Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Female Masturbation Aversion Therapy - A Result of a Poll Result

This one came about as a direct result of the two polls I recently carried out here – the one on the control of female masturbation and the one regarding mouth-soaping - and sort of represents an amalgamation of the two outcomes within one image. > It also represents my frustration in never being able to find a mouth-soaping image featuring any kind of institutional background or nurse or governess figure.

The lower (right) image is the nurse’s name tag or badge I created for it and hopefully the lettering looks as if stamped into the metal (I DO try!)

Miss Swanley is of course a character from one of my books / novels - ON BECOMING SUBJECT TO MISS SWANLEY’S METHODS (click to see on LULU, if you haven't already) - my first and only foray into fem dom (although a girl is involved too) which involves amongst other themes the deliberate twisting of a young man’s sexuality and blackmail.

So, it turns out (though the poll has a few more hours to run) over half of all respondents really go for the mouth-soaping thing and the vast majority of the rest like it even though they might prefer other punishments, which I imagine would be the cane, strap, or a good hand spanking.  But of course this is not necessarily a mutually exclusive kind of thing.  For instance I can imagine mouth-soaping going together quite nicely with a caning or spanking under certain circumstances – as a sort of adjunct to the discipline and control aspect, if you catch my drift – just as it might fit with corner standing or deportment training. 

For example it is common for penalty strokes to be awarded for braking position or even crying out, and a further stipulation might be that a bar of soap be retained in the mouth throughout.  It could be examined after and extra punishment awarded if impressions of the teeth can be seen for example.

An interesting twist on this latter theme might be the girl who, refusing to buckle to the imposition of strict discipline enforced by corporal punishment, has had to go without meals or has been kept on a highly restrictive diet for some considerable time in order to break her initial resistance to submitting to the cane (which of course will then be used to further break her to other forms of discipline and control, such as being put in a uniform and / or placed in domestic service and so on).

In terms of the control of female masturbation, I was not at all surprised to see so many coming out on the side of enforced absolute abstinence – and the use of the cane is ALWAYS  expected - but what DID surprise me was the overwhelming interest in forms of toileting restrictions / toilet training as forms of enforcement and that there was so little interest in psychological methods.  The latter is a bit of a disappointment to me as it does interest me to such a large degree.  So on the grounds that perhaps it was the concept of PURE psychological intervention and methodology (ie, in total and absolute isolation from other physical methods, such as chastity devices and corporal punishment – which was never what I meant) that put respondents off, I have included such an element in the narrative within the image above.  Please let me know what you think.     


watson said...

Wording in quizzes is always tricky.

I absolutely prefer the focus to be on psychological methods, though supplemented or reinforced by physical techniquest

Anonymous said...

Great Miss Swanley. For removing the masturbatory habits the girl need phisical and psycological treatments. Cane switching on hands, calves and thighs, mouth soaping and castor oil. enemas can be counterproductive in the dirty mind of the girl. Fasts and dietary restriction are a must and at the night miss Swanley can impose straitjacket and diapers!

paulopost said...

Well, poll result reflects the opinion of the few people that answered the poll.
Even if thht result reflects exactly the tastes of your readers, in my opinion it wouldn't be wise to bend your writing trying to perfectly match those answers.
A reader wants to find in a book something he knows and that he likes, but also something new and intriguing!

Anonymous said...

I agree, your writing is fantastic! you should follow your own instincts whilst perhaps acknowledging the existence of prohibitionist sentiment. Have you considered the the use of desensitizing cream which becomes longer lasting with prolonged use?