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It's a pleasant mid-April day in 1959 at Maydith College and April Barrett, 19 - anxious about impending final exams - is hurrying from the College Library to a class.  The girl carelessly allows her skirt to get caught in the heavy library door and it gets pulled off with humiliating consequences!  As it happens, Professor Percy Pecksniff is about the enter the library (to diligently pursue his research on 18th century chamber pots) and gets a most enjoyable eyeful.  In a small community like Pleasantown, Mrs. Barrett soon learns about her darling daughter's unsavoury public appearance.  The discipline-minded older woman promptly schedules a punishment session for the hapless April.

The session will take place in two day's time, on an afternoon when Mrs. Barrett's housekeeper is off.  The good woman invites two of her closest friends from The Bridge Club - the imperious, ash blonde Mrs. Helen Steel and Mrs. Emily Goodly, a prissy, plump matron.

 April is required to wear the same attire she had on during her unsavoury "public display". The tearful girl is required to hold her skirt up around her waist with her hands behind her back, displaying her girlishly plump, succulently shapely, skimpily-pantied bottom, off-white elastic garter belt, ripely-rounded bare upper thighs, and tautly-suspendered stocking tops.

April is then required to make twenty tearful tours of the large, luxuriously-appointed living room, holding her full but shapely stockinged legs tightly together and taking very small steps - one pump directly in front of the other - as if she were walking a chalk line!  Each time she passes her Mother, she must pause, head bowed in contrition and sobbingly stammer out her grovelling apology for careless skirt control and beg for appropriate punishment. April's enforced mode of locomotion and her glossy, tight fitting pumps with 4 and 1/4" spike heels emphasized the jouncy mobility of her ripely rounded, skimpily pantied, superb behind, much to the silent pleasure of three pairs of eyes that were glued to the unhappy, tearful girl's pitiful predicament!

When the "Punishment Parade" is finally over, Mrs. Barrett seats herself upon a sturdy, armless, wooden chair and takes up a glossy black, oval-shaped, hard-backed wooden hairbrush from a nearby side table.  April is then ordered over her Mother's capable knee, her panties taken down, and then made to feel 60 brisk, slowly spaced hairbrush smacks on her ripely curvaceous bare buttocks and succulently rounded backs of her upper thighs where they are bare above her stocking tops.  Needless to say, the sobbing, shrieking, pleading, and promising girl also receives a strict lecture on skirt control from her Mother.

When the spanking is finally over, a sobbing April is required to remove her skirt and panties entirely and is then marched by her Mother (her two lady friends following) out to the utility area of the secluded back garden and made to deposit the garments in a trash can.  As April's Mother observes, the garments have been "sullied" by unsavoury public exhibition and must therefore be disposed of.

Back in the large, imposing house, Mrs. Barrett announces that she will now take April up to the third floor bathroom -- the specially equipped bathroom where disciplinary enemas are administered!

"May I be of assistance, Grace, dear?" Helen Steel enquires with a cold smile.  "Thank you, Helen, dear," Mrs. B. responds pleasantly, "but I believe I can handle this myself.  Do enjoy another cup of tea during my absence."

Mrs. Barrett follows her tearful teener up the two sets of stairs leading to the third floor
bathroom, her eyes glued to April's shifting, jiggling, and prettily-reddened ripe curvaceous buttocks and upper thighs.

One in the bathroom, April is ordered to lie face down on the sheet covered, hard white metal table.  April obeys at once, crossing her shapely, stockinged ankles instinctively like a well brought up, demure girl should.

Mrs. Barrett then produced a plump-bulbed rectal thermometer, lubricates it with Vaseline, and inserts it in April's ultra-sensitive bum hole channel.  The girl emits a tear choked little gasp.  April's tear-wet cheeks burn scarlet with the humiliation of a big 19 year old in nylons and heels having her temperature taken like a small child.  Mrs. Barrett leaves the thermometer in April for a good five minutes knowing only too well the effect it has on the girl.  After it has been removed, April is ordered to spread her legs.  While the girl tearfully gasps and squeals, Mrs. Barrett now administers a lengthy rubber gloved Vaseline lubrication of dear April's girlishly tight, ultra-sensitive bum hole channel. 

