Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Female Disiciplinary Manual (Wildfire Club) - An Appeal

Hello again!
It HAS been bright and sunny here in North London - and my disposition likewise... ish!  But now it's raining - and my mood is as low as the cloud...  But I soldier on.
Now, I'm sure many of you will have read - and perhaps owned - a copy of The Female Disiciplinary Manual published by Regina Snow of the renown Wildfire Club.  And I dare say quite a few of you will have perused the handful of pages I scanned and presented here (back in the archive) or in the relevant section (Beyond The Barred Window) of THE ORIGINAL INSTITUTE website focusing on non-corporal punishment (tedious written impositions and the like). 
The thing is this: I have been contacted by email by someone who, having spotted in one of the scans a reference to pages 35-38, wondered if I might scan them (or write something about the content at a push, I suppose).  The trouble is, I no longer have that particular publication in my possession, having passed it on to one of my collaborators quite some time ago.  So I wondered if there might be some kind soul out there, a kindred spirit, who might be willing to scan the pages in question and email them to me?  Thus this appeal.  
Ta!  See you again soon!  Hopefully with an update on the new book.

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