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It’s a warm June 1959 Saturday night in Pleasantown and April Barrett, 18, is out on an authorized date with her boyfriend, Andy Hardon, the only child of J. Philpot Hardon (and his wife Agnes), the wealthy and socially prominent Chief Executive of Hardon Industries, headquartered in Center City. The ardent young couple were enjoying each other in the back seat of Andy’s car at Lover’s Leap when, suddenly – as we can see from the picture –a bright flashlight beam alarms dear April!  But more about that shortly.

Andy, 20, is going in for law and business at McDwight University and is destined to ultimatelysucceed his Father as leader of Hardon Industries.  April is a shy and submissive girl, whose parents, Henry and Iona, are also wealthy and socially prominent members of Pleasantown society.  April is a first year student at exclusive Maydith College where the only aptitude she has displayed is an ability to paint very pretty little pictures of wild flowers and other scenery.  Her parents plan to use their considerable influence to get her a job illustrating greeting cards for Elite Cards, a well respected company in the Pleasantown area.  Then, as soon as Andy has graduated and is established at Hardon Industries, it will be wedding bells for the young couple!!

But back to that flashlight beam!  Pleasantown’s Learned Magistrate Horace Meecher, much influenced by the writings of Henrietta Murchison, National President of the Ladies League for Justice, has proclaimed a strict Judicial Order ruling “teener trysting spots” totally “out of bounds”!  “They are breeding grounds for the plague of juvenile delinquency that threatens our God fearing society!” sagely observes the wise jurist. 

To ensure compliance with his decree, Learned Magistrate Meecher summons Pleasantown’s Chief of Police, Bullard “Bull” Schitz and instructs him to ensure that his blue-coated buckos do regular patrols of such places and summarily arrest any naughty teener girls found inflaming their hapless boyfriends with their lipstick, snug-fitting attire, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer nylon stockings, and tight fitting, glossy leather pumps with high spike heels!

And so, Officers O’Lubbery and O’Feelery appear and a suddenly tearful and very frightened April finds herself, wrists handcuffed behind her back, in the back seat of the police cruiser!  As for Andy, he is let off with a wink and a conspiratorial smirk since he was only doing what any normal, red-blooded American lad would do in the circumstances!

Half an hour later, April is in the Interrogation Chamber located in the basement of the Pleasantown Police Station. The sobbing, terrified girl is in the charge of two burly policewomen, Bessie Belting and Olga von Straf.  Her wrists still handcuffed behind her back, April’s skirt and little panties have been removed leaving her bare below the waist except for her “date night” black elastic garter belt, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer, charcoal-hued nylon stockings, and glossy black patent leather pumps with 4 and ¼” spike heels.

April is marched over to a wooden counter at one end of the Interrogation Chamber.  On top of the counter there sits a rectangular plastic container, about 18 inches square and filled with water.  A sobbing April is positioned before this and her full but shapely legs are promptly secured with black leather buckling straps above her knees and at her ankles. 

While April pleads hysterically, Policewoman von Straf grips the girl’s hair firmly and forces her head downward until it is submerged in the water.   Policewomen Belting then
applies a supple, stinging leather paddle (about the size of a ping pong bat) to April’s girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous, adorable ass!  After the grinning policewomen have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, a blubbering, very red-bottomed April is permitted to sign the confession that has thoughtfully been typed up for her!

April’s parents were then telephoned and told several things:  (1) their daughter had been arrested and would be kept in custody; (2) that she had confessed to deliberately disobeying a solemn Judicial Order and had also committed gross indecency;  (3) that they should come to the Police Station at 2PM on Sunday to be interviewed by Mr. Eric Slimely – a representative of Magistrate Meecher’s office -- and, finally (4) to bring a change of clothes for April since she would be “up before the Learned Magistrate on Monday morning”.


April’s distraught parents met with Mr. Eric Slimely on Sunday.  In his early thirties, Slimely was short and tubby and had a nasty, twisted smirk.  In an unctuous voice (which revealed how greatly he was enjoying the situation), Slimely advised the Barretts that since their daughter had already signed a confession, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.  With ill-concealed pleasure, he informed the Barretts that in such situations, Magistrate Meecher’s “typical” sentence was 3 months in a Girls’ Reformatory and corporal punishment.  Speaking directly to Henry Barrett, Eric Slimely observed, “The only issue, Mr. Barrett, is whether your naughty, disobedient daughter serves her custodial sentence at the State Reformatory for Delinquent Girls or the exclusive Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls where the…ah...tuition fees are $600 per month.”

The idea of his darling daughter having to associate with riff raff at a State Institution filled Henry Barrett with horror and he immediately agreed to pay.  (We might point out that $600 a month was a substantial sum in that bygone era). 

Licking his fat lips and rubbing his sweaty hands, a smirking Eric Slimely said, “I’ll require the cash, in full, by 8:30AM Monday morning or it will be the State Reformatory for Miss Behavior!”


It’s a dull June morning in 1959, and a tearful and trembling April stands before Learned Magistrate Horace Meecher as the portly bailiff reads out the girl’s confession in which she admits deliberate disobedience of a strict Judicial Order, that she “inflamed” her boyfriend with her lipstick, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer nylon stockings and glossy, tight fitting pumps with high spike heels, and begs most humbly and sincerely to be strictly punished “according to her just desserts”.

When the bailiff was finished speaking, Learned Magistrate Meecher uttered a resounding “Harumph!” and proceeded to pronounce sentence on the hapless, sobbing teenager.  “It is the pleasure of this court, missy, to grant your wish.  Harumph!  I herwith sentence you to a three month custodial sentence at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls and, within one week of your incarceration at the said Reformatory, you shall receive 50 strokes of the Regulation Correction Strap on your girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare buttocks!   This punishment will be repeated one week prior to your release!  Take her down!!”

A muscular Matron, holding a pair of bright, cold steel handcuffs approached a sobbing, swaying, near-fainting April.  Once the girl’s wrists had been handcuffed behind her back, the Matron gripped the girl by her upper arm and proceeded to march her out of the courtroom.  In her tight skirt and high spike-heeled pumps, poor April could manage only mincing little steps.  With a curt “Get a move on, girly,” the strict Matron administered a few noisy, stinging handsmacks to April’s ripelymoulded, snugly skirted, and wiggling behind.  The many observers in the courtroom tittered and smirked with pleasure!!

Q1.  When you look at the picture of April’s ripely rounded, succulently curvaceous bare bottom in the back seat of Andy Hardon’s autocar, do you find yourself thinking “here is a girl who unquestionably deserves strict discipline!”

Question 1

Q2.  How do you think April felt when the powerful flashlight beam proclaimed the disgraceful state of her intimate anatomy?

Question 2

Q3.  Shortly after the arrests and (very brief) trials of April and certain other naughty Pleasantown girls in the “Teener Trysting Spots Crackdown!”,  Miss Pricilla Priddle – editrix of Permissive Perspectives -- wrote that the girls should have been let off with a scolding.  What is your opinion on this?

Question 3

Q4. When April was sentenced by Learned Magistrate Meecher, how do you think she felt?

Q5. In a situation like this, who would you most like to be?

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