Monday, 18 May 2015

Eighteenth Birthday Disciplinary Measures

“No one said you had to skulk around in your underwear like a sulky child.  That’s YOUR choice…

“Bu, but it’s my eighteenth birth…”

“That’s right! And there are people here to see you!”

“But other girls my age don’t have to w…”

“You’re NOT ‘other girls’. ‘Other girls’ aren’t under MY supervision.  I’ve been hired to take you in hand – and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. God knows, it was hard enough to get you out of those ridiculous fripperies and frillys and into something sensible – but we got you there in the end!  You remember that…  We got you there in the end!  Madame Whippy - my bamboo ‘persuader’ - and I.  Now, if you want everyone to see you in that corselette you despise so much that’s up to you…. But I don’t think we’ll NEED Madame Whippy this time – do you? You’ll pull on that gym tunic because you hate that corselette so much – and you’ll slip on those bloomers, as ridiculous as they look, because you’ll find that the gym tunic just barely covers your bottom; and you’re not getting any OTHER knickers from now on.  That’s how the psychology works!”

“Bu, bu,but I can’t wear…”

“Nonsense! You’ll wear exactly what I tell you to. The new things I’ve bought are perfectly adequate. You’ve got the time it takes me to set this out on the table – and then, if you don’t come when I call, I’m bringing everyone in here to see you, just as you are. You SHOULD be able to make it, there’s just the school gym tunic and bloomers - no fiddly blouse and tie or cardigan or anything – and it’s there, hanging on the larder door ready.  All you need do is pull the tunic over your head and draw the bloomers up your legs and you’re done!” 

Just something I knocked up... when I REALLY should have been doing something else

Many thanks to the person who was kind enough to send me via email a PDF scan of the entire Female Disciplinary Manual (see last posting).  I'm not sure whether to thank him by name here or not, but I have thanked him by email anyway.  Scans of the pages in question will appear here in due course and will also be added to the collection on The Original Institute site very soon (as soon as I finish putting together the Wringer collection) and I have forwarded them to the correspondent who originally requested them.  Ain't I a great guy?

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