home WAY too late, packed far too much and shouldn't have brought the laptop because back pack too damn heavy... You name it and I've effed it up! But hey, at least the sun's out!

Toyntanen said...

Have reached Chelmsford, Essex's. countuy town. Serious bach ach for some reason thougn. Having coffee in the Chelmsford branch of my favorite pub chain, Wetherspoons. Just photographed their carpet coz believe it or not there is a Tumblr blog caller 'Wetherspoons Carpets' full of... Yeah, you guessed it... Pictutes of wetherspoons carpets "Because they're all different" as the blog proclaims. Go google it and see!

Anonymous said...

So how was Clacton? Very much looking forward to your dissertation on thr FM problem.

Toyntanen said...

Clacton was nice enough, I guess. Actualy stayed a few miles outside Clacton its self in a small village call Weeley Heath. Stopped posting coz it got harder and harder to get a data connection once out in the countryside. Knee behaved itself ok but encountered a LOT of head wind all the way there and went off course several times around Maldon and later Colchester. Used a picturesque riverside path between Colchester / Hythe and Wivenhoe but was starting to get dark towards the end and the last thing I wanted was get cought out in the dark on the little lanes around Great Bently and so on... But got there in the end, even though I stayed far too long in various venues drinking coffee.