Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Short Update - And My Having a Bit of Fun!

I have so neglected this blog of late - I know.  But in my defence, I have to say that getting the new website up to speed - by which I mainly mean that central site I have inherited, namely THE ORIGINAL INSTITUTE - has taken greater effort than I first estimated; there is a lot more to it than first meest the eye!

As custodian / curator I take my inherited responsibilities very seriously - and one of my major tasks has been weeding out all those links that have withered and died over the years on the extensive links page it contains (partially completed now): Not for the feint hearted!  But I'm getting there and am very nearly in a position where I will be able to get by latest book out and get on with the comic book project.

Those of you who have visited THE ORIGINAL INSTITUTE and fallen foul of the WebRing thingy hijacking their browser will be pleased to know that I have now (I think - I hope) fixed the problem... And it was MY fault, I have to admit!  I'd stuck a bit of HTML code where now chunk of HTML code should have been!  Sorry!  A teaser extract (short) from the new book will be arriving here shortly - keep your eyes open! 

Meanwhile - recently I have visited a couple of antiques and vintage fairs and have picked up some fairly inspirational old magazines dated 1953 - you just never know where inspiration will come from; in this case, mostly from the old 'foundation wear' adverts, all those girdles, corselettes and so on... There was just something about that era (and earlier), seeing a well proportioned woman in a girdle!  Not fat - just well proportioned, just enough to require some support...  A good case for a little enforced, or otherwise encouraged, weight-gain don't you think?  That pampered pet can say goodbye to those over-priced ballet lessons, spa visits or aerobics classes!


Vlad said...

Thanks for fixing the webring hijack. I would really like to see that disciplinary school wear catalog. I'm sure you could write some good scenesv around traditional foundation wear, I recall some mention of corselettes in the Institutionalised books.

Toyntanen said...

Thanks for that, Vlad. I have tried it out on a few different browsers (it looks best on Firefox - the prison bars at the page top of the BEYOND THE BARRED WINDOW section don't appear on MS EXPLORER) but it is always useful to hear of other folk's experience.

It wasn't really a 'hijack' as such. I had inadvertently caused it myself by plonking a chunk of HTML right in the middle of the coding for the WebRing widget, which caused it to misbehave in some manner.

The advert is real enough - or rather the original was - I just 'edited' it a bit for dramatic effect r (rather badly in hindsight if I'm honest) to create a sort of 'what if' scenario. I don't have the catalogue, just the 1953 magazine the add came out of (and three others like it - all for three squids!)