Mrs. Barrett then prepares a pitcher of 30 ounces of lukewarm water well charged with Ivory Snow soap flakes.  The good woman then takes her funnel to which is attached a length of red rubber enema tubing, the end of which is rounded, hardened rubber.  Then, slow half inch by slow half inch she inserts 6" of tube in her darling daughter's succulent, well-smacked bottom. April tearfully whimpers and gasps throughout the process.  For her it is as if some horrid snake were exploring her most intimate anatomy.  Insertion complete, April is ordered to once again cross her ankles "like a properly brought up young lady".

After she has cleaned and removed her red rubber glove, Mrs. Barrett picks up the funnel with her left hand, the pitcher with her right, and very slowly begins to pour the milky solution into her darling daughter.  Poor April's succulent buttocks spasm involuntarily as this is being done to her. Needless to say, Mrs. Barrett pauses periodically during the procedure to lecture her daughter on the importance of skirt control!  It takes over 7 minutes to fully administer the enema.

When the pitcher is empty, Mrs. Barrett removes the tube quickly and replaces it with the well Vaseline-lubricated, hard rubber retention plug.  April emits a poignant squeal of anguish as the awful plug is thrust into her.  Mrs. Barrett now pats April gently on her well-smacked, well-filled bottom and says, "Lie quietly, dear, and let the solution do it's good work inside you.  I shall return in 30 minutes."

Thirty minutes later, having fortified herself with tea and pleasant chat with her lady friends, Mrs Barrett return to the 3rd floor bathroom.  She helps April down from the table, escorts the girl over to the toilet, bends her over slightly, a pulls the retention plug out, eliciting another anguished squeal from poor April.  Seated on the toilet, April tightly squeezes her plump little bum hole with irrational shame.  The pressure becomes unbearable, unstoppable!  A humiliating surge of sudsy, stool-laden water is deposited in the toilet bowl.  The finishing touches include Mrs. Barrett wiping her darling daughter clean like a small child, inserting a cotton wool plug in April's bottom and, finally,
requiring the girl to don a pair of full-cut but skin fitting, shiny black rubber panties.

April is then taken downstairs and made to parade around the room 7 times to "model" her "post enema costume"!  Helen Steel offers amusing comments such as "How chic!  Her panties match her pumps!" Parade concluded, April is made to sit on the hard, armless wooden chair used in her hair brushing, cross her legs like she would "at a Sorority Tea" and, still choking back tears, politely and deferentially answer the many questions Helen Steel and Emily Goodly have for her!

Q1 What was the worst part of the punishment ordeal for dear April?

Q2 What was the second worst part of the punishment ordeal for dear April?

Q3 What was the third worst part of the punishment ordeal for dear April?

Q4 In a situation like this, who would you most like to be?

Q5  After an experience like this, do you think April would start wearing tight skirts ending 2" below her lovely rounded, nyloned knees?


Q6  Should April be required to write an abject letter of apology to Professor Pecksniff  and tell him she was strictly punished for making such a disgraceful display of herself?


Q7   When April's successful businessman father, Henry Barrett, returns home at 6PM, should April be required to join her Mother and Father without the benefit of a skirt as an object lesson in discipline?


Q8  Do you think Professor Pecksniff became sexually aroused at the sight to poor April's dire dilemma and later "relieved himself"?


Q9  Would there be merit in Mrs. Barrett, after completion of the enema, tying her delectable daughter's wrists behind her back, tying the girl's ankles, and blindfolding her so she could really concentrate of the effects of the enema solution working inside her?


Q10  If you had witnessed April's "Punishment Parade Performance", would you have been tempted to say to yourself, "Any teener girl who wiggles her big, naughty bottom like that deserves everything she gets and more!"


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It is to hoped that April is headed for the reformatory!