Wednesday, 6 May 2015

When The Cane and The Strap Prove Insufficient

Hi again, folks!

Yeah, I know!  I didn't get around to illustrating my last posting - but I've just not come across anything that has excited me sufficiently on the subject (although for some reason a couple of ideas have just popped into my head - go figure!); I suppose I should at least post an illustration of a pair of callipers of the type that would be used for body composition measurement, though I doubt many would find that exciting.  Plus I've been trying to get part one of the new book finished - God knows I need the cash; I'm still getting a bit from my publications on LULU and from my last book which I put up on Amazon myself, but my sales elsewhere via my publisher have all but dwindled to nothing, averaging a little over £1 per day through the month of February.

I've also not got around to writing a piece to introduce to you a new roll-playing game I have been told of which promises to be right up the street of folks like us and those inhabiting our particular universe.  I should get that done and the details posted here this Friday at the latest, so look out for it!

Right!  I know a lot of you folk out there liked the original this came from (Above, centre) one of a pair -  and I have never seen any others that look as if related.  Quite a few people have emailed me to ask about this and its sibling's origins, which to be honest I don’t know, although, looking at the style, I wonder whether they might not have originated from one of those 'Nurse Helana' photo sets I have so fallen in love with over the past couple of years or so.  So here is a treat for you.  

The original is one of those pics that leave you wondering what might be going, which I think is often a good thing as it leaves interpretation open to the imagination.  So here is one of my interpretations, shifted to some degree to suit my own personal taste for female / female control and domination.  The sign board behind the bed is something I created to go with one of those images created by Angela Fox for the long-delayed and oft-shelved comic book or illustrated INSTITUTIONALISED 3 version project.  Incidently, the latter is not actualy dead, just on the back burner; every so often I do a bit of work on it, and I think I have enough to one day get something together, perhaps later this year.

Those that have read my stuff will know that mind control is not really my ‘thing‘ in absolute terms, though there is often - if not always - some aspect of it present to a lesser or greater extent.  However, the above represents my attempt to circumvent one of the oft-overlooked limitations of the mind control tale, the fact that it is always emphasised in the main-stream literature on the subject that a person cannot be hypnotised against his or her own will.   

This is my solution - one of many, I might add.  In a similar vein; my heroines never just simple submit to the strap and the cane - THAT would never happen (or would be very unlikely given the modern headstrong late teen girl or young woman in her early twenties) - there is always some other consequence looming over her pressuring her to do so.

By the way:  Would you believe the thing with the glass of water and hypnosis was prompted by a children's TV show, many dawns ago?  Now I've told you before about the pivotal role a certain episode of the children’s 1970s TV show, 'Black Beauty', played back in my formative years in moulding my interests (or 'informing' my work, to be a bit poesy... beeerrrgh!  Sorry - just been si... beeuugh!... oh it's happened again!).  But let's see who can guess the series I'm referring to this time?

